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Chyna Cracks

2/9/2007 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chyna Doll aka Joanie Laurer broke down in tears last night on "Larry King Live" as she talked about her "friend" Anna Nicole, and the tears kept coming as she left CNN studios in Hollywood.
Chyna Doll Sobbs
Reporters and photographers surrounded the sobbing former wrestler as she made her way downstairs and into a waiting car, after her sputtering interview, which was punctuated with objections from Monique Goen aka Mrs. TRIMSPA, who said that Anna told her that Chyna was "a stalker."

Chyna and Anna allegedly became close when they co-starred in her last film, "Illegal Aliens."


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melvin owens    

I think chyna is hot, i don't know what all u haters out thier are so bent out of shape over this beautiful women. I saw her on dr. kieth ablow and was sadend by her life story and would love the chance to exchange e-mails wit her to see how she is coming along.

2800 days ago


Shame on Chyna. How can you call yourself a friend and yet go on Larry Ling Live less than 10 hours after your "close friends'" death? If she were truly a friend in mourning, she wouldn't be on national TV talking about it.

2820 days ago


Chyna is a freak! She proberly was a stalker. What a fake!

2820 days ago


And may I ask? What kind of DRUGS was this women on?
She looked awful, Didn't she used to be pretty???

2820 days ago


Chyna is pathetic!
I watched Larry King last night and this woman is a complete mess. Talk about using a death of someone to promote yourself. This woman will truly burn in hell.

She couldn't even form a complete sentence, and it wasn't because she was grief stricken either. Chyna has one foot on the grave and another foot on a banana peel.

2820 days ago


I think this girl is whacked in the head. She's clearly out to try and make a name for herself. She is lower than a "D" Lister. Washed up. Has been. User. And a complete psycho. She was tripping all over her own words last night on Larry King and she kept plugging the fact that she was out promoting the film at the time this happened and that happened. She had to keep mentioning the damn film. Screw the film. And screw Chyna Doll - the Psycho Chick with a Dick.

2820 days ago


She looks horrible. Yeah, what a friend you are, on tv already talking about her death. The only person I havent seen on tv is HKS, maybe he didnt have anything to do with it.

2820 days ago

Ida Clair    

She looks like she'll be next.

2820 days ago


She's Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and MC Hammer in a "D" Lister, Wrestlers Body - Opportunistic!

2820 days ago


she seemed like she was all drugged up on the interview with king.

2820 days ago


Will somebody please tell me what drugs Chyna is on and what happened to her. Here is another perfect example of what fame can do to someone and what happens when the fame goes away! Very Sad!

2820 days ago


I worked on that movie as a gaffer and Anna Nicole hated Chyna. Anna Nicole was usually kind hearted but when it came to Chyna Doll aka Joanie Lauer she made an exception and made fun of Chyna. Chyna is really horribly ugly, almost misshapen, if you see her in real life. She looks like Andre the Giant. Plus she is mentalaly unstable even when she isn't drunk or on drugs. Her and her identical twin, really hideous with smelly armpits and stinky breath. ChynA Doll's career is over and she is just doing this to get in the limelight. Anna always hated her and she usually liked everyone. Too bad Chyna isn't the one who ODd.

2820 days ago


Chyna is a scary individual. Her interview on Larry King last night was incoherent & cringeworthy.

2820 days ago

I love it!    

Looking right into the camera crying Chyna....phony as* stop the madness.

2820 days ago


Chyna, you seemed either drunk, high on drugs or both. Get yourself together girl and try that Trimspa.

2820 days ago
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