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Playboy Eds. Meet with Hef, Consider Memorial

2/8/2007 7:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has learned that Playboy magazine's top editors are currently in conference with founder Hugh Hefner to determine the best way to commemorate deceased 1993 Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith in the magazine's pages. Smith had been on the cover of Playboy four times between 1992 and 2001.

One challenge to planning any Smith memorial: Lead time. Playboy is, of course, a monthly magazine; the April issue has already gone to press, and the May edition was scheduled to ship imminently.

For now, the only reference to her death is on the editor's blog, where as of 3:56 PM (CST) a tasteful "shoulders and above" black & white shot of Smith, evocative of Marilyn Monroe, carried this message:

"The entire Playboy family is saddened to learn of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely passing this afternoon. Anna was our 1993 Playmate of the Year, and also a wonderful ambassador to our readers. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her friends and family."

Hef, in the meantime, also released a personal statement from the magazine's offices in Los Angeles, describing Smith as "a dear friend who meant a great deal to the Playboy family, and to me personally."



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I would like to see Hugh Hefner donate his Crypt, which is right next to Marilynn Monroe, to Anna. He could purchase the crypt above that for Danielle. Now that would be a gesture! We need to let Anna and her son rest in peace next to Marilynn! Hugh is in a position to be a knight in shining amour. Please ask him to go to Florida and ask the court to allow him to have Ann and her son buried in CA. She doesn't belong in the Bahamas or in Texas. If you ask him, he'd probably do it. Everyone would be at peace and Ann can finely be laid to rest. She didn't get to have a picture taken of the funeral dress she had made. Maybe 2 white carriage drawn horses to their grave sites would make up for that.

2799 days ago


Hugh Hefner should be obligated to fund or hold a fund raiser for California crypt burial of Anna Nicole Smith and her son, in a cemetery close to, but not next to Marilyn Monroe at Westwood. Marilyn Monroe should have some separation from those who would imitate her.

2796 days ago


I don't care what kind of life Anna led, she was a human. How many of us could have went threw what she did in her last few months and came out of it whole. The most joyous time in a woman's life was destroyed by her only son dying. The press would not allow this woman to grieve in peace and neither did her ex or her family. Her relationship to her mother is on tape for the world to see so why would anyone think her mother should have control to her body. Even the stupidiest people knew she would want to be laid to rest next to her son! Come on people get real. As for Mr Hefner he was her employer, he cared about her as an employee and friend. Thank you Hef for staying out of the circus act that is going on now. Thank you for letting this sad sad lady to rest in peace. Now let us get the baby out of the limelight and let the child grow into beautiful girl. Quit giving people that don't deserve their 15min of fame anymore of that fame. Her so called family( mother and sister) have proved what kind of family they have been to Anna. Why would anyone think they deserve to have anything to do with her daughter. Get the DNA done and find out who is the father and have done with it. Seems to me she wanted Howard to be the father, she had his name on the birth certificate. So why is everyone out to get him. Did you ever think maybe they really thought he is the father. Maybe they really did love each other. Let it all drop and let this woman REST IN PEACE.

2792 days ago


Playboy doesn't want to commemorate Anna's death, they want to exploit her death for money. Period.

2815 days ago


Playboy does not need to exploit anyone's death for money! I believe Hugh Hefner is deeply saddened by Anna's death and seems to geniunely care about many of the girls who have appeared in his publication. Playboy certainly contributed to Anna's lavish lifestyle and celebrity status and that is what she wanted most in life, to be a celebrity. She was a human being and her untimely death is sad.

2815 days ago


Jen, if Playboy did nothing to mark Anna Nicole's death, you probably would criticize the company for being callous and uncaring. So either way it can't win in your eyes, I would imagine.

2815 days ago


Who on earth cares about playboy? Does anyone really read that crap? The only people who every wanted playboy magazines were 15 yr old boys(i was 15 at one time). Once you hit 17 and start getting the real thing the desire to see highly photoshop'd pics of girls standing naked quickly wanes or at the very least you can jump online and see it for free all day long. An ad in playboy magazine is is worthless. Its not a demographic worth anything. Playboy is outdated, irrelevant and tacky. They need as much publicity as they can get before people completely forgot the name. Do they care about Anna? Yeah okay. As for Anna, she was a train wreck all her life. Daniel had issues and this baby will have issues.

2815 days ago


If Hef had any heart he would have helped that poor girl. The whole world knew she was high. It's hystericial to hear people who see these stars on TV buy into the SHE HAD JET LAG, OR SHE HAS THE FLU, OR SHE ATE SOME BAD FOOD.

2814 days ago


Leave Hef out of this, nobody could have helped her. You have to want it. She would have wanted them to do this.

2814 days ago


The passing of anyone, celebrity or not, should be treated with respect and compassion. It saddens me that people can still speak so cruelly about someone who has passed away. Even though Anna might not have lived her life in the exact way you have or made the choices you would have made, it's still wrong to be so disrespectful. She was just a human being who wanted to be loved, just like everyone else in the world.

2814 days ago


1: I dont think Heff needs to expliot anyones death for money.

2: Heff id not her daddy, her fomrer employer and you do not interefere in another adults life, when they have lawyers and they seem to be signing contract for tv shows...You may be a rare human being who lookes up all former co workers and future co workers to help with their drug addiction, however you cannot go chelping if the person clearly tstates they do nto have a problesm...ask Sarah Jess Parker about her expereince with Downey Jr.

3: A deat h is truly sad...she lived for such a short time and I doubt she barely found hersefl through her rocky journey...I for one am sad that she did did get to live a happier life ......................who know, this may have been the best way.
Its sad for a mother to lose a child, I am sure that sent her spiralling down further....and the drugs were not helping with the emotinal pain, so she takes more and more...sad sad sad

2814 days ago



You love Anna do something for her baby. Thank you

2809 days ago


HEF.. How about helping Larry B. in getting his baby from the creep.
How about it? Memorializing Anna is not enough....HELP HER BABY.

2809 days ago

Roxanne Agredano    

I think it would be very appropriate to commemorate Anna Nicole via a special issue of Playboy. I think that she would love that and you know, she could stand to have something nice going on for her after her death!!! Go for it!!! But, something tasteful...she does have a little girl!

2807 days ago

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