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Britney Spears

Shaves Her

F&*%ing Head!!!

2/17/2007 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have now seen it all. 

Britney Spears, back from less than 24 hours in a Caribbean rehab facility, showed up at a Sherman Oaks, Calif. tattoo parlor Friday night sporting a new hairdo. KABC in Los Angeles caught her as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist..

Ladies and gentleman, she is now completely bald.

Words escape us.


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The new look is so ... so ... Manson-follower-esque.
Go away for awhile & find yourself, Britney. We all need some peace.

2802 days ago


I have just one question...WHY?

2802 days ago


This young lady needs a major intervention. She definately doesn't want her kids. Its very clear of that. Someone needs to do her a favor and remove the kids. She is so upset about the disfunction in her life that she is doing anything and everything at this point to show the world that she really doesn't care. This is just sad.

2802 days ago


*blinks again*
Okay, not seeing things. WTF? There aren't even words for this.

How much ammunition is she going to give K-Fed for the custody battle? Perhaps getting rid of him was a mistake, at least when she was married she seemed to have some stability in her life.

2802 days ago


Well I guess she wanted her head to look like her vagina...REVOLTING!!!!

2802 days ago


Here's a thought - Perhaps a drug test is imminent in the custody battle for kids and she needs to rid herself of the length of time they would have been able to trace back with Hair testing. I believe it's 6 months for every 1" (if someone knows for sure please correct me). First thing that came to my mind. Any one else's thoughts?

2802 days ago


I think britney looks cute bald-to hell with those idiots who judge her. I am not even a fan of hers but I think what she did takes guts. good job. get out and show them what your made of! Plus, hair always grows back. I didn't realize so many people loved her only for her hair. Oh, she's bald, I can't listen to her music anymore because I'll have pictures in my mind of a bald that was a joke. plus she needs to get off the drugs and alcohol and be a better mom.

2802 days ago



2802 days ago

restless native    

Ummm. could this be that she was ordered to have drug testing? If they drug test hair folicles - well those tests can go back quite far. . . . Its already been posted that she has "shaved" other hairy parts - so now she has NO hair to test.

just my dumb thoughts. Interesting thoughts, no?

2802 days ago


Sometimes when women want a new start in their life for whatever reason they choose to change their hairstyle as an outward statement of an inner change. I have never been a fan of Britney, but I agree with some of the other posts. She is a "cash cow" for her "people", and the more outrageous her behavior, the more "exclusive" interviews they can get paid for. Where is the California Department of Children's services in this mess? Since Britney has always stated she is so close to her mom, why doesn't Lynne step in, go to court for temporary custody of those poor kids, take them back to Louisiana and try to give them some stability and safety? But wait! Didn't Britney buy Mom a house and wasn't she the quintessential force in Britney even becoming a "star"? Give me a break...get those kids away from her until she gets it together! They don't deserve this. I don't care how many nannies, bodyguards, etc. those poor babies have..they don't have a mom or a dad and for all practical purposes are "orphans" at this point! I won't be surprised if Britney ends up like Anna Nicole Smith before she's 30 and I don't think I'm alone in this reasoning.

2802 days ago

Eddie Ponthieux    

I can't believe that Britney "trashy" Spears would stoop this low and shave all of her hair off, and not only that, but get a tattoo. She is really in danger of losing her kids after all of the partying that she has been doing, and in how she has been acting since she and Kevin Federline split. I use to like her, and thought that she was hot, but I do not think that anymore after she showed her very ugly privates to the whole world, and for only being in rehab for less than a day then getting her head completely shaved and getting a tattoo. I wonder what the hell is wrong with that girl. She is 25 years old, but she is acting literally like a little spoiled brat. Hey Britney, if you are reading this please, please get some help, because you really need some help after all of the partying that you have been doing while you are with your kids, and shaving your head bald while getting a tattoo. You could be in danger of losing your kids if you don't straighten up and start acting more like an adult now. Please do this for all of your fans Britney, because if you don't you could be in danger of losing alot of your fans if you haven't already. If you don't end up changing your ways then you could end up dead like Anna Nichole Smith, and other singers who have partied alot, and did drugs.

2802 days ago


Anything, even bald, is better than the "hair" she's been sporting lately. That said, I still think she's gone completely insane. I feel bad for her.

2802 days ago

just another schmooooo    




Thanks Jay !!

2802 days ago


I had a friend who was trying to get custody of his son. He shaved his head for fear a drug test (via hair sample) would be he shaved his head....

Maybe she is doing the same?

No...she is not that cleaver. I think she took too much E and she felt inclined to shave her head so everyone would rub it for good luck and she thought it would feel good while peaking.

2802 days ago

Dorothy Marks    

Looks like she is crippled too high for crutches.

2802 days ago
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