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Did Britney Blow Chunks?

2/12/2007 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had one helluva wild weekend in NYC , but Saturday night's vomitfest could be the topper.

Brit started her weekend in high gear by showing up at club Tenjune at midnight Saturday and partied until 3:30 AM -- but the excitement came after she left. After Spears was ushered from her SUV to her hotel, the waiting crowd noticed that Brit's ride was covered with puke!

Her lost weekend didn't end there. Brit was also seen heading into Club One, sporting a hoochie mama red dress, and once again being shielded from photogs.


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I think K-Fed is the smarter one.

2804 days ago


What happed to the Brit everyone loved, felt sorry for her for the big marital mistake?
She's making him look like a choir boy.
It seems she is trying to self destruct. She's doing a pretty good job so far. I sure hope she wakes up before she disappoints her fans to the point of no return.

2804 days ago


i dunno who the hell told this chick she looks good in that dress.. yea, i understand wanting to go out, have fun with ur girls and go home and be a mommy (my daughter is one month younger than her second son) but damn britney, u look like someone threw u up out of their ass. that red lipstick isnt working and u have no skin tone. ur as pale as the bottom of my foot. i honestly feel bad for her because she seems lost. and wen ur lost, it doesnt matter how much someone tries to steer u in the right direction, u have to find your way on your own.

2804 days ago


Yes, she blew me.

2804 days ago


She ain't nuthin' but trailer trash. I think social services should take her kids away!!!

2804 days ago

Ernie Lane    

If in fact she did barf in the car, what's amazing is that she went right to another party. I would sort of think she go home and get some sleep.

2804 days ago


How fricking sad ... Brittney couldn't stand that the news is surrounding another fascinating story right now (Anna Nicole) so did what she could to hit the headlines. She never ceases to disgust.

2804 days ago


That poor child! Heaven or somebody help her!

2804 days ago

Sherri Bauder    

where is her family, her mother.? everyone on her gravy train needs to care more about her than the money. Mom take her and her babies home. It is time for her family to take control.
She NEEDS help. Save her....

2803 days ago


Well at least she' s wearing a bra.

2803 days ago


Shifty, you are totally RIGHT! good one!!

2803 days ago


Plain and simple, Birttney is a stupid whore, and should have her kids placed in a foster home!

2803 days ago


Everyone is too focused on HOW she is LOOKING. Who CARES how she looks...not everyone is perfect...we all go through periods of being and feeling awkward and not looking at our best. The problem with Britney is the paparazzi is picturing her at all AND, unfortunately now, WORST. The IMPORTANT thing here is HOW she is acting while being a mother of two very young children. Promoting a new CD is one thing...partying excessively, vomiting in public, crotch shots, acting erractically (BALD? WTF?) terrible decision making...all signs of either DRUG problems or severe mental issues. You CAN look sexy without looking SLEAZY. She's really losing her focus here. Her PRIORITY should be her sons...above all. And K-Fed isn't ANY don't get it twisted.

2803 days ago

Carlos J. Sevilla M.    

What a ball of grease she is. Wait and see in one more year.

2803 days ago

jane smith    

Brittany was on a destructive course before she got with K-Fed. Remember the kiss w/Madge and the quickie wedding in Vegas? She is on some type of drug or either had a bad reaction to a drug, or had a meltdown when she broke up with Justin.
Her new look is ugly. Does she want to look like a man. Maybe so. Please go to rehab or talk to a therapist Brittany. The girl needs serious help.

2803 days ago
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