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2/3/2007 5:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris DerailedTMZ has learned that a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order Friday, prohibiting the distribution of Paris Hilton's lurid belongings -- at least, many of them.

Bardia Persa purchased a storage bin full of Hilton's stuff from a third party after the storage bill went unpaid and the storage company auctioned her belongings off for $2,775. The people who bought Paris' belongings sold it to Persa for a reported $10 million. Persa then allegedly created, a subscription site which is burning up the Internet.

The belongings reportedly include shocking photos and tapes, including evidence of drug use and graphic sex. There is also highly sensitive medical information.

Friday's injunction prohibits Persa from temporarily peddling Paris' health information, Social Security number, phone numbers, addresses, banking and financial information and "photographs, videos, and writings depicting Plaintiff in a sexual manner not previously exposed to public viewing." The injunction also prohibits Persa from peddling Paris' "name, voice, photograph, or likeness in connection with any website, whether under the domain or otherwise, in connection with the offer or sale of any good (sic) or service without Plaintiff's consent."

Hilton's high-powered celebrity lawyer, Howard Weitzman, filed suit against Persa for copyright infringement and invasion of privacy. Persa has been ordered into court on February 16, to explain why the injunction should not be extended.


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All these websites that wanted Mel Gibson and Michael Richards and Isiah Washington's heads for their racist comments and the press is trying to sugar coat Paris's? WTF? I guess the Hilton Empire really does have power. That bitch is worse then the 3 of the above mentioned together.

2782 days ago


To Alaska,
Yeah I checked out the letter, it's no wonder these bitches are so rich and spoilt, their bloody parents give them what they want, whenever they want, and even if they don't ask for anything they still get everything handed to them on a silver platter.

There are people out there who are struggling to keep their homes in todays economic climate. I consider my self very lucky. I'm a single mum; whose bastard ex husband ran off with some bush pig he met on the net, I have three kids and I rent a house off my mum, but she doesn't give me any special treatment and I thank her for it to, she and my dad made me what I am today which is responsible, considerate, respectful, loyal and; like you guys all posting against parisite, I actually care about others. The sort of qualities this spoilt little bitch knows absolutely nothing about.]

Mr. and Mrs. Hilton have got a hell of a lot to answer for. They totally f***ed up these two girls, and now the rest of us have to suffer for it by putting up with parisites constant Bullsh*t behavior.

All I can say is "congratulations Hilton family, you really know haw to ruin your kids!"

2782 days ago


To Boycot Paris Hilton,
No sweat, I checked out that petition to and we added 5 new names and several unflattering comments about little miss herpes. Even my 2 daughters added their comments; they are nearing their teens and they absolutely hate parisite "THANK GOD!" i'm very proud of them both, they are way more mature than this bubble headed bitch will ever be.
Cheers, Sam.

2782 days ago


Thanks Alaska went and signed the petition, TMZ why are you so afraid of the hilter hiltons? pretty sad everybody in the media makes a big deal out of anybody that makes racists comments but parasite herpes Hilter can do and say WTF she wants, well its up to us now the public , and viewing audience that can put a stop to this f***ing c**t, someone needs to drop her ass off in south central L.A., let her make these racists comments in that hood, she will get her ass beat so bad, it would be well deserved.

2782 days ago




2782 days ago


Paris Hitler ....... laughing so hard it hurts

HITLER HOTELS.... come be our guest, as long as your not Jewish, Gay, Black, or Asian. Also you can't be broke or educated by public schools.

And Cubans ... remember Hitler Hotels wouldn't let a group of Cubans stay in one of their holtels a couple months ago.

And let us not forget PEREZ HITLER

2782 days ago


110 LMAO! Hitler Hilton!!!!! You guys are cracking me up! :) :)

2781 days ago


Paris eat sh*t and die! People see you for who you really are! If you go on TV and cry and say you changed or whatever we will know you are only doing it because you got caught. Stupid racist whore.

2781 days ago

gtood luck brit    

shes had plenty of time to apologise and hasnt, so if she does apologise now we know its because she was forced to, and it wouldnt mean anything.
I hope this bitch Herpes Hilton goes down... fast

2781 days ago

gtood luck brit    

All these websites that wanted Mel Gibson and Michael Richards and Isiah Washington's heads for their racist comments and the press is trying to sugar coat Paris's? WTF? I guess the Hilton Empire really does have power. That bitch is worse then the 3 of the above mentioned together.

The above comment is spot on. its a joke! She should get the same treatment mel got, so she comes to her senses.

2781 days ago


Hi Kathy Hilton! #115! Your daughter is a racist piece of sh*t. Doesn't matter if it happend today or 5 years ago. She was drunk when she said it and the truth came out of her uneducated racist mouth. Shame on you for sticking up for such a loser and a whore.

2781 days ago

gtood luck brit    

Email FILA and express your disgust in having such a poor role model in their advertising campaign.

2781 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

The thing with Paris is she acts like a 13 yr old. Her firecrotch antics, hacking lindsays phone, saying bitchy remarks to people like calling them ugly dogs ect. She thinks she is above evryone and above the law also, she got away with heaps of stuff off the cops (most asked for her autograph) until she finally got done for DUI. Knows the time for her to learn that shes not above everyone else,a nd to stop acting like a self absorbed abnoxious racist std infested whore.
And her comments on the viseo may have been rom 6 years ago, but less that 2 years ago she was taped calling some black people 'stupid niggers' when they asked nicely for directions.
I cant believe people idolise this girl when there are so many actually intelligent smart beautiful and wealthy people in the world that didnt have to degrade and humiliate themselveds getting butt f***ed for coke, and having sex with pedophile creeps like Joe Francis- to get famous.
Her family should be absolutly disgusted, and i would be ashamed of having anything to do with her.
As for the companys she advertises for, they should look to someone else for their campaigns. I would not want my good company name in the same sentance or even thought of a herpes infested lying crack whore. She said she only eva has sex with two people? well we have evidence these two people were rick solomon and Joe rapist francis. So what shes never screwed stavros? Or her fiance. Shes such a skank honestly the fact that she thought ppl would fall for that proves her stupidity. if it wasnt for daddys money this bitch would be a cheap hooker (still with stds so thats no different!)

2781 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

She has contributed nothing to this world. An utter waste of space, and precious water and food supplies. The only thing she has done is make teenage girls think its cool to be called a slut and butt f*** your way into the spotlight.
What is the next generation of girls going to be like when they idolise trashy racist herpes infested hoebags. The day Paris entered the spotlight was a sad day in history. She is the eptomen of all that is superficial and wrong in the world today.

2781 days ago

Paris has herpes    

115. Another Paris Fan,

In her little racist song to the tune of "We Are Family" she sings, "I'm black....I steal...I'm a little black whore.....I get f***ed in the butt for coke" which pretty much sums up how she feels about black people and black women, in particular. In the video someone mentioned above where she says something's been stretched out like it's been f***ed by ten n***ers, she is not drunk. That whole "she was drunk" argument is pretty lame. Five, six or seven years ago, or not, her casual and repetitive use of every slur there is indicates an ingrained racism that seems normal, everyday behavior for her.

When word of her dropping the n-bomb came out in 2004, of course her camp denied it, just like Mintz telling photogs "Paris rolls her own cigarettes, she doesn't do drugs". We know you're full of sh*t, Mintz. I'm really glad people are realizing there is strength in numbers and just because she's got her "hack tabloid friends", as someone mentioned earlier, pummelling us with non-stories, we don't have to buy it, or anything she's selling. I am sending an email to FILA and the other companies mentioned in previous posts to let them know I will not be buying their products and encouraging everyone I know to do the same.

2781 days ago
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