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Anna's Husband Search: Must NOT See TV

2/15/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has uncovered details of a husband-finding reality show that Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K.Stern pitched to various networks in 2005. It was nixed.

Anna Nicole Smith
Sources tell TMZ that Smith and Stern, in collaboration with Hallock Healey Entertainment, shopped around the reality show, centered on Anna's quest to find a husband -- similar in concept to VH1's "Flavor of Love." The program would have had men, young and old, of different ethnicities and orientations vying for Anna's affections, with the "winner" marrying her. We're told the series was pitched as being very tongue-in-cheek, and that during meetings, network execs were repeatedly told how Anna was "completely in on the joke," and that in at least one meeting, Anna brought her poodle Sugar Pie along ... perhaps as an executive producer.

While no network went forward with the series, Anna did wind up finding a partner, of sorts, in Stern.

Prior to pitching this idea, Smith starred in E!'s highly successful "The Anna Nicole Show" until 2004.

A call to a rep for Hallock Healey Entertainment was not returned.


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michelle p.    

i have heard rumors of some sort of incest relationship between anna and her son danielle and that he had decided to overdose due to the overwhelming thought of what would happen if it was found out and that he beleived the baby was his, and this is why anna and howard were desperate to keep this out of court and when she realized that this would be impossible she took her own life to avoid the embarrasment. has anyone else heard this?i hope that this is a hoax because this makes me sick to my stomach

2803 days ago


Yeah...and her and Howard K. Stern had a real loving relationship....I call bulls**t.

2805 days ago


I was talking to Amy Sedaris about this at her monthly Karaoke night at The Duplex in the West Village, because the networks were also considering Amy for the role, as she is also still single. So perhaps the concept will continue, just sans Anna Nicole Smith.

2805 days ago

Great Dane    

I loved the Flovor of Love.....

I Love New York....

And I know if given the chance, we ALL would have loved this's a SHAME the networks passed on think, they could've saved her from the hands of Stern.....>shaking my head......

2805 days ago


What ever happened to Kimmie - Anna's assistant that was in love with her on the reality show? Is Sugarpie still alive?

2805 days ago


Good question Kristen in Cleveland. I was asking myself that the other day, but couldn't find any info on the internet about either of them.

2805 days ago


Anna and Howard pitched a reality show where she'd search for a husband...Can this story get any more lurid and absurd? Yeah, probably. By tomorrow. Bring on nothing less than footage of the embalming.

2805 days ago


The two of them (ANS & HKS) were clearly money whores. I mean who would sell the c-section of their baby, Daniel's last moments and sellable moment after that. Those who think HKS rubbed out Daniel & ANS forget she was his meal ticket. Now he's holding the baby hostage while he cashes a few more checks from ET or whatever show he's whoring on.

As far as HKS manipulating ANS give me a break. I doubt if anyone could tell ANS what to do. Do u think anything could be explained to her in a rational way? She was functional illiterate exacerbated by HEAVY drug use. I'm sure HKS knew what was going on and I suspect by his demeanor in interviews he was getting into he stash.

HKS was obsessed with her and cleary was on a rescue mission. I expect he's pretty pissed of at ANS right now. Look at the situation she's put him in. After years of taking her drama shit now he's fingered as the bad guy with no future source of income.

ANS had the classic stripper-addict mentality. Get & spend the cash, contempt for men and party like there's no tomorrow and damm the concequences. She got in over her head intellectually and dull the ache with booze & pills. Her old boyfriend Clay Spires said pretty much the same thing on E! years ago, long before HKS came on board.

ANS was the architect of her own disaster.

2805 days ago


Thank you Kristen in Cleveland...find Kimmie and you'll find answers.
She'll know about little sugarpie and much more.
And oh my can they just put Anna's body to rest with her son.
Enough already!
Laura in California

2805 days ago


Anna only had an 8th grade education-she probably thought anything someone like Howard suggested must be a GREAT idea. He only had her best interests at heart, right? Bet he would have stalked her, if she had been smart enough to exile him from her life sooner.

2805 days ago


This whole anna nicole smith deal is american idol in reverse

2805 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

Did HKS get rid of Kimmie too because she was getting too close to AKS? Maybe Bobby was the only one to get out alive?
Kimmie, Sugar Pie, Daniel, AKS, they are dropping like flies around HKS.


The baby needs in foster care away from all involved until a paternity test...
Do they have foster care in the bahamas?

2805 days ago


Just more proof to show that she did not like HKS in a sexual way. She went on the Howard Stern show a few years ago and said she did not like him in that way. Just like her first husband. She married men she did not want to bang.

2805 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Texas sucks. Why do you think Anna left?

2805 days ago


....ANS having no education is a clue to who the REAL Anna seems she was always out of control - would not stay in school no matter what anybody did or said because she started using her looks at a very young age to get whatever she wanted........when Mommy said NO, Anna charmed someone - usually men - into giving her what she wanted......her mother is not a monster in any way - if she was so bad, why would Anna allow her to raise Daniel for 10 years?........the only reason Anna hated her mother is that her mother is the only one who told her the truth about the horrible way she chose to live.......the more I learn about her and her life, I think that SHE was the main manipulator - very much in charge even as drugged up as she was........she chose to live that way......the best thing for this baby IS her death, sadly......if she had lived would she have had Dannilynn screwing her way through life just like Anna did.......what an awful thought! wonder she wanted the baby to be"sexy"........don't kid yourself - this woman was a BAD SEED from the beginning and is directly responsible for her son's death.......just a bad seed like Jeffrey Dahmer only pretty........the difference was Jeffrey ate boys only - Anna would eat anyone in her path.......

2805 days ago
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