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Free Omar!!!

2/2/2007 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ancient actor Omar Sharif goes on trial in Beverly Hills court next week, in a case involving a parking attendant who claims Sharif beat him. Problem is -- Omar's in Egypt.

The 75-year-old "Dr. Zhivago" star is accused of beating the attendant "in a drunken rage" and calling him "a stupid Mexican" after the attendant refused to accept Omar's Euros, which he used instead of American dollars.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has filed a misdemeanor battery charge against Sharif and the trial is set to begin on Tuesday.

Today, Sharif's lawyer, Harland Braun, went to 90210 court and asked the judge to allow his client, who's currently living in Egypt, to testify via live satellite. The D.A. objected and the judge shut Omar down. Sharif must now decide if he'll come to the U.S. or not. Since it's a misdemeanor, he's not required to attend the trial.

The parking attendant is also suing Sharif for $750,000. Braun tells TMZ, "This is a totally bogus case and it's designed to shake Mr. Sharif down."


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coco puff    

I would just like to remind you all that this is Black history month. The African Americans have laid down the foundation of modern man. We invented fire, the wheel, farming/agriculture, language, etc,etc. Be proud to be of African decent and educated others as well. I will never stop my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2785 days ago


I pity Omar Sharif...hiding from his "stupid Mexican" parking attendant by going to Egypt and then having the audacity of asking that his case be heard in court "via satellite".
Who the hell does he think he is? I spend a lot of time in Beverly Hills and unfortunately this how some people are behaving on a regular basis. It's not just him, it's the lack of civility in the upper echelon of certain segments of society. Throwing Euros at a parking attendant makes sense in Paris, but not in Beverly Hills. Worse yet was his racist remark against Mexicans. I can't imagine him feeling comfortable with what could be done with his food next time he visits LA. If it was me on the receiving end, I would be the one in court on aggravated charges of battery.

2785 days ago


Gee Farrah, your comments themselves are racist. I guess you're losing the fight with yourself.

2785 days ago


Black history month? WOW! I'm impressed. Every day is white history month. Next. Farrah, you are a joke.

2785 days ago

my opinion    

New Hollywood, Old Hollywood, Hollywood Wannabees all have so much trouble around cars. Why don't they take away the drivers licenses and demand they have limos.

2785 days ago

Princess Poon    

Oh Please--a 75 year old man hands a beat-down to a 20something car attendant. And Sharif doesnt know the difference between Euros and Dollars. This story smells like a typical TMZ lie. For all we know, TMZ could have paid the attendant to fall on the floor in front of Sharif. We all know what a class act Harvey Levin is. Go back to "People's Court" Mr. Levin.

2785 days ago


A Mexican Parking Attendant? That's rare. He should've just broke the fu**er off some pesos in change.

2785 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey Omar, stay in Egypt and play some Bridge, the thing you are best at next to roughing up the help around the world...any doubts about the parking lot story? Read on what Mr Sharif has been a part of....

On August 5, 2003, he received a one-month suspended prison sentence for striking a police officer in a suburban Parisian casino in July. He was also fined $1700 and ordered to pay the officer $340 in damages. (He had insulted and then head-butted the Pontoise policeman, who tried to intervene in an argument between the actor and a roulette croupier.)

Sharif has also been a regular in casinos in France, where he once assaulted a casino employee after losing thousands of dollars on a single roulette bet.

Classless Jerk

2785 days ago

vega lee    

jokes on you Omar

that mexican wasn't so stupid

2785 days ago


Dear Cassidys Brother:
How rare to find someone who can actually substaniate their comments regarding a pop culture news story. The info you had on Omar indicated a trend...that was more interesting than the story. That should be the purpose of a blog, I think. Not just a place to rant. Its not like Omar would ever read the other's comments.

2785 days ago

patty cake    

Omar =old bigot let him stay in Egypt...there's a greater chance of him getting blown up over there.

2785 days ago

dr history    

Black History Month yes.. invented fire and the wheel???? If that isn't the most ridiculous ignorant falsity I've ever heard.. Farrah.... read a book and take notes... shame on the schools you attended...

2785 days ago


i know this should have been disgusting to read - but it really made me chuckle!: picture a 75 year old man beating a parking attendant and calling him a "stupid mexican" for that silly reason. it's so absurd.

2784 days ago


shame on shariff, plus racist comments from an arabic man sounds ironic these days.

2784 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I think the parking attendant was rude to refuse the Euros Shariff offered him.
Parking dude can't go to a bank? It's all poor old Omar probably had on him, and he offered it. It doesn't excuse his rant, but how hard can an an old dude whack, and how did parking dude act to anger Omar who is usually a class act? Old people operate under huge limitations and frustration, and life is increasingly difficult to maneuver for them. Something like this is sometimes the last straw. Omar should have just rescinded his Euro offer, and walked away giving parking dude nada. Parking dude is just holding old Omar for ransom with the amount he's asking for. I hope the judge has some common sense, and doesn't allow this to turn into a shakedown. The U.S. is too litigious; lawsuits everywhere. In the old days, Omar would apologize, pay for the band aids and the tip, and buy the guy's family dinner, and the guy would be happy to eat it, get a photo, and an autograph. He's old, and an icon. Come on, now. Society can't even give an old guy a break anymore. Parking dude should have gracefully accepted Euros, and not give Omar attitude, and shown a little respect. Sue happy.

2784 days ago
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