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Wahlberg Celebrates Oscar Nod with a Salad

1/25/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark WahlbergWhat does an Oscar-nominated actor do to celebrate his achievement? He goes to the supermarket and gets a salad!

Mark Wahlberg was spotted two nights ago by one our TMZ spies at Whole Foods Market, just hours after the announcement of his nomination for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for "The Departed."

Our informant says that Wahlberg was wearing tattered clothing and had a full beard, reminiscent of Tom Hanks in "Castaway." He bought a bottle of vitamin water and a salad from the salad bar, alone!


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Mark Wahlberg, he first became known as the rapper Marky Mark. Now he is a well respected actor.

The Early Years - Youngest of nine children, Mark Walhberg quit school at fourteen to be a street hustler. At sixteen he was convicted of assault and served forty-five days. This was a turning point in his life.

Marky Mark - Wahlberg's older brother, Donnie, was an original member of the New Kids on the Block. He used his influence to open the door for Mark in the music business. Wahlberg, with the writing and producing of his brother became an overnight success in the music world. His shtick was rapping, his new name was Marky Mark, and he grabbed the audience by doing a semi-strip. Audiences loved it.

Rapper Model - Wahlberg was introduced to Calvin Klein who signed him to appear in CK underwear ads. Now he was a rapper-model.

First Screen Role - Penny Marshall directed Mark in his first screen role. He played an uneducated country-bumpkin with an Andy Griffith-like charm and charisma. His debut film was "Renaissance Man".

You have to google his hame and check out his pictures from CK ads, that's one fine man, ladies!

New movie Shooter comes out next month. Loved him in the Four Brothers, Invincible and the Departed. Hope you win an Oscar Mark! You've come along way!

2772 days ago


To all who post:

America is the land of the free, and as such, its citizens are entitled to freedom of speech.

I don't expect my views to be shared by one and all, nor the views of others to be reflective of my own.

Get conditioned for the condition...


2772 days ago


Am I the only one who remembers when this guy was called "Marky Mark" and ran around with a group called "The Funky Bunch"?

Mark, you've come a long way, baby! But judging from this picture, you haven't come far enough.

2796 days ago


I remember. What I didn't know was that he and Cousin IT were buds.

2796 days ago


I saw him at the Golden Globe after party last week completely clean shaven, wtf? does he grow a beard as quickly as a chia pet? the guy at whole foods couldnt have been him.

2796 days ago

Leah C    

Billy Ray, you no-brained, red-necked mother-f***er! Why don't you keep your ignorant, anti-semitic comments under your Klan hood! Nobody wants to hear/read it! Mark's probably got more talent in his whole body than you do in your little, withered dick.

2796 days ago

Great Dane    


Mark Wahlberg gets a sald.....TOP NEWS, FROM TMZ!

2796 days ago

duh...totally !    

it's called PHOTO-SHOP you freaking TARDS !

the picture is NOT real......LOL

2796 days ago

Great Dane    

Your the F6ck'n TARD......they said he had a beard in the store.....the one in the pic might be photoshop....but, that wasn't what anyone that read the article was referring to.....DUH!

2796 days ago


What? He got a *salad*?? I thought these hi-falutin' actor types always ate filet mignon and caviar. I can certainly see how this is a news item - it completely changes my views of celebrities. Marky Mark, you are indeed just like the rest of us.

2796 days ago


However it got there I like the beard. ZZ Topp style.

2796 days ago


I'd like to point out 3 things:

1 - Mark Wahlberg is the youngest of 9 in an Irish-CATHOLIC family from Boston.

2 - Since when is an obviously amateur and poorly done photo-shopped picture incredible news? TMZ has sunk to an even lower level of bottom-dwelling scum- sucking douche bags since ridiculing Ernest Borgnine for turning 90 years old.

3 - Billy Gay aka Farrah aka all the other idiotic names it's used just goes to any story and posts comments to generate agitation and it works. I can't wait for an update on Brandy's auto accident to see what nonsensical racial comments have been posted.

2795 days ago

duh...totally !    

lol....the whole story is assinine and worthless....a big 'ol WHO CARES....and these guys get their granny pannies all in a bunch over a photo-shopped story !

freaking classic !!!!! .... setttle down there Dane.....

I suppose you believe in the "Bat boy" on the cover of the Examiner too !!!

LOL !!!!!!!

2795 days ago

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