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Bandits Break into Faith Hill's Mansion

2/13/2007 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Faith Hill and Tim McGrawThe Hollywood Hills home of country music's most famous couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, was broken into and robbed this weekend, according to police. The singers were not home at the time.

Cops say the burglars entered the home by smashing a window. Only a small amount of money was reported missing.

The exclusive gated community is home to several famous residents, including Eddie Murphy and Rod Stewart.


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Faith Hill is about as country as Britany Spears, that is why she has a home in California. She is a phony, just like her last name of Hill, that she kept after her 6 year marriage to songwriter, Dan Hill. She pretends Tim McGraw is her fist husband but wont take his name, still uses first hubby Dan Hill's name. Faith Hill is a phony, she wouldnt even publicly acknowledge her birth mother Paula White but went to the funeral like the phony she is. Did birth mother, Paula White have 2 homes or even get any financial help from the billionaires?? Faith Hill asks her fans to bring books to her concerts for her charity, why cant she buy the books herself? she is worth billions but makes the fans buy the books and she takes the credit. She even charges a fortune if you want to join her fan club! She is a phony as her last name! Move to California, you aint country!!

2798 days ago


Tim and Faith are the real thing. They love one God, one another, and their children. It is none of our business about Faith's relationship with her parents, by birth and by adoption. They do not have to give to society in all of the ways they do, but they choose to because they have good hearts. The Bible says where "much is given, much is expected". Tim and Faith have been given a lot (though they have both worked very hard for what they have), and they completely realize that and do their best to constantly be giving back. It is admirable. Not one of you on these message boards truly knows what you are speaking of when you call them names and accuse them of things that are untrue.

2796 days ago


Well, I guess the GATED community didn't work too well huh?

2816 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    



2816 days ago

Anna's baby daddy    

I hope we get a Paris like video out of this!

2816 days ago


They're millionaires and high-profile celebrities, yet their house is broken into my smashing a window? Where was the security system or shatter-proof glass? If I was worth more than $5 million, I would invest a little more into protecting my home and family.

2816 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

I guess it wasn't so exclusive afterall! Did Faith yell what and make her face like when she lost to Carrie Underwood? Inquiring minds wanna know.

2816 days ago


I hope the police catch who ever did this. All I'll say is that they better thank God Tim wasn't home,because Tim would've sent them to their maker. And to all of you who are celebrating,you're nothing but a bunch of underachevers. I guess you're headed to the mailbox to collect your welfare check.

2816 days ago


Hey Faith, you did look like a TOTAL BYOTCH when you lost to Carrie Underwood.. I don't follow the Country thing, but when I saw that on T.V. man, my mouth hung wide open for like 30 seconds..I couldn't believe that I was so shocked that you would do some flat out tasteless bull$**$like that. No class man. I feel bad for your home and all, but you need to search your heart and figure out why you did that $**T...That was cold man, cold...

2816 days ago

Miss Carol    

I completely agree with Will. Faith lost ALL of my respect with the whole Carrie Underwood reaction fiasco. She wasn't "just kidding". Faith was pissed off and she let it show. No class at all. Just a sore loser.

2816 days ago


Thanks Carol..I was just tellin in like it is. And she wasn't kidding..I saw it...

2816 days ago


LOL, what goes around comes around!

2816 days ago

Tena Wells    

Faith and Tim are a joke! They sing country music but live in a gated community in California what hypocrites! Oh,they complain about the Hurricane Katrina victims and only send 5 18 wheeler trucks of things them but not their money or help them build homes they lost. Get over yourselves Faith&Tim!

2815 days ago


All of you HAVE no idea what you are talking about.
#1-This is not their home. It is a second house for them to stay in while in the LA area.
Their REAL home is fenced in, with security outside of Nashville. I am positive after seeing Nashville home on Oprah that this could never happen to their main home.
#2 - Calling them hypocrites -- Tim McGraw is as country as it gets growing up with horses and in a no money situation... how dare you be so rude Tena Wells when you have NO idea.

I wish people would give more consideration who what they are saying before opening their mouths .....

The whole comment re: Faith and Carrie.... get over it... it was month AGO, do need to hash up old news.... by the way, they are friends and it was a joke.

2814 days ago


Get over it people, those of you who know Faith Hill know she was not serious when she made the face at the awards show when Carrie Underwood won instead of her!!!!! Faith has a great since of humor if you know her and she has an awesome heart. And just because she is talented and beautiful doesnt mean you have to be "J". dont judge someone until you at least know them.So get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2769 days ago
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