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It's Official! Roth to Rejoin Van Halen

2/2/2007 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Break out your spandex pants, start practicing your karate kicks; David Lee Roth is officially returning as the front man for Van Halen.
Diamond Dave rejoins Van Halen
Founding band member Eddie Van Halen made the first official announcement to TMZ, saying "It feels like a whole new beginning to be back with Dave and to be playing with my brother and my son. We look forward to going on tour."

Roth, an original member of Van Halen, quit the group in 1985. He rejoined the band briefly in 1996, only to quit again a few months later. Roth hasn't performed live with the group since 1984.

As TMZ first reported
, Eddie's son, Wolfgang Van Halen, will be playing bass with the supergroup on their upcoming tour. According to the band's rep, Janie Liszewski, the tour will cover most major U.S. cities, including L.A. and New York.


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DLR will rock the house... Be patient and have some faith... Looking forward to seeing Van Halen again!

2764 days ago


Did anyone see that gay ass blue grass crap DLR tried to do? OMGAWD So bad

2762 days ago

Pam Smith    

I would like to see this band really make it for years upon years to come. I feel I have alot of information to discuss with David Lee Roth since I have loved him from the beginning. I have learned alot from the music. I would like for him to please email me. He said once in the Parade something about someone sending him flowers & what he thought of that. It was me. Also gave the bus a rainbow. Saw him sitting by the pool but he was to guarded. I lost his address once printed in Parade or someone stole it. It is so hard to get ahold of him. Hopefully he will read this & call, 806-331-4190. Pam

2760 days ago


Well I guess all the naysayers were right. Eddie has gone postal yet again according to some people and so the tour is "postponed." I for one am very sad at the way he turned out. I guess that's what happens when you are an addict and throw your life away. This should be a cautionary tale. It was just too good to be true!

2758 days ago


EVH is not a great guitar player. I believe there's better undiscovered talent out there. Double tapping (his style) is easier than cleanly fingering each string and picking with the other hand. He does that too but I wouldn't waste my time learning his songs.. Turning the guitar volume knob up and down is definitely not a talent. Both unique styles--yes. Watch Stevie Ray finger and pick (Live in Austin DVD) and sing--both from his soul, and learn. I heard chemo has eroded his finger speed and drugs and alcohol don't make one play better--Eddie. David Lee has never been a good singer, I can hardly stomach it. A good showman and athlete he was. None of them have ever been able to write moving lyrics. However, it was an overall happy sound--not like your present day drone-clones, thanks to Nirvava.

2754 days ago

Joey sinner    


2750 days ago


Farrah, you need to get that chip off your shoulder. Guess I learned something new,,black people invented fire!? Just like Gore invented the internet. Black history month is over...Thank God! If you can't get over what happened in history years ago (like most of us white people) than move the hell out and away from us.
Rock on Van Halen. We're going to see them in Atanta this summer. Yea, they might sound a bit different than they did in the 70/80's but they are classic and tremendously talented. Can't rag on "Wolfie if you havent heard him play. With a talented Dad that he has, how can he not be good.

2750 days ago


Eddie Van Halen is a complete idiot. Why would you get rid of your original bass player to put in your stupid snotty little kid? How arrogant! What a Dick!

2782 days ago

coco puff    

HELLO! I just wanted to remind all my brothers and sisters that it's Black history month. We have a lot to be proud of. We invented fire, the wheel, farming/agriculture and language. We are the building blocks of today's society. The white RACIST crackers don't want you to know this but they cannot re-write history. I want all of you to feel a sense of pride. I will never stop my fight against RACISM!!! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2782 days ago


David Lee Roth has a vagina..

2782 days ago

somebody's mama    

You'll have to excuse Eddie, somehow he got "lead singer syndrome", how he did that when he's a guitarist, I'll never know.

At least he hasn't kicked out his brother out of the band, yet.

2782 days ago

somebody's mama    

Farrah, you might want to read "Lies my Teacher Taught Me" and find out what the "crackers" have been lying to you about and why. The answers might be different than you think...

2782 days ago


There's no way this ends well. Sad really.

2782 days ago


what the f*** are u thinking eddy,,75% reunion tour,michael anthony should be playing not your son wolfgang.wake up ed and smell the f***ing coffee.we want to see the real vanhalen band david,eddy ,alex ,michael.

2782 days ago

Paris Has A Penis Nose    

Michael Anthony was the worst player ever. My farts sound better than his bass playing. Farrah, look at Africa. Why does Africa have the poorest 25 countries in the world? All blacks live there and no one bothers blacks in Africa. Africa is the poorest and most underdeveloped continent in the world and it's all because blacks live there. They should of never been brought to America. Biggest mistake in the history of mankind.

2782 days ago
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