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Methadone Babies -- Not "Sexy"

2/19/2007 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to Dannielynn's weight, Anna Nicole might still get her wish ... and it doesn't involved a lo-cal baby formula.

TMZ contacted a medical professional at celeb-friendly Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, who informed us that long-term effects on a child born to a mother on methadone include slowed growth; meaning Dannielynn could have a lower weight and smaller size than un-methed tots.

Anna Nicole: click to launchOther side effects may include both impaired behavioral development and organizational abilities. Short-term effects the baby might experience in the first year are involuntary muscle spasms, irritability, high pitched crying, diarrhea, disturbed sleep and inconsistent breathing patterns.

If the baby is a little off, it will be difficult to say what is attributable to methadone ... and what part to genetics.


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I agree # 7, any drugs that cross the placenta, enter the baby's bloodstream during pregnancy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out! You're correct there.

Whether you take drugs or not during pregnancy a child still can be developmentally delayed and have birth defects, it's called genetics. It will be interesting how that plays a role as well.

2773 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

HKS didn't kill anyone. The only reason ANS allowed him to stay in her acquaintence is because he didn't object to her drug use. Look, she has been a drug/pill addict for many years. The relationship with L Birkhead fell apart because he DIDN'T go along with her drug use. Stern would have scratched sh*t with the chickens just to be able to stay by her side so he went along with whatever she wanted, but he didn't kill Daniel or her. She had a Wendy's drink cut by the bed which I am sure was spiked with liquid methadone. While she was sleeping Daniel took a big swig, may have drank it all -- remember he asked Stern "Why am I so tired"? He died of an accidental methadone dosage. The guilt from that is what put ANS over the edge and made her take her own life. Her grief from the whole thing also prevented her from bonding with new baby. I wonder who will play her in the upcoming life story? I am thinking Charlize Theron?

2773 days ago


She is a very tiny baby, and she does not seem to have good focus...however I would hope the judge ordered the baby to have a complete examination by a pediatrician before we make any pre determinations on the childs health.

2773 days ago

Lenn K    

#8 Owl you rock, the truly most selfish act is to not listen to anyone and to kick them to the curb when they act you to stop. ANS is dead, but people start acting funny when a person dies and forget the life that person lived. It's sad when a person dies for all of us, but ANS made some terrible decisions and it has cost one of children his life and maybe the other some serious health problems. The moment ANS died people start saying she was great and did great things, maybe alittle of that was true, the reality is she did soooo much more harm too. The drug use and the alcohol abuse was just too much for anyone to handle adding diet pill, no exercise, eating bad foods and having sex with only God know who. This part is over for ANS, now hks will be exposed as the liar we all know that he is and why ANS was hiding it. Just stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2773 days ago



2773 days ago


Re: #8 - I agree 100%. My concern is the baby being in Coward Sterns care, at the moment. I am afraid he might kill himself and murder the baby. Coward Stern wants everything for himself and I think his attitude will be "if I can't have her, no one else can". Coward is under lots of pressure and God knows what he will do?

2773 days ago


I hope that Dannielynn hasn't or won't suffer any negative effects from Methadone.

Just a question, but could have ANS been using that drug to get off of drugs? Everything I've read says that it doesn't cause euphoria/or a high.

Why was she taking it?

2773 days ago

shannon wahl    

can anyone be kind and just give her family piece?

2773 days ago


some of you really surprise me that you would think she would intentionally underfeed that baby.

2773 days ago

All American Girl    

I had heard Anna Nicoles baby was ill. I heard that is why she chose the Island to have her child. If she had it here they would not let her use drugs.

2773 days ago

Diego Chick    

Owl's here!! Yay!!! This article needed to be written, to refute all the non-degreed "doctors" posting drug company proganda and other B.S. on here. Thank you, TMZ!

2773 days ago

Cat Kil    

Hopefully good news is that DannieLynn is not effected by her stupid mother's drug use.
And Larry Birkhead gets her daughter.

What is the judge waiting on?
Order a DNA test ASAP!
For the perv to molest little DannieLynn?
After all he stood idlely by while Anna starved
"their" baby so she would be "sexy"...for who??
She is ALL he has left of "his" Anna.
Next we'll hear about crib death (SIDS).
Or he'll do a homicide/suicide.

DannieLynn needs to be removed from Daddy Whorebuck’s care.
He is a psycho, creepy leech.
Anna was his ONLY client!!!
He was OBSESSED w/ her.
Funny how he was ALWAYS lurching around but when she
dies the nurse couldn't reach him & it took a while
for him to return her call.
How convenient!

Even $tern's Twisted Sister (Bonnie KNOWS HK$ is NOT the daddy!):

2773 days ago


This is all cut and dry: Anna should be buried with her son, her mother is saying she wants her buried in Texas with other family members well what was her son, he was her only family. Her actions are right there she purchased an extra plot for her self to be buried with him. The one who suffers from all of this is her daughter, you better believe that if this so called money was not in the picture all of these people would not be coming forward for this beautiful innocent child Anna Nicole went to the Bahamas and became a citizens, so the courts are saying if you are on vacation somewhere then they have the right to state what happens to your body if there is any speculations or thoughts that it is not of natural cause of death. But no matter what this judge is looking for glory also. As far as Howard K Stern is concerned he is the man that has stood by her through everything even when she was making him look like an *** on her reality show. And I don't believe that anyone would put up with half of the crap that he has been through. This woman for once in her life should be able to have some peace and rest even though she is no longer living. Her rest should be in Bahamas with her son.

2773 days ago


it's just crazy to me when people say "i took methadone while pregnant" you get pregnant when u couldn't stop using drugs and now the baby has to suffer for it?

2773 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

The poor baby. Don't forget that one of the perscription drugs that they took out of Anna Nicole hotel room in Florida was baby tranquilizers. Obviously the baby was born addicted to something.

2773 days ago
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