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Anna Nicole Smith

is Dead

2/8/2007 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith Photo Gallery
Former Playboy Playmate and TRIMSPA spokesperson Anna Nicole Smith died Thursday afternoon after she was discovered unconscious in her hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. She was 39. 

Cops say Smith's private nurse called a hotel operator at 1:38 PM EST. Before paramedics arrived on scene, Smith's bodyguard performed CPR. One of the first paramedics to arrive claimed that she was dead when he got there. Smith was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

The following is a detailed timeline of how today's shocking events unfolded.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna's Sister: Family is "Saddened and Heartbroken"

[7:43pm] Anna Nicole Smith's sister, Donna Hogan, has released this statement about the passing of Anna Nicole:[7:43pm] Anna Nicole Smith's sister, Donna Hogan, has released this statement about the passing of Anna Nicole: 

"On behalf of the Hogan Family, we are saddened and heartbroken by my sister's death. No matter what our differences have been over the years, Anna was still our blood and she will be missed terribly. She was a woman who was determined to get out of her small town in Texas and make a name for herself.

She became an international star and she was a good mother to Daniel; there is no doubt that her son loved her. They lived out of each other's pockets while he was alive and now they can finally be together again in Heaven.

We feel that the death of her son left her deeply saddened, a sadness she hid from everyone. As a mother of three children, I am anguished by this tragic event and the fact that her new baby daughter Dannielynn Hope is now without a mother."

Click here to listen to an MP3 of the statement.

Anna's Cousin: Family Worried About the Baby

[7:13pm] Barely able to maintain her composure, Anna Nicole Smith 's first cousin, Theresa Harrison, gave an exclusive statement to TMZ about her family's reaction to Anna's death.

"I have spoken with Anna's mom and aunt, and we are very worried about her baby. We hope that she has a better chance at life than her mom did. Anna had a very rough life."

Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith
Bahama Law: Howard Is Baby's Legal Guardian

[6:26pm] With the sudden death of Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern has already assumed the title of "legal guardian" of Anna Nicole Smith's 5-month-old daughter Danielynn, according to the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The law states, "On the death of the mother of a child, the father, if surviving, shall, subject to the provision of this Act, be guardian of the child, either alone or jointly with any guardian appointed by the mother. "

Smith named Stern as the father on Danielynn's Bahamian birth certificate. Stern, who appeared on "Larry King Live" and proclaimed that he was the father, is in a war of words with Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole's former boyfriend who claims he's the daddy. Birkhead has filed legal papers in Los Angeles, asking a judge to order a paternity test.

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern's birth certificate

Memorial Regional HospitalAnna's Body Moved to Hospital VIP Area

[6:01pm] Sources inside Memorial Regional tell TMZ that Anna Nicole's body has been moved to a VIP section of the hospital, which is off-limits to everyone except for key hospital personnel and requires special keycards for entry.

A death certificate will be filed within 24 hours.

Anna's Body Moved

[5:04pm] Sources inside Memorial Regional tell TMZ that Anna Nicole's body has been moved to a VIP section of the hospital, which is off-limits to everyone except for key hospital personnel and requires special keycards for entry.

A death certificate will be filed within 24 hours.

Witness: Anna Already Dead en Route to Hospital

[4:56pm] A casino witness says that Anna Nicole's body was already covered when she arrived at Memorial Hospital, according to a report on CNN.

Cops -- Bodyguard Administered CPR

[4:37pm] According to Seminole, Florida Police Chief Charlie Tiger, Anna's bodyguard administered CPR before paramedics arrived.

Tiger also said that Anna's private nurse was with Anna at the hotel. He did not know why a nurse was with her.

Did Anna's Mom See This Coming?

[4:36pm] In October 2006, Anna Nicole Smith's mom, Virgie Arthur, told Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News that after the death of Anna's son, Daniel, she was concerned that Howard K. Stern was the one in line to inherit Anna's millions. 

"If Howard Stern marries her and she ends up dead, then who does the money go [to]? Danny's not there," Arthur said.

Larry BirkheadBirkhead's Attorney: He is Not OK

[4:36pm] TMZ briefly contacted the attorney of Larry Birkhead, the man who says he is the father of Anna Nicole's baby. All she would say is that Larry "is not OK."

Daniel Smith and Anna Nicole Smith

Investigation into Daniel's Death Will Continue

[4:29pm] In a statement to TMZ, the Chief Magistrate of the Bahamas,Roger Gomez, says "I am very sorry to hear of Anna's death. Our condolences go out to her family. The inquiry into the death of her son Daniel well still go on, even though she was a very important witness. 

Guess Jeans -- "She didn't survive the loss of Daniel"

[6:52pm] Guess Jeans founder Paul Marciano, who employed Anna as a model in the 90s, has issued the following statement: "This is a very tragic and sad day. Personally I feel she did not survive the loss of her son Daniel, who was the love of her life."

Anna Nicoel Smith's Guess Campaign 

Family Law Attorney: Anna's 1st Husband Could Sue

[6:31pm] TMZ spoke to a prominent family law attorney who says now that Anna Nicole has died, it's technically possible for Billy Smith, the father of Anna Nicole's late son Daniel, to sue Anna's estate for wrongful death.

A source in the Bahamas coroner's office has said a witness will testify that Howard K. Stern, Anna's companion and lawyer, allegedly gave Daniel methadone. At the time of his death, Daniel had a combination of seven drugs in his system, including multiple anti-depressants and methadone.

The coroner has stated they will conduct a formal inquest into Daniel's death.

Attorney: She Had "Flu-Like" Symptoms This Week

[5:58pm] Attorney Ron Rale says Anna had been under the weather with "flu-like symptoms" the past week and she "showed signs of a fever" last night. According to Rale, Anna's lawyer-turned-partner Howard K.Stern is at the Miami hospital now and is overwhelmingly distraught.

Attorney Says DNA to be Discussed in Court Friday

[5:49pm] Attorney Ron Rale, who had been representing Anna Nicole in her paternity battle with Larry Birkhead, tells TMZ there will be a court hearing tomorrow. He says he was contacted by reps for Larry Birkhead and they will go to court to discuss the matter of DNA testing.

Larry Birkhead's attorney also confirms that the emergency court hearing is set for tomorrow morning in Los Angeles.

TRIMSPA -- "We pray that she is granted peace"

[5:48pm] TRIMSPA has released the following statement regarding Anna Nicole's death: "Today, Anna Nicole Smith's grief stricken and tumultuous personal life came to an end. Anna came to our Company as a customer, but she departs it as a friend. While life for Anna Nicole was not easy these past few months, she held dear her husband, Howard K. Stern, her daughter, Dannielynn Hope, her most cherished friends, beloved dogs, and finally, her work with TRIMSPA. Anna knew both the joy of giving life, and the heartache of losing a child. We pray that she is granted the peace that eluded her more recent days on earth, and that she finds comfort in the presence of her son, Daniel."

Marshall Family Shocked by Anna's Death

[5:26pm] In a statement to the TV show "EXTRA," the family of J. Howard Marshall, Anna's late husband, said "Our family was shocked by the untimely death of Anna Nicole Smith. We wish to express our sympathies to her family in this difficult time. We understand that many of you will be asking questions concerning the ongoing litigation with Anna. Out of respect to her friends and family we will reserve comment on the litigation at this time."

Paramedic: Anna Was Not Alive When I Got to the Room

[5:24pm] NBC affiliate WTVJ in Miami did an on air interview with a Hollywood, Florida paramedic who was one of the first to arrive at Anna's hotel room after she was found unresponsive. The paramedic said she was not alive when he got to the room. Click here for audio.

Anna Autopsy to Take Place Tomorrow

[5:23pm] TMZ has spoken with Chief Coroner Johnson of the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office who tells us that an autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith will take place early tomorrow morning. Her body is now in their Ft. Lauderdale office.

Anna Nicole SmithHugh Hefner "Saddened" by Anna's Death

[5:20pm] TMZ received a statement from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner:

"I am very saddened to learn about Anna Nicole's passing. She was a dear friend who meant a great deal to the Playboy family and to me personally. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends and loved ones during this difficult time."

Hefner famously purchased the Westwood crypt where Marilyn Monroe is entombed. Monroe was the first Playboy Playmate. Anna was Playmate of the Year in 1993.

Anna's Publicist -- "I'm Sad, Not Shocked"

[4:32pm] David Granoff, Anna's former publicist, told MSNBC that he was "sad, but not shocked" by Anna's death. He added that there was "Just no spark in her anymore."

Screenwriter on Anna: "It's Not a Surprise"

[4:55pm] Bill Stroum, who co-wrote two movies that Anna Nicole Smith starred in during the 1990s ("To the Limit" and "Detour"), tells TMZ, "I am shocked, but it is not a surprise. I thought she would have died 10 years ago."

E! Releases Statement on Anna Nicole

[4:44pm] E! Network just released this statement on the death of Anna Nicole Smith: 
"E! Networks is deeply saddened by the tragic news of Anna Nicole Smith's death. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones." 

Anna's reality show, "The Anna Nicole Show," aired on E! from 2002-2004.

Anna's Daughter is in the Bahamas

[4:18pm] is reporting that Anna's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn Hope, was not with her at the time. Sources tell the magazine that she is being cared for in the Bahamas by the mother of Shane Gibson, a high-ranking Bahamian official who is a close friend of Smith's. 

TMZ has also learned that the hotel room that Anna was occupying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will be sealed off as a part of the investigation.

Cops to Weigh in on Anna Nicole

[4:10pm] TMZ has learned that the Seminole Police Department will participate in a press conference at the Hard Rock Hotel at 4:30 PM EST.

Medical Examiner to Pick Up Anna's Body

[4:08pm] TMZ has learned that the Broward County Medical Examiner has been dispatched to the hospital to retrieve the body of Anna Nicole Smith.

Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

[2:55pm] Anna Nicole Smith has died, this according to her attorney Ron Rale. She was 39.

Desperate attempts to save her life were made by paramedics en route to Memorial Regional Hospital. Smith did not survive, despite receiving CPR and emergency intubation to facilitate her breathing.

Smith was found unconscious in her hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Anna had been transported to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood just after 2:00 PM EST and died around 3:45 PM EST.

WFOR-TV in Miami reports that Anna was found unresponsive in her hotel room. Local streets were closed off to rush Smith to the hospital, three miles away. Paramedics were seen pumping her chest as she was taken from the hotel. 

0208_anna_nicole_new.jpgAnna had been hospitalized for a week last November with pneumonia. Daughter Dannielynn, subject of an ongoing DNA test battle, was born on September 7. Her son Daniel died of a drug overdose on September 10. People magazine is reporting that Dannielynn is in the Bahamas.

Anna was a frequent guest of the Hard Rock. Just one month ago, a playful Anna was caught showing off new body art to Hulk Hogan during a boxing match.



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the fucker    

What a shame....she was definitely a hot piece of pussy before she died. Her death is proof positive that Howard wasn't talking care of business in the sack. Shit, if she was with me, she would be too busy polishing my knob than ODing on fuckin methadone.

2798 days ago


how can you guys just sit here and talk like this? it's very sad, she is someones mother and now her daughter doesnt have anyone. her daughter will have to grow up hearing all this horrible things about her family. she is the one who is going to suffer. her mother went through a lot, we all do and some cant handle it more then others but thats no reason for any of you to pass judgement. Like any of your lives are picture perfect. you all need to grow up and stop.

2798 days ago


May she rest in peace!

2798 days ago


Has any one considered that Anna's son Danny could be the father, as no one much had heard of him till he was in the delivery room which strange. What is taking all this DNA so long.

2798 days ago


On ET or Inside Edition the day Anna died - they ran a story from a woman doctor who claimed Howard called her and had her talk to the fireman and give Anna a shot for addicts that undoes the drugs in her system. Why hasn't anyone investigated this film, and what is this shot and what exactly does it do.
Will this change the reports on here death.

2798 days ago


This is a travesty of justice. I lost my parents and all my siblings in a matter of years, except for one sick person I want nothing to do with and there is no love lost between she and I. I would never want her deciding for me where I was to be buried as she didn't do as my parents asked and fit her own depraved agenda to accommodate what would benefit her, not the dead. Anna made perfectly clear what she wanted and where she wanted to be buried but her mom, past boyfriends and anyone else who can make a buck off her are going for the gold. thank god i don't have any money or people who never gave a damn about me would be fighting for the wrong reasons. If I have explicit instructions as to what I want done with my body and my sicko sister fought in court what she wanted done and no one listened to my wishes it would kill me all over again. What is the point of making your last requests to the people who really love you if someone can deter the courts into giving you the right to do as they please? Let this girl rest in peace and tell her mother to go where the sun doesn't shine. Don't make a mockery of her life. Enough people already have.

2797 days ago

Bonita S. Butler    

I think that Momma (Mrs. Arthur) needs to be SHOT! If she knew her daughter at all and loved her like she says she does she would let her GO! If we knew anything at all about Anna it was that she loved being a beautiful and sexy woman and she would have wanted to be buried that way. She would have loved a viewing and Funeral to be beautiful and sexy. That is not going to happen now that she is rotting in the morgue. Thanks MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just another Money hungry Bitch trying to get a piece of the money action in spite of how Anna would have wanted things to take place after her death.

2797 days ago


I think it is so sad that everyone is makin it about them and what they want. Just let her be with her son and be in peace,if it were anyone else it wouldnt have even went 3 days in court,pretty sad.

2797 days ago

Sam Morris    

KEY POINTS – Howard K. Stern testified that there had not been any drugs of Methadone around Anna Nicole Smith in the last five months, since her son Daniel died.

That testimony by Howard K. Stern was a lie. Prescription medication found at the scene, inside the refrigerator next to her bed at the Hard Rock Hotel, included the stimulant Provigil, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the powerful pain reliever Vicodin, and the morphine-like pain reliever Methadone, a lot of Methadone.

In testifying to being the father of Dannielynn, Howard K. Stern stated he is the father, according to the laws of the Bahamas. That was a clear message, that he had done some research on the paternity laws of the Bahamas.

Reading the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, CHAPTER 130 dealing with paternity, states that the father is the name on the birth certificate and states there is no need to search for a father, when the father named on the birth certificate can be located. No blood tests are required to locate a father, when the father named on the birth certificate is living and can be located.

If you read the will of Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern is the one who benefits from her death. The will is the road map to murder, a double homicide and possibly more.

Howard K. Stern has the cunning and courtroom posture of Theodore Bundy with a mixture of lies and defiance similar to Scott Peterson.

In the Bahamas, the father of Dannielynn by law is Howard K. Stern. By the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith were legally married at sea on a boat with a Bahamas minister, which is very common practice in the Bahamas. The commitment ceremony held on the high seas, is a legal binding marriage in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The will of Anna Nicole Smith, which was completely manipulated and crafted by Howard K. Stern, making him the sole beneficiary, will hold up as a legal will in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Regardless of the language in the will, by the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Howard K. Stern is considered the surviving spouse of Anna Nicole Smith and is entitled to inherit her entire estate.

That little wedding commitment ceremony held on the boat, out on the high seas, was done for a reason. It was part of Howard K. Stern's master plan.

Howard Stern planned this entire plot from the very start of his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith, when as her attorney, Anna told Howard she wanted to die young, like Marilyn Monroe. That's when Howard realized it would be more profitable for him to step aside as her attorney and remain as her confidant, but not before he had crafted the will of Anna Nicole Smith.

Howard K. Stern manipulated Anna Nicole Smith with the aid of multiple prescription medicines, often putting her in a mind-altering stupor.

2797 days ago


This is so sad that Anna's mother feels the needs to prance her chucky self around like she is something while she is depriving her daughter a decent and respectful burial. There was no love there for her daughter before she died this is so very apparent and now to complain that if her daughter was buried in Bahama's that she would have to pay plane fare and have a visa to visit. So sad, as if she would visit. If ever there was a face of greed for all of us to see, it is fergie's . And remember she loves her little girl. After seeing the way she is treating Anna I pray everyday that she is allowed absolutely no access to Dannilynn ever. I now understand Anna's disgust and contemp when it came to her mother and embrace as my own. She's some kind'a mother alright.

2797 days ago


I was never a fan of ANS but still am saddened by her death. She always struck me as someone desperate for love and acceptance which made her easy prey for people whose motives weren't noble and made her more prone to make questionable choices. I just hope the debate over what will happen to her body ends soon because the poor woman deserves to be buried, not stuck in a morgue while all these people who supposedly care about her argue. Its time that Anna Nicole gets the peace in the afterlife that she never got in her time on earth. Rest In Peace.

2797 days ago

Maria Rilke    

Please get this information to Larry Birkhead's attorneys. Howard Stern is an illegal immigrant according to Bahamian law and very possibly so was Anna Nicole since neither of them owned property there. READ THIS:

Many Haitians in the Bahamas are illegal immigrants and face
economic and social deprivation. Although they provide a ready
supply of cheap labor and fill jobs which most Bahamians shun,
illegal immigrants are subject to detention and deportation at
any time. Children born in The Bahamas to illegal immigrants,
if not registered by the country of their parents, are
considered stateless until they become eligible to apply for
citizenship at the age of 18.

This is huge! Stateless according to Bahamian law. That means that California probably does have jurisdiction over custody.

2796 days ago


If Howard K Stern really care's about Anna Nichole Smith so much, then why doesn't he burry her next to Marylan Monroe where she really wanted to be burried? He can use Anna's half a billion dollars that he is trying to get. .. or he can use the money that he is spending on the lawyers going to court now. Howard K Stern did not care about Anna. He only cared about money. When you care about someone, you try to help them become healty and happy. You don't give them drugs until they are dead. How money mother's and son's die 5 months a part from drugs or stress? I think Howard is guilty of two peoples death some how. Daniel was not sick nor he was using drugs until he came to Bahamas. Everything Howard does is a fraud and a lie. He is trying to cover up too many things by paying people money. I hope justice will be served one day. Not let these kind of people get away with murders. If Mrs. Arthur only cared about money she would have kissed Anna's ass when she was a life like Howard did. I don't think she is after money like Howard. She is just a sad mother who is trying to do the right think for her daughter. She couldn't do it when Anna was a life because Howard was brainwashing Anna with drugs. Anna couldn't make right choices under the infuluance and under Howard's care. I think Mrs. Arthur should be able to take her daughter's body to Texas. Not let that evil Howard guy take the body. I hope that baby wont' end up dead under his care next. He cares about money too much. That is why he stop working. Everything was planned. He was living with Anna's money for many, many years, not Mrs. Arthur. Mrs. Arthur isn't the one who was recording Anna and making fun of her saying "this is worth money" I think he is an evil man. Is FBI going to do some kind of investigation on this guy? I don't believe my ears and eyes. How can he get away with all the wrong thigs he is doing?

2796 days ago


She shouldn't be burried in a different country.Anna's home was Los Angeles not bahamas. Daniel did not want to be in bahamas. It was Howard Stern's choice who made sure he was burried there to cover up evidance. Anna and her son should be next to Maryln Manroe in Los Angeles. Haword should follow her wishes if he really cared about her. He can use Anna's half a billion dollars he is trying to get.

2796 days ago


Sam Morris this is for your comments: you are so right about everything. I loved your comments.

2796 days ago
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