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Kim K

For Sale

2/7/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KThat sex tape starring Kim Kardashian, sometime BFF of Paris HIlton, definitely exists, and now it's about to be unleashed on DVD.

Vivid Entertainment will announce this morning, according to, that they have obtained the tape and have come to an agreement with the parties involved to market and sell it. As TMZ first reported, the sex tape, made by Kim's ex-boyfriend Ray J (brother of Brandy), features certain explicit water sports as well as other raunchy activities.

Page Six is reporting that the DVD will be entitled "Kim Kardashian Superstar" and will be in stores by February 28, with additional footage on Kardashian tells TMZ that she was blindsided by the sale of the tape.


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The religious people posting here are just priceless.

Man,they have severe emotional problems!

2784 days ago
62. is racists......    

Kim is hotttttt as hell. Any girl that would let you give her a golden shower is down for anything. Kim if you are reading this, get back at a brother. I would love to take a dump on you. Oh the possibilities.

2784 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Would you lookit the fun bags on this little tramp!
Holy Crap!

2784 days ago

Be Nice    


Nobody here, Christian or otherwise, said having sex makes someone a whore. What makes her a whore is the fact that she's selling the sex tape. I know, you'll say that she's not the one doing it. If you believe for one second that she's not getting a fat check for this then you're an idiot!! She may want people to think she was blindsided by this, of course, because that makes it more desirable to people when they think it's something she didn't want them to see.

2784 days ago


Everytime I think these women in Hollywood couldn't be grosser or lower, or more of an embarassment to women, they top me! When is being a disgusting whore going to go out of style? Please send me the memo.

2784 days ago


Wow Brandy and Ray-J's parents must be soooooooooo proud of their kids; one is about to be charged with vehicular manslaughter and the other is starring in a ws porn video! They should write a "How NOT-to" book on parenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do they have more future train-wrecks at home?????

2784 days ago


Okay, yeah it's nasty, these people have no morals, blah blah blah, but really the religious fanatics and concerned parents are saying "Oh my, my children are going to see this!" Well maybe if you were better parents, that wouldn't be a concern, would it? I mean how would your children, get their filthy little hands on a friggin' porno? C'mon, get it together, the only people that are going to see this tape are the perverted losers who sit at home and beat off to porn, because they can't get any ass themselves...

Last I checked, both parties involved are consensual adults... so if this is that offensive to you, my advice would be don't watch it and shut up!

2784 days ago


There is a lot of plastic in the little things....people with fake boobs always try to display it every chance they get.................if your going go plastic you might as well make money out of the new assets..................Seems the chick isnt worried about her rep and neither should we...goodluck toher and all those who buy the tapes.......she might just be the next Jenna Jameson without apologies......

This Paris posse is really f***ed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2784 days ago


Oh for chrissake..this outcry is so laughable. So she did a friggin' sex tape which allegedly involves, big whoop. Were you planning on having her as a moral leader? a legislator? No? well then she's just a regular person who has different tastes..perhaps is a tad naive (or cunning) in filming her sexual escapades and expecting that it won't leak out (pun intended).
A 20 says most f you decrying this action peruse porn sites on your free time..

2784 days ago


All I know is that I have an appointment with some Kleenex on 2/28.
Damn y'all she is fine.

2784 days ago


Aww, her mommy and daddy must be so proud of their little girl! Whatever happened to shame and morality? Sheesh, even the most famous slut of the 80's and 90's (Madonna, to all you young'uns out there) was prudent enough to not have a sex tape. Ok, she had a sex book, but still... not as disgusting as being an amateur porn star. These dumb hos are setting the women's rights movement back 60 years. There's a fine line between sexy and whoreish, and these dumb tramps have no idea where sexy ends and cheap slut begins.

2784 days ago


why are yall comparing her to paris? paris looks like a sleepy ass mouse at least kim is pretty.

2784 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Yo, A Drake,,, it was another TMZ typo,,, the real title is Kim Kardashian Supee-star. Just another rich ho-ho finding out the black man's rep is true, they just want to degrade white women, so they can get a date with Farrah.

2784 days ago

Enough Already!    

#54 before you cry religous freak at me, youd best know I dont practise religion. And as for the other dipstick saying people have issues with their own sexuality , well I have no problem with getting my groove on, thank you. So with that being said Ill try to help you see the bigger picture. For the last few years we have been way "overEXPOSED" to that innane idiot Paris. Well after years of seeing this dumb bitch treat not only nobodies like you two like you are beneath her as well as her own supposed friends like crap, making her crappy movies and lieing about it, playing cell phone games, threatening people with bodily harm, drinking and driving, being so vain and selfcentered that she is willing to film herself doing coke...etc....cause her bullsh*t is nonstop. yet because for some reason some dumbass in nyc thought little spoiled rotten heiresses dancing on tables in clubs at 15 years old was of any interest we have been stuck with this dumbass whore. I think we have all had enough. And we dont want NO REPLACEMENTS! which means no one wants to see this spoiled rotten hefer (paris' buddy) take Paris' place cause we might just have been thinking after this last little thing by paris that maybe just maybe we were done with having a spoiled good for nothing rich girl shoved in our faces and now here comes this ho!! well i say PISS ON THIS BITCH!!! And for whoever brought up jenna jameson, no this bitch doesnt touch her because jenna doesnt pretend to be anything then what she is

2784 days ago

sick and tired    

OK, Kim is LYING. They could not be selling this tape without her consent as well. Also if you read the postings the media company who the tape was sold to says they were working with all parties involved and had come to an agreement. SO obviously, that means that Kim has given them her consent. I bet she is getting royalties from the sale of this tape/dvd and just wants to PRETEND that she is "BLINDSIDED" but come on now. Does she seriously think the public (and her fans...if she has any...not sure what she does besides go to Hyde w/ Paris) is dumb enough to believe that? If she was truly blindsided and upset you would be hearing about a lawsuit regarding the tape. Obviously, someone had to release the tape in the first place and I doubt she was unaware of it. This girl is a joke. There is no reason the paparazzi should be writing about her. She is most definitely not a STAR.

2784 days ago
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