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Mother Etheridge

2/16/2007 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rocker/survivor Melissa Etheridge and her partner Tammy Lynn Michaels took their tiny twins, Johnnie Rose and Miller Steven out for a stroll on tony Montana Avenue in Santa Monica on Thursday.

The twins, conceived through an anonymous sperm donor, were born in October. Etheridge has two children with former partner Julie Cypher, who conceived with sperm provided by rock legend David Crosby.


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thank you torn..

2806 days ago


Oh my... you really need some anger management classes, #6. Don't have a heart attack... it's just a blog. Love and Peace to you, too.

2806 days ago


seriously, why is that baby in that stoller???? what is wrong with these people? it's like they took parenting classes from britney!

2806 days ago


Since when the fuck is Montana Ave. so "accepting" of us out folk? My missus and I moved away from there, to WeHo. Jewish/redneck assholes would just stare at us as we strolled out of Sushi Show. As a joke we had a few pictures of us in hand, and to dumbasses that would just stare we'd give em a snap, "here's a pic, it'll last longer"
Santa Monica cunts!

2805 days ago


Tammy is freaking out about that picture on her illiterate Blog. She mentions it's a "cheapie" stroller just in case anyone would dare think it was their normal standard. For a woman who pretends she doesnt care what others think she sure spends so much of her time soothing her own ego when caught off guard.

2805 days ago


I wish people would get off their backs !!! Let them go out for pizza without harassment, let them have a life outside of ugly comments. Live and let live. What are people so afraid of? And should Tammy ever get her own talk show, we will watch!!

Sometimes I think you put the title Lesbian before calling us Human, parents, friends and family.

Get ready people.. Your fears are coming true, our children are talented, loved, Intelligent, care for, but most of all WANTED. And with that they will reflect our strength.

2805 days ago


Melissa Etheridge &Tammy Lynn Michaels Etheridge,

Move to Vancouver, BC. You will find the peace you need. We moved from the US, and no regrets. Great place to live in a country that is truly FREE. And Human rights are not just words.

2805 days ago


if u read tammy's blog, it says on there it says

all we wanted was some pizza to take home. so while we waited, we grabbed our brand new cheapie stroller out of the back, cuz quite frankly.... the babies are big, and Miller is so heavy that we can't hold him long without our arms falling off. so as we waited, we stuck him in a stroller where he promptly fell asleep. and the photographer grabbed some of those shots... and now suddenly what was just a marital discussion ("Should we put them in it? It's too big, but it's just for a second while our sick and recovering butts wait for food... Okay, maybe, what do you think? Hmmm...." you know- those marital discussions.....). it turns into a snapped image with no explanation; and then the strangers who have time to look online at others' lives... they leave comments.... or, rather, insults, crowing with smug self-satisfaction and ignorance. their fantasies have quickly grown into facts in their own minds.

There good parents leave them alone to live there life. there gay so that makes them bad parents bollocks! and there are lots of straight parents and dont know who there dad is y is this any different. GROW UP and stop being so NARROW MINDED!!!!

2805 days ago



2805 days ago


Have you seen Tammy's blog, she's sooooooooo upset people are discussing the fact that the kid is in an inappropriate stroller. She sounds like a right nasty piece. Poet!?!?!? yeah right love.... keep dreaming!

2805 days ago


It never ceases to amaze me how people who have NOOO idea what they are talking about are so willing to share their ridiculous opinions. I am confident that Tammy and Melissa are intellegent and thick skinned enough to recognize some of these imbecilic comments for what they are......the rantings of uninformed haters. It looks like Tammy and Melissa are doing an EXCELLENT job and those are two lucky little babies!!!!!

2805 days ago


What's hilarious to me is that Tammy Lynn posted about these photos in her blog and is upset by the comments here. Well, Tammy Lynn, if people such as yourself didn't visit these blogs to check up on celebrity lives ... then they wouldn't be nearly as popular. So, stop making your click count here. Stop looking at other celebrity's lives.

The paparazzi go after celebrities because there is a morbid curiosity about how the other half live. I'd gladly trade in my privacy if it meant I could pay my house payment, car payment, and insurance and not have to worry about whether or not I can still eat that week. It's a trade off. It's horrible and dangerous and a total invasion of personal space, but it's a trade off all the same.

Be happy, Miss Tammy, that you can afford to clothe your children, give them everything they want, can provide medical care without question (I can't afford the surgery that I need and my insurance won't pay it) and most of all, be glad that people are still interested in what you're doing. If you ever want to make a comeback ... people need to remember who you are.

2805 days ago



2805 days ago


cruh is a cowgirl out in Colorado.....I would be honored to meet Tammy, though....Wouldn't mind meeting Cath, either.

2805 days ago


Moms of twins ROCK!!! I also have boy/girl twins (and a singleton) and I think Melissa and Tammy should be applauded for their parenting skills - it's not an easy job! Just taking 2 babies ANYWHERE is a chore. Those 2 babies are lucky to have 2 moms to take care of them!

2805 days ago
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