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Lohan Rolls Out Again, Rehab Residents Complain

1/26/2007 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan took yet another break from rehab on Thursday ... to rehabilitate her Mercedes. And TMZ sources say her fellow residents at the Wonderland rehab facility are annoyed that Lindsay is getting special treatment.

Lohan, who checked into rehab nine days ago, took her SL500 to Beverly Hills Mercedes for service. She also stopped by the set of her new movie, "I Know Who Killed Me." Lindsay then made one last stop -- at a grocery store -- before heading back to Wonderland rehab facility.

When she does go back, other rehab residents have groused to TMZ that Lindsay has her peeps come to pamper her -- a masseur, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc. They're also upset that Lindsay has the magic key to the front door.

This week alone, Lohan left rehab for day-trips on Monday and Wednesday as well as yesterday. On Monday, Lindsay left Wonderland for her condo. On Wednesday, TMZ spies spotted her at Newsroom Cafe having lunch with friends. And of course, yesterday's field trip.

The buzz is that as early as today, Lindsay will be back shooting her movie full time.

"This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic ... " -Lohan's Rep

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay's high-powered publicist, told TMZ, "Lindsay is 100% not getting special treatment. She's getting the same as everyone else. This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic, it's not a lockdown facility. There is personal time. All these naysayers who keep blogging and speaking out, like the 'Today' show, they don't know what she's going through, they're not there. They shouldn't speak until they've gone through something like that."

Sloane also wanted to set the record straight about Lohan's recent hospital visit: "For the record, she did have her appendix taken out."


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The biggest problem is these young people are so rich... None of
there so called crew will tell them the truth fearing they will get cut off... Until finally when they die there mother finally says NO.. You
can't be buried there....

2796 days ago


This story is somewhat amuzing yet it still sucks.

2829 days ago



2829 days ago


Lindsey is definitely getting special treatment. My sister had to go to rehab for three months and was not allowed to leave for the first two months. Her last month she was only able to leave with a legal guardian and she had one hour a week for outside visits. If Lindsey is actually going to get better she needs to go to a more disciplined place.

2829 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a douchebag

2829 days ago


Rehab, what a joke. There are people who need rehab and are serious about getting the help that they need. Lindsay treats everything as a joke and the people that cover-up for her are not helping her situation. This will not be the last time we hear of La-Lohan seeking treatment.

2829 days ago


Lindsay's reps need to quit making excuses for her. They are constantly enabling her to be the LOSER she is!

2829 days ago


Why is she wasting everyone's time there at the clinic? People go there that actually BELIEVE that they need help. I bet she doesn't even know what the first step is.

2829 days ago


As long as I get to drop by for conjugal visits I think they need to lock her up..

--Mr. DB

2829 days ago


I was happy when she went into rehab. I think she is a very talented, beautiful woman, who needs help before she throws it all away. However she is outside of the rehab more than she is inside getting treatmet. Since when do you have to leave rehab to go an AA meeting? Isn't that the point of rehab and AA begins after treatment if you choose to do so as a means of support? The problem is she's not ready for help yet so nothing will work until she really wants help.

2829 days ago


I don't call the girl names and I don't put her down, but I don't think she is taking this rehab business seriously, with all her money she doesn't need to take her car to the shop, or go to the grocery store. She needs to buckle down and take it seriously if she expects the rest of us to take her seriously. Lindsay whats up with that?

2829 days ago


I am sure she had her appendix out but that doesn't mean that is what she went in for. I think her publicist is too defensive and got news for them...I don't think alot of people believe their spins. Gee..if the woman is ever out of a job she should go into politics.

2829 days ago


I'm gonna karate chop any DVD I see when I'm at the video store

2829 days ago


The Betty Ford is not a lock down facility either and as for her publicist saying "you do not know what she has been through". Yeah! hey Dummy-She has been through her money, her fame and her time in the business. Its time for her to just drift away into an E true Hollywood Story or into doing commercials for LifeTime television.
She is nasty and sad.

2829 days ago

Mike V.    

Can't wait until Firecrotch ends up on a mortuary slab. Then her publicist's will know what a problem she had.

2829 days ago
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