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2/19/2007 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's traded up from Bobby Brown ... with Kim Kardashian sex tape co-star Ray-J, who's 17 years her junior! The greatest love of all!

Whitney Houston & Ray-J: Click to watch
"EXTRA" spotted Miss Houston holding hands with 26-year-old Ray-J (R&B-ish brother of crash-embattled Brandy Norwood) as the two ran into Jay-Z and LeBron James' Bud Select-Sprite pre-NBA All-Star game party Saturday at TAO in Las Vegas. This marks the second public appearance for the couple, who were spotted last month having a romantic dinner together at Mastro's in L.A.

A source tells TMZ that Kim K. actually showed up for the party but any potential nuclear conflict was defused when a helpful tipster called Ray-J from outside to tell him that his former video co-producer was in the house. Whitney took her young charge by the arm and quickly led him out the door.

Perhaps Whitney's getting dating tips from Demi Moore.


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Whitney and Ray J....hmm. A has been and a never was. Maybe they'll do a sex video together and really embarrass themselves. It just may work better than waiting for big profits from their sorry music careers.

2802 days ago

Me, myself and I    

For those of you who are saying the undignified and judging comments about homosexuals ... they cannot help who they are. Just like some people can't help they're white ... some can't help they are black. Last time I checked none of you are God in disguise. You have no right to judge.

And how on earth did this discussion change to a homophobic & racial rant?

2802 days ago


Hopefully he doesn't pee on her.

2802 days ago

Sweet Candy    

First of all sistah Shaniqua..with a name like Shaniqua or nevermind. There is nothing racist about the truth. I am tired of the white woman dead news. That is my opinion I said it and there is nothing you can do about it. I individually am sick of hearing about dead white women. Lana Peterson the whole lot when one dies the story never dies. It's on and on and on. People call it racist when its the truth.
You want to defend your right to be outraged when someone calls you the n-word but when someone says nasty comments about gays you want to call on the name of Jesus. Get over yourself already.
Nothing racist about the truth I. Washington and T. Hardaway need to keep their stupid mouths shut. Homophobic queens. Nothing worse than a self-loathing gay black man. Both of those a-holes are probably on the down low and "sistahs" like Shaniqua will go to their death protecting them.

2802 days ago


I could care less as to color or sexual preference of anyone...but boy that sounded like one angry post. Yikes!

There is one thing Whitney and Anna have, or HAD, in common...Drug addiction.

Whitney, IF, she's recovering...clearly needs to concentrate on her recovery and forget about having relationships she hasn't the first clue how to manage being newly sober. If in fact she is sober.

I'm sorry...I don't care who she is...I can't get beyond the accounts of her behavior while using. YUCK!

I don't think she can rebound...never to the status she was...

2802 days ago


Chill out all you losers. That's Brandy's little brother, Whitney and he met way back when Brandy and Whitney made that movie. He is just escorting Whitney to a function. Don't you people have lives of your own. Give me a break. They are friends. Period. Now would all you loser come over and cut my grass, wash my car, take out my trash and bring a big bud with ya? Please and

2802 days ago


"If Whitney never had kids then it'd be alright but since she has kids and has that motherly haggardly look i'm against this."

Oh yes, I'm certain Whitney's haggard looks are all on account of her being a mother.

2802 days ago


A lot of stuff that happened on her and bobby's show just turned me off forever. I can't ever see her like I used to. I can' t go that low.

2802 days ago


hope he is chugging that penecillin

2801 days ago

Spell Check.    

You can call me Ray, or you can call me J, or you can call me Spray...

2801 days ago


You would think she would have learned something from her stint with Bobby. Why do these women think they have to cling to some dumbass man to be successful. Next thing you know she will be all messed up on drugs again. I give up.

2801 days ago


Ray J is just looking to get a gum job.

2801 days ago

Spell Check.    

She went from Brown to Yellow.

2801 days ago

The Queen Bitch    

WTF are all of you talking about??? So what if Crackhead Whitney wants to be the next Golden Shower Girl?? At least Ray(cant rap, cant sing,what can you do?)J is young and kinda ok looking, Bobby was just plain NASTY, from the Ghetto NASTY and that is why they had an U-G-L-Y ass Big Gap-tooth daughter...Let the Crack-ho have her fun, at least this one can still get it up!! LOL, Just keep on reading and they will keep on cashing in,,, Stupid people...

Yes, this is the H.B.I. C.

2801 days ago

ann coulter    

whitney houston is trash. and trash attracts other trash as well as flies. bobby brown is trash and so is ray-j. may they all drown with all the other rats attempting to abandon the ship known as hollywierd.

2801 days ago
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