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Mexican Court -- "Dog" Must Stand Trial

2/16/2007 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of A&E's "Dog the Bounty Hunter," may have to return to Mexico to stand trial for deprivation of liberty, reports the AP, after a Mexican court ruled today that he should be extradited. The charge stems from Chapman's capture of convicted serial rapist Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta in 2003.

"Our attorneys have not even been formally informed of the court's decision, as of yet," said Dog and wife Beth Chapman on "We are obviously deeply disappointed and fearful of what will happen, and are currently absorbing the news and discussing our options at this time." No further details were available.

In 2003, Mexican authorities had arrested Chapman and his associates for unlawful deprivation of liberty and released him on bail. Last September, Chapman was arrested by U.S. Marshals and again released on bail.


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number 50, fuck you freaken Nazi!
Evil bastard!

2805 days ago


"Some Dude" IS entitled to his own opinion. But YOU are not seeing the big picture. It is people without a clue, like Some Dude, Joe Kerr, and Butchcivic who need a dose of "Reality". It is so obvius that they do not care what the world is coming to. First of all Bush, and Sadaam were never a part of this conversation..until now. Bush saw to it that Sadaam was hunted, captured, and, hung for all of his wrong doings for crimes against humanity. His people & ours. As for some of his sons, last I heard they weren't doing too well either(many of them DEAD) Hmmmm..doesn't that make BUSH sort of a "Bounty Hunter"? I believe what Bush did was right(capturing Sadaam). Do I want him impeached? No. Do I believe in the war?Not every aspect of it. We are getting off the subject here. It is about Dog & his family. All these negative feelings everyone has is gearing towards politics. Plain and simple. Or just plain hatefullness. Dude you act like your angry that He beat YOU to it. And there are many,many,many more of us out there who BELIEVE what he did was right, than YOU that just want to sit around and bitch," he broke the law, he broke the law. " Sure some of you have broke the law too, (and were just lucky enough not to get caught) I do not believe he did it for his own selfishness, nor for his 15 minutes of fame. He did it for the people, the public, the born, the unborn. MY daughters, the neighbor's daughters, the daughter's in every state and place. Every corner of the world that this Low life, hemmoroid on society, could breach(LUSTER). You Obviously don't understand, or lucky enough to be the father of a little girl. Otherwise you may have an OUNCE of understanding where this fight for thiese men(Chapman's) are coming from. It sounds like you have no compassion, or no heart. How about morales? And i've said it once, twice, here I go again..Who Cares if he was felon, or in a biker gang?, and why do you say it's obvious he's a speed freak? (BY your comments it sounds like your on drugs) Flashbacks?? The man has turned himself around in life, if he didn't he wouldn't be what he is today, or have what he does. You think his family/wife/children were just handed to him? His home? He had to work for it. Sure, crack dealers can have it all too...but it never really will be theirs. And sorry dude My priorities are right in line I have a beautiful family, a fulltime job, going to college, and have enough BALLS to stand up for something I do so strongly beleive in. For people I believe in..who ARE doing right. Somedude i'm not saying your a bad guy, or even an asshole politicist, just asking you to set back and take in the whole entire picture..

2805 days ago

somebody's mama    

Right on Holly!!

2805 days ago

U Know Who    

YaY For Holly ! She has an opinion Yipeee!

I AM A FATHER of a 12 year old little girl. I have a wonderful career I have been in for the past 16 years. My office is a corner one, I overlook most of LA I'm happy as could be. And no not a bounty hunter or ANY type of law enforcement wannabe.

And try as I may it SURE IS TOUGH to teach her that two wrongs don't make a right. When MOST adults break that rule daily.

Sure I have broken laws I speed all the time, I live (most of the year)in SoCal that' s standard operating procedure.

NO I HAVE NEVER BLATANTLY with utter disregard broken MAJOR LAWS in other countries. And I don't think it's right for people to do so.

Are you happy about being invaded by illegals from Mexico here in the USA?
I guess your okay with it since they are "Just trying to bla bla bla"..right only the noblest of individuals come to America....

I'm sure you applauded Ellie Nessler also right......

Laws are put into place for a reason. And no it's not so they can be broken.

Just today in one of my local papers there is a guy who took it into his own hands. To spray paint markings around all the potholes in his town. To put the spotlight on the city council to fix them.Sure to a great many he is some sort of hero. Sorry if you ask me he's a vandal just the same as all the tagger kids.

Duane Chapman KNOWINGLY Disregarded Mexican law. The SAME LAW the FBI wouldn't break..

He's a Criminal



Holly - I think it's you who needs to take in the WHOLE picture.

2805 days ago


To Some Dude ..You have it wrong..I was not trying to make you look like the know it all wanna be. Totally wrong. Yes, like yourself I have many opinions. And NO I did NOT applaud Nessler. She murdered someone. Were talking bounty hunting, not murder. Two totally different sets of circumstances. And yes before you say it-both of them broke the law. I'm not here to shoot anyone down. Only to make a point, just like yourself. And no I'm not happy about all of the illegals being here in the U.S. But Mexico thinks it's okay to have floods of their people cross over every day. But if one American Citizen comes to their country, and breaks the law...there is all hell to pay! Find all the "desert coyotes" who charge a $1,000 or more to HELP them cross the desert and bring them into the US safely. Let's argue about that too. All of us could go on and on about this. In no way am I even interested in politics, but like you i'm allowed to voice my strong opinion. Also, next time you see your little daughter, maybe you can be a little more thankful, that she is just a little more safer everyday, because of the three men, who broke the law for something they believed in. The story about the pothole king with a liberal love for the spray paint can was strange, but no hero.

There's MY opinion...........Holly

2804 days ago


This is absolutely outrageous! I hope the U.S. Government takes a stand for this man and rewards him for his bravery and for his great desire to get this insane, disgusting, sick, pervert off of the streets and in jail where he belongs. If the U.S. doesn't protect him, then it's like they are saying it's ok for a serial rapist to go free. All these 86 women deserve justice and justice would be to keep him(the rapist) in jail and set Dwayne free!!

2804 days ago

somebody's mama    

I'm just a house frau, mother of two (girl age almost one, boy 3 and full of the dickens) so obviously, I'm an illiterate, low IQed cow.

That being said, one in three women will be sexually assulated in her life, many of those more than once. Now in most states there's a four year backlog of forensic evidence, that's right, CSI is not the norm.

In Mexico, the law is upheld when ever it suits them, they also pretty much told the US what laws they should make about illegals that come for their country.

So, why should we give the the Dog when they've been giving us the bird?

Some dude, I bet you're a lawyer, am I right? (Just curious.)

2804 days ago

somebody's mama    

Funny, you notice that most people that are pro-jailing Dog are "attacking" either his past or current life/wife and male?

2804 days ago


Dog had good intentions but went about it in the wrong way. He supposedly knows the laws and now he has to pay the consequences. Just because he's big shit in the U.S. doesn't mean he can go anywhere and break the laws. I'm sure there was a better way about doing what he did so I don't feel bad for him or his family he deserve what's coming to him. It doesn't pay to be a so-call BAD ASS............................

2798 days ago


I think that Dog and his crew did the right thing by getting that low life creep!! I am behind them 100%. God bless you all!!

2797 days ago


This is bull..I think he is a great person and not only did the US a favor by getting this creep, but also did Mexico a favor by preventing more rapes there..Mexico should be thanking him..

2809 days ago


Why doesn't the Mexican Government ask for the extradition of 20 Million illegals in this country that are breaking our laws? Dawg, tell the Mexican government to fuck off. If all the Mexicans that come to this country illegally don't give a shit about our laws, then why should we care about Mexican laws. As a matter of fact Mexico has a stiffer law against illegals from central American than the USA does with regard to Mexican illegals. Stop this insanity! Our government should tell Mexico that they can have the Dawg if they take back the 20 million illegals.

2809 days ago

Anya the Bunny    

Amen, Rhiannon! You're preaching to the choir baby!

2809 days ago


Why does the U.S. allow this? This man helped U.S. Authorities capture and secure the arrest of a dangerous fugitive- one who had the resources, experience, and brilliance to elude U.S. Authorities for (probably) years to come.
What an unfortunate event.

2809 days ago


So how many connections does rich boy Luster have among the rich 1% which rules all of Mexico? Off topic, I think Mexico knows exactly who is responsible for the murders of women in factories along the borders. Mexico is one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Its cops make American cops look like the saintliest of angels. Mexico doesn't care.

Mexico needs to check itself, before it accuses anyone else of 'unlawful deprivation of liberty'. Mexico also needs to do something about all the criminals -- dangerous, drug, murderous and sexual -- it allows to flee back and forth across the border as if it were nothing.

2809 days ago
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