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Mary-Kate Olsen: Beverly Hills Yeti

1/26/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Mary-Kate Olsen is serious about not wanting her photo taken, then she should leave the Abominable Snowman coat and witch boots back at the igloo.

The petite press-shy princess dropped her usual haute homeless couture to introduce the latest in Eskimo chic, and hid her face from paparazzi in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Can you blame her? Who in her right mind wants to be photographed looking like an Antarctic streetwalker?


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wow. several people died last night, after courageously battling cancer, in it's horrible, various forms.
so this Olsen person's wardrobe matters.....why??!!

2765 days ago


Mary Kate Olsen...what has SHE DONE lately? I know she's super rich but I have not figured it out...from WHAT?! Please someone educate me. With that get up it is obvious she is leaving an SUV to go get a broom to fly on.

2765 days ago

Britney, Britney, Britney    

To #64 Steve: The Olsen Twins are rich from their several years on the TV show "Full House" which is still in syndication, their several movies (for kids and young girls), their VHSs, their DVDs and their clothing line in WalMart. They worked for at least 15 or 16 straight years......doing one thing after this has made them very rich. Too bad they stopped doing more projects......where is their manager?......they could have been directors themselves. Where is their stylist, because they obviously can't pick out clothing for themselves. There are so many cute things out there for girls there age to wear. Where are their parents to help guide them now? Too bad. They were very loved by children of all ages -- and adults who watched the program and movies with their kids. What a shame!

2764 days ago

Britney, Britney, Britney    

Also, I don't get why they can't give a smile and wave to the photogs when they want to snap a picture. They are still cute girls, too thin, but a smile makes anyone look nicer! Come on girls, smile for the camera!

2764 days ago

Britney, Britney, Britney    

#62: "Just Me" -- This is a celebrity blog where celebrities are talked about. All of those poor people dying of cancer you mentioned have nothing to do with these celebrity postings! I have several family members who have had cancer - one died (my Dad).......but it has nothing to do what we are doing here. Sorry........don't make comments if all you are thinking about are people dying of cancer. I have had so much heartache with all my family having cancer -- but I find it fun to read these celebrity stories. I don't dwell on the negative --- you still have to have fun in life! Yes, so TMZ and other magazines are making fun of the Olsen Twins but they really should get someone to help them make decisions to look cuter -- as they could and they really stop covering up their faces --- they ARE still cute!

2764 days ago


LMAO AAAAAAAAAAHHAHAAAHAHAHAHA... when did it become cool to look like a homeless yetti? I bet she thinks she looks good. Thanks TMZ this made me laugh out loud.

2764 days ago

Britney, Britney, Britney    

Hey #59 "Nasty Boil" or should I call you "Dickface" since you mention it in all of your comments? Nice to hear that you wrote back to me -- I am #57 not 58. Oh, you do make me laugh! You did make complete sentences this time so must be you are feeling better. That's good! ----- That is great that you are not "racist,
"sexist" or "anti-gay" but you ARE terribly degrading in the LANGUAGE you use -- like I said.....the worst I have read on these blogs. Where did you get the idea that I am a Scientologist? Just because I don't like reading words like "Dickhead" and other really dirty words you MUST put in your blogs. Only #49 Dee Truth thought your first paragraph was funny - and it was. You thought Mary-Kate was an animal, but then firgured out that she wasn't. What was your ramblings about Harv at TMZ in your earlier blog about drinking and emailing? That blog really made no sense at all. NO ONE ELSE COMMENTED ON YOUR COMMENTS! Only #49. They probably just ignored you instead of making comments like I did. I need a brain transplant? Now that's funny! What if I ended up with your brain? Oh, happy day! How old are you anyway -- 13, 14?? You need some help, man -- or are you a girl? Which is it? You are so messed up with your writing that I can't figure it out. -- No, I don't expect everyone to be the same with their comments.....but you are something else. Get some help!

2764 days ago


Seriously this child needs to EAT !

2764 days ago


she looks like freakin sasquash, big foot , e.l. woody , chubaka or chupacabre' or even freakin schrek

2763 days ago


Same shoes, different day!

2763 days ago


Apparently I am the only one but I actually like the vest.

2762 days ago


Who cares what she wears? Leave the poor girl alone. It is all the crazy people that stalk celebs that make them act so crazy and act so strange. I am sure everyone reading this goes out looking less than great sometimes (or often, I know I do) Quit kicking her (or anyone else) Find something important to discus or shut up.

2762 days ago

Mad Balls    

hey Ms. Hollywood

your Vics, coke and anal reaming appointments are here

should i check the storage for extra Vidoe tapes ?

2761 days ago


Well what do you expect from someone who was always in the spotlight from day one? It is sad what this kind of life can do to you.

2753 days ago
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