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"Idol" Hopeful Nixed from H'wood for Pot Rap?

2/7/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mugshots of Akron Wilson and Ashlyn CarrAkron Watson, an "American Idol" contestant from Dallas and one of the feel-good stories of the new season, has been disinvited from the Hollywood round of the show, possibly after producers discovered a pot bust on his record.

Watson, whose San Antonio audition aired on last night's "Idol," was arrested in April 2003 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to court records obtained and posted by, by way of Reality TV Magazine. He was headed to Hollywood after impressing the judges with his singing, and his story. But Watson tells Pegasus News that two days before he was scheduled to leave for Hollywood, he received a call saying that he would not be competing anymore "for unknown reasons." "Idol" producers did not comment on their withdrawn invitation.

Meanwhile, another contestant from San Antonio, facemaker Ashlyn Carr, was reportedly arrested in August for pouring sugar into the gas tank of her ex-boyfriend's car while a student at Sam Houston State University, according to a report in The Houstonian Online.

When confronted by police, says the Houstonian, Carr confessed to the crime.

A spokesman for FOX had no comment.


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We, are not amused.    

Man...that's f***edup...uh...yeah, wow...dude lookit...uh,wow...(coughcoughcough)...oh man this is some killer weed know how I can tell? arms ache! Wow, what were we talking about? F***, that's some righteous bud, dude! I think I'll just lie down here on the floor for a minute....

2779 days ago

In heard a new DVD is coming out from Past Idols claiming all kinds of things including claims that the show is rigged

Jimmy Showbiz - Celebrity Gossip

2779 days ago


Dear Kristen, it's not about whether or not some people don't "need" pot to suceed or have fun. I myself don't use any drugs. It's about whether a young person should be disqualified from this competition for a 3 - year old misdemenor marijuana possession bust. It's beyond hypocritical that "Idol" has been begging Paul McCartney to be a guest judge this year, and they are going to have a "Beatle Week" , and they disqualify a kid for smoking pot. Smoking It certainly didn't keep McCatrny from suceeding in the music biz; he's smoked it for 40 years. No body "needs it"; nobody's advocating that every contestant be forced to use it. But it is nonsense to disqualify a kid for a one-time possesion bust. Nonsense!! If McCartney said "I'll be a judge if you let the kid back in" they'd drop their "moral objection" to pot quicker than Randy can say "Works for me, Dawg!"

2779 days ago


Didn't Bo Bice get arrested for drugs?????????????????????????????

2779 days ago


# 9 - I guess I was right when I said she was an uptight bitch then. Don't get mad because I voiced my opinion. I am sure you are just as uptight and just because you get on your knees like a little bitch for her doesn't mean anyone else will. It just means you are a dumb ass. You two uptight bitches can have a great day. And enjoy your knitting.

2779 days ago


Regardless of the crime and when it was done, if having a crime-free record is part of the qualification process for Idol, lying about it by omitting it on the form, hoping to cover it up, rightfully invalidates anyone from continuing on as a contestant. That's called having rules and regulations. Being truthful is also part of ethics and having some spine and integrity. If a person can't follow the rules and regulations, then they have no right being part of the contest, or anything else that has this type of prerequisite for qualifying. Why is that too many people nowadays think these types of cover-ups and lies are perfectly acceptable and reasonable behavior and that having been found guilty of committing any type of crime whether it was two days ago or two years ago is no big deal? What type of upbringing and role modeling did these types of people receive any way to think that honesty, ethics and integrity don't matter? Having any so-called talent is no excuse. You lie, and you weren't supposed to, then you haven't any right to participate at all. Period!

2779 days ago

Only in    

# 15 I got arrested for REDNECK IN A BOTTLE

2779 days ago


Bogus Man!

2779 days ago


A misdmeanor pot charge from 2003 shouldn't keep this young man from Hollywood, IMHO. It's really ridiculous for a possession charge. Maybe if it was with intent to sell. But was 3 years ago. I believe he deserves a chance in Hollywood.

Sorry to see Ms Carr won't be heading to Hollywood either. Very pretty girl and I looked forward to seeing her progress. But you just can't do things like putting sugar in gas tanks.

2779 days ago

i don't like this spoiled bitch    

Hey, to bad they can dig in everyones's past. They really need to have the same thing done to them. Paula, is on something , she acts to hyped, Randy' needs to stay on a liquid diet, Simon, needs an attitude adjustment. Someone need to judge them.

2779 days ago


Here the facts: On Bo Bice April 28--One of the five remaining "American Idol" finalists was once arrested for felony cocaine possession, but had the charge--and a separate marijuana count--dismissed last year after completing a so-called "diversion program.

Now why in the hell did they pull the plug on this guy?????????????

2779 days ago

Susan Lee    

I don't think anyone is without sin so WHY do we persecute someone who made a mistake years ago? If the man can sing, let him. Let the American people be the judge. I don't smoke, drink, etc. but I am also intelligent enough NOT to judge others (I leave that in the hands of GOD). Thank you.

2779 days ago


On Fox Television's "Idol" web site, Bice reports that his "most embarrassing moment" was when he once "fell off stage during a show." Probably high as hell......

2779 days ago

Michelle LL    

over rated,

I was being sarcastic when I did the post. I was AGREEING WITH YOU when I said those things about her, about getting down on our knees to bow to Kristen, a saint. SARCASTIC. My point is she's a judgmental person and I don't like judgmental people they are hypocrites.

2779 days ago


Why? Bo Bice was allowed to complete the whole way when He had a felony cocaine possession June, 2001 in Huntsville, AL. He then in July, 2003 had marj possession, public intoxication and possession of drug paraphanlia. He pleaded guilty Dec, 2004 on the last two charges and for the cocaine and marj he did a diversion program. All this information is on the website that has court documents and is very popular with celeb problems with the law.
You tell me how he was allowed to compete and this guy isn't? I never thought it was fair because the information was out there on Bice.

2779 days ago
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