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Miss Nevada Cashes In Like Britney

2/1/2007 7:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Where can you lose your crown and your job, get paid peanuts, and still stay in $25,000-a-night hotel rooms? Vegas, baby, Vegas!
Katie Rees in the Hardwood Suite.
TMZ has learned that disgraced Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, is shacking up in the Hardwood Suite in the Fantasy Tower at Sin City's Palms Casino Resort (Justin Timberlake was a recent guest), and she even had a slumber party there -- with her girlfriends (look out!)! Of course, the suite costs a steep $25,000 per night, which leads us to ask, where's the money coming from?

For her recent Miss Jet Las Vegas gig at the Mirage, Rees was rumored to have been paid a paltry $5,000, which would get her about four-and-a-half hours in the room (not including taxes and fees), which happens to have its own basketball court. We're told that she got a "special rate," but didn't get the room completely comped.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears is back in Vegas -- this time, it seems, to work. She's holed up at the Palms as well, in a Sky Villa in the Fantasy Tower, which also goes for $25K per night. Brit doesn't even have to leave the hotel to lay down tracks -- there's a recording studio in the Tower.

Britney can afford it -- she's worth nine figures. But Katie Rees? Bet Tara Conner wishes she'd done a little more to push Trump over the edge.


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Dawn Lavely    

freaking whore.....You can't take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl....she is a filthy, dirty, whore....a walking STD!

2730 days ago


I wanna stay in a 25k a night Las Vegas hotel!!
I wanna stay in a 25k a night Las Vegas hotel!!
I wanna stay in a 25k a night Las Vegas hotel!!
I wanna stay in a 25k a night Las Vegas hotel!!

2765 days ago

the wise old owl    

I wonder who she screwed and sucked to get a " special rate " for the room. My goodness does this girl have NO SHAME? Talk about her 15 minutes of fame being just about up. Judging by her past pictures I think it's prettty obvious that she perfers woman over men. But I'm sure after a few drinks she will do WHATEVER it takes to stay in the public's eye. I'm so sick of reading about her sexual escapades while " claiming her innocence ". Not only is she a slut .......she is a liar too. The best thing Trump ever did was not reinstate this whore. What a poor spokeswoman for any product you are trying to sell. ( except maybe Trojans )

2765 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

She better enjoy it while it lasts. That low life tramp is at about 14 minutes and 57 seconds. Then hello Surreal Life. She'll be the one on the show no one knows!!!!!

2765 days ago


I'm sick of her already!

2764 days ago

Mad Balls    

OIl rich Arabs like their hoes to be as easy as returnable bottles-- no deposit -- no return .

2764 days ago


Is she about done with her 15 minutes of fame? That tongue is gettin' real old.

2764 days ago


Hasn't anyone ever been to Vegas? It is comp central. So they say she's paying a special rate, but maybe just having the hotel name splashed on TMZ and inevitably tonight on ET and The Insider and all the other crap tv shows is worth it for the hotel. Free advertising. Come on. And most of the time, those suites built for moguls and whales, sit empty for the opportunity to pull in something huge. In the off season and on weeknights this is a blip on that casinos radar. The fact that this chick is even a discussion is proof that the hotel has made a wise decision.

2764 days ago


TMZ stop showing this whore with her tongue hanging out, everytime i see it i want to throw up have a little respect for your audience, once with this crap is enough, dont you think?

2764 days ago


it's so sad that this is "NEWS". This is why so many young girls act sexual at such young ages. This girl does nothing except run around without clothes on and degrade herself. Please tell me how this is news?

2764 days ago


Nevada should be embarrassed by having such a low life, trailer parkish skank as Miss Nevada. She's not even cute. WTF?

And that tongue... god, I hate to imagine where its been.

2764 days ago

Just wondering???????????    

Her and butter have something in common:
They both spread for bread.

She's a "disillusioned" young wanna--porn-actress on her way to doing 'Screech" in his next movie.

she sucks! no pun intended!

2764 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Milk It TMZ!!! Milk It Till the Tit Goes Dry!!! I'm always on the fence about these useless pieces of information you post here. On the one hand I don't want to waste my time waiting for the confirmation via email... but at the same time I can't let the opportunity go by to give props to the DOUCHE BAG who actually thought this was news.

2764 days ago


TMZ will you stop reporting on this bitch, SHE"S FINISHED! for f*** sake JUST LET IT GO! i'm sick too death of her as is everyone else.

2764 days ago

Mad Balls    

That was not very nice , Devil . OOOWOWWWWWWW sh*t that hurt !
....and 5 number ....Is' peeing in mys' pants ' hardy har ah
....ah ..........ahhhhh*t I hope you did'nt catch that .

she'll be ball cleaner for the Lakers in 15:00 , 14:59 , 14:58 ....

2764 days ago
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