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Mexican Court -- "Dog" Must Stand Trial

2/16/2007 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of A&E's "Dog the Bounty Hunter," may have to return to Mexico to stand trial for deprivation of liberty, reports the AP, after a Mexican court ruled today that he should be extradited. The charge stems from Chapman's capture of convicted serial rapist Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta in 2003.

"Our attorneys have not even been formally informed of the court's decision, as of yet," said Dog and wife Beth Chapman on "We are obviously deeply disappointed and fearful of what will happen, and are currently absorbing the news and discussing our options at this time." No further details were available.

In 2003, Mexican authorities had arrested Chapman and his associates for unlawful deprivation of liberty and released him on bail. Last September, Chapman was arrested by U.S. Marshals and again released on bail.


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In reading these posts, what strikes me is that a lot of you people saying negative things don't understand that the laws in Mexico are not like laws here in the United States (why do you think so many immigrants will do anything to leave down there?) Basically there is NO LAW in Mexico --- only $$$. It is truly a country where "He who has the gold, makes the rules". I have been in and out of Mexico 62 times in the past fourteen years, mostly business-related and believe me, there isn't any "law" like we think of it here in the U.S. To get anything done, you have to grea$e the right palm$.
That is the only thing that Dog and the guys messed up when they nailed Luster down there is that they didn't pay the right people and/or they didn't pay them enough. Money buys anything in Mexico, but they didn't spread it around right or there wasn't enough of it. I can guarantee that Luster did. When he set up his life down there, he obviously paid for protection, etc. He probably was paying the "right" people and Dog didn't. It pissed the higher up Mexican officials (aka criminals) off! They lost an income, when Luster went down!
MEXICO IS THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD! Try doing business down there, you better take a whole suitcase of money and you better pay it to the right people.

2813 days ago


Catherine You hit the nail on the head. Dog didn't pay off the right people. My brother overstayed his visa due to illness and had to "grease" the right person to the tune of $800 to get out of that God forsaken country. That's right, he had to PAY to leave. Just wait, if someone offers them enough money, Dog's arrest warrant will be forgotten.

2813 days ago


joe kerr you make me sick. I bet your a icehead living in a trailer park hiding out from people like dog police and good citizen in the world!!!!!!!!!! Maby youll have some compasion when some trash like lester comes to your trailer and rapes you and family ..Then youll want someone like dog to save your a** BUT youll just only hear lalalala "ICEHEAD" NO-ONE IN HEAR LIKES YOU OR WANTS TO HEAR YOU....SO GO POOF YOUR GONE

2813 days ago


This Joe Kerr guy needs to do something constructive like brush his one tooth and make up his bed in his mom's basement.

2813 days ago


First, and foremost I would like to commend Dog and his family for what they do. I think he is an upstanding and very genuine person..he has a heart of gold. How many people out there could go out and do what he and members of his family do, each and every day?? Sometimes many times a day. I't does not matter that certain people think he only puts on a front for the cameras, because it is per say really just "another reality show". Wake up IS reality. This man yes may of been a convicted criminal in the years before, but has obviously turned his life around to help us all out, in some way. He's just helping us all out (think about it). even if the island is small-criminals still travel last time I checked. Who cares if you think Beth is materialistic, shes awesome-a rock,deserving,empowers us women so quit complaining!!!She has a backbone. MY prayers go out to the family, and I hope they can bypass prison for putting another scum bag behind bars that could of ultimately have affected one of our lives someday. I would not want one of my daughters to have come prey to this sick twisted man(Andrew Luster). It is not fair that Dog, Leland, and Tim may face years in prison for something they did that WE ALL KNOW was the right thing to do. Every day they put their lives on the line for us to get another criminal off the streets, like i said even if the island is small. It doesnt matter, one less problem out there for us to worry about. This just goes to show how our country is so much different in many ways. Mexico just puts people in jail, and "throws away the key", especially if you are american you are seen in a different light, down there. They do not care if you are doing good for your fellow man. It is also obvoius that some in the US feel ill towards Dog, what has he done to you, besides put peace in your mind that another bad guy is off the street? Helps me sleep at night. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but let's come to our senses ladies and gentlemen. He is a hero. Any man/women is who puts thereselves out there. I couldn't do what him, and his family does, I bet 90 percent of you couldn't either. Do I hear just plain jealousy in the air?-because this man was headed down a destructive path in his life, and was able to turn it all around. HE IS WHERE HE IS TODAY because he chose to make it happen, he didn't set around and bitch about it all day. Dog paid his dues, became an icon. struggle and despair were no strangers to him. He picked him self up, and now look where he is-EXACTLY ...being dumped on by the goverment of Mexico, if you can call it a goverment. Some laws are ridiculous, someone does good, there is always a catch, or a consequence. I can only hope our goverment can help him in some way. And WHY after all this time did the Mexican goverment just come after him last September? After how many years? It was commented on MSNBC that maybe at trade was negotiated? Between the US and the Mex. Gov.? That is playing very dirty, shame on the U.S. The Mexican Gov. was just upset that THEY couldn't catch Luster first. They don't care who comes to their country, or Why. So Dog was ultimately traded for some one they really wanted? I'm not going into the whole illegal immigration thing that some of you have. It is a problem, but so is this. 3 men's lives hang in the balance. Well, thanks for listening to me clear my head on this. All of us who care should just pray for a positive outcome, and keep the men who have proven to be nothing less than Heros out of prison. Holly

2813 days ago


Sounds like Joe Kerr has a REALLY small penis......

2813 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

Stop the press!!!!!!!!! He's big Daddy, he's the father of Anna Nicoles baby. He likes His Women, blonde, big chested and not to bright. As for him having to go back to Mexico for getting a rapist off the mexican soil and into American custody where the slime bag belongs, they should be paying him not charging him.

2812 days ago


I hope everyone who post against Dog and Co on this site gets what THEY deserve... That one of their close family members get raped and beaten by someone like that shit that Dog brought back after he jumped the border.

The hell with Mexico, if it wasn't for the US and Canada they'd be in deep shit right now. All our industries are moving over there because of cheap labor cost, yet those lazy shit can't assemble anything good. Why do you think products are easier to break, or have less life time? MEXICO!

We all went off on Bush for being a no good turd racist, for once I hope he truly is racist and says to the Mexican gov to screw themselves.

Fuck Mexico, keep Chapman in the US! And where the hell is the damn Hawaiian representatives in this matter? Most of these idiots owe Chapman for taking fellons off the street. And I don't care if they take their money and shit with bail bonds, when a crack addict beats the shit out of seniors to steal their money they should be paying for it. When a fu**ing shit rapist jumps the border we need people like Dog to get them back here so they can be thrown in prison and have their turn at being the bitch with some big dude called "Bubba!"...

And why should we be sending back Dog? Did the Mexican Gov send back the shit-head? NO! That should be our answer to them, NO! come and get him my mexican friend! We'll be waiting for y'all! Then send half of the gun-wielding rednecks from Texas to protect Dog! NOW THAT WOULD BE FUN!!!

2812 days ago


II have been reading some of Joe Kerr's comments, and they are absolutely senseless. What in the world is he thinking? I hope to god that he never has a daughter that has to go through the torture that Luster put many, many women through. It is because of DOG, and his team that this monster is off the street. The remarks that he makes are lewd, and pointless. Has he actually ever met him? How in the hell does he claim that dog is not a lawman? And screw Joe's comments, that you can buy a badge like Dog's on e-bay...maybe Joe should go buy some manners, brains, and COMMON they sell that on e-bay????? A badge doesn't make you a man, or a great is the man who wears the badge that makes it so. I'm not trying to put Joe Kerr down, or pick a fight, but where did this man get his education on morales? We all are human, we bleed the same color, we breathe the same air, and we all can fall prey to people like Andrew Luster if we put our guard down foreven a moment. Dog and his family are real, are true, and care about innocent people. Joe Kerr will always have his own narrow minded opinions about these wonderful people. I detect rage, and hatefulness in his tone. I truly feel sorry for him. He really doesn't have a clue. Hey, can you buy that on e-bay as well?? HOLLY

2812 days ago


Well said Kendra K!! Holly

2812 days ago

karen dakins    

I am from Canada and watch the dog all the time. I also kept track of what was going on with the Luster case and was as relieved as everyone else when he was finally captured. I think the Chapmans should be thanked for the job that they do all the time without thanks and sometimes without pay. It is an outrage that they will be sent back to Mexico, which is in essence a death sentence. You are in my prayers--the whole Chapman family.... Karen from Canada

2812 days ago


DOG we all are praying for you and your family. Put it in GODS hand. Let GOD do your walking.

2812 days ago


This comment is for the ones that uphold the law in Mexico...This man that Dog caught in Mexico was charged with over 46 rapes, he drugged and tortured the woman also. He got 126 or 7yrs sentence. I wonder if you would feel different if it were your daughter, sister, grand daughter etc. Who the hell cares how and in what way he was caught. This Dog did break the law from what I read, but in the end which of the two is the lesser evil? Is this not about catching a no good for nothing jerk who drugs, rapes, and tortures women to get his kicks and to make matters worse the sick jerk taped all of this also.... All your saying to people like that is that if you commit a crime and want to get a way with it come to Mexico. I think you need to get your fax straight and look at protecting the innocent and the weak not helping the evil, sick people that commit these crimes. Who gives a rat's azz about how or where he was caught. Would you not think different if it was your daughter, and to think he might have prayed on woman there in Mexico also..shame on Mexico for even going as far as they did.

2812 days ago

Are You Guys Kidding?    

He put a man who raped over 80 women in jail!!! Hello!!! What if one of those victims were your wife, mother or sister? Would you want someone to care enough to go after him, no matter where he tried to run and hide? Thank God Dog went after him. If he wouldn't have, that monster would we free in Mexico raping more women.

These 3 men are heroes...and NOTHING less!!!!

2812 days ago


DOG and family we here in Richmond ,VA . are praying for you and your family.
Trust in GOD and let GOD do the walking.

2812 days ago
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