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Denise Loves Rock Lobster

2/1/2007 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Denise Richards has the shake, Richie Sambora has the bake.

An amazing bikini-clad Denise and her lobster-red boyfriend Richie Sambora sprinted on the beaches of Honolulu yesterday, although it looks like Sambora's having a little trouble jogging with that burn.

Hey Richie, it's called "sunblock."


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Furios Mom in Sarasota    

i think i'm going to puke. he is gross. i am in my 40's after having 2 kids, and i look better than him. if there is one thing i cannot stand, it is an overweight, fatass husband. then they wonder why women find other men attractive. please,,,,give me a flat stomach man anyday. i couldn't look at that matters to me yes, among a great guy, but for me, it is not being vain. your body is a temple. take care of it - if not for you, do it for people who have to look at it everyday.....hit the gym ritchie...please! denise, are you blind? it will bother you eventually. ya and.....uh, next time.....try sunscreen moron.

2789 days ago


1. Denise is a gold digger. She new damn well that if she could prove that Charlie cheated she was promised 5 million + the child support.

2. Anyone with a few brain cells can figure out they were dating before the official split with Heather and Richie. If you pay attention to to her clothing, length of her hair and her friends (OOPS, I forgot, she lost all of her friends) that she was sneaking around with Richie before her and Heather parted ways and before Richie and heather parted ways....

Now, lets say you don't care or don't buy this....... What kind of whore would hook up with their friends husband? It isn't like Richie and Heather were only married for the Hollywood Standardard of 2 years. They were together for a decade+. I don't care how it ended, feelings still run deep.

2. Denise refused to let Charlie see the kids once again. She is off tramping around the world with Sambora and her kids were dumped off with a Nanny. WTF? HELLO? RED FLAG? They should be allowed to stay with their Father.

3. Other than having a nice body, there is nothing special about her and she was a nobody before she got entangled in this hollywood story from hell. She's not stupid, she knew easy targets and went for them. IE Picking Charlie right after he got out of rehab, how convenient, snag em' while they are weak and confused.

4. Sambora has man boobs bigger than my ample chest. Do you HONESTLY think as she says "he's just so attractive, I couldn't help myself". WELL HONEY, HELP YOURSELF TO KARMA AND I HOPE IT SLAPS YOU HARD.

5. Heather has always been a classy girl. She's never been the target of this media frenzy crap over the years because she was a good wife and a good mother and to the papa's, kind of boring. She is also 10 years older than Denise and has a better body, face and a deeply sincere personality. (If you pay attention, Denise's attitude changes like Sybil... she puts on whatever front is convenient for her current situation).

6. Charlie left some mean messages on her answering machine. They were going through a divorce, "S" happens... but why did every rag mag pick that up but only ONE magazine published transcripts to her nasty threats and mesages to him? WHY? Because the story isn't as interesting the other way around.

In summary. She has no morals, no talent and she's after all the money she can get her hands on.

I can't speak for Sambora because I don't know him but I bet he cares for Heather in a way that he will NEVER have with Denise. They were married for a decade, you don't just shove it aside, forget about the feelings and move on, especially when you share a child.

As for Denise's comments that she wants to meet Samboras child. GO SCREW YOURSELF YOU TALENTLESS SKANK.... That takes a lot of nerve.

Heather is the only one that hasn't been acting like a 16 year old making out in public every chance she gets. YES, she hangs out with David Spade, YES, they may care about each other a little more than friends and everyone just shreds him because he's not a perfect 10. Has anyone looked at Samboras 40B boobs? In the end, some people aren't superficial, they like what is on the inside and people that can make them laugh. Why is that so hard to grasp?

Denise and Richie are both souless idiots that belong together and I hope Heather meets her soulmate, obviously Richie wasn't it because a true Soulmate wouldn't nail his wifes friend. Sick, just Sick.

2780 days ago



Has Denese been drinking??

Farrah look, white people!!

2818 days ago


Man...that Richie Sambora needs to make some time in his schedule for workin' out! Ugghhh.....

2818 days ago


haha how sad......

2818 days ago



2818 days ago


My guess is that the beautiful Heather Locklear is not too upset over ridding herself of that beached whale. Yikes.

2818 days ago


Richie Sambora and his used up whore!!!!!!! Then again look at his fat ass, maybey they both should just disappear. Denise Richards is a USED UP TW*T!!!!!!!!!

2818 days ago


YUCK@ Richie - and I am a fan...but, YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

I'd kill for Denise's killer bod!

2818 days ago


Eeeew, that is not a Boflex body Richie

2818 days ago

Hot Carl    

mmmmmhmmmmmm Denise Richards still has it!! USED UP? You are f-in crazy! Just as fine as she was in Starship Troopers!!

2818 days ago


How sweet. Denise Richards is helping her grandfather out of the water. Family is SO important.

2818 days ago

Weekends Off    

They both look like they've been rode hard and put away wet. I say they deserve each other.

2818 days ago

pics look nothing alike    

Pregnancy and giving birth to 2 kids and she looks AMAZING. He has 1 kid and all he did was donate sperm, yet he looks like the one who carried 2 babies. No excuses.

2818 days ago


3. mmmmmhmmmmmm Denise Richards still has it!! USED UP? You are f-in crazy! Just as fine as she was in Starship Troopers!!

Posted at 2:57PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Hot Karl

Just like some man who loves whores...yes this tw*t has been used over and over-You want her....Just give the bitch your visa number..if some crackhead like you has one...go after the used up whore.....She woulodnt give your poor ass a scond thought...A**HOLE

2818 days ago
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