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Did K-Fed Push Brit to Rehab?

2/21/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bald Britney SpearsBritney Spears got so K-Fed-up with her soon-to-be ex-husband that she shaved her head – and then headed to rehab, sources say this morning.

The pop princess checked into Promises in Malibu yesterday, as TMZ first reported, but the head-first slide that landed her there started, says OK! magazine, with a furious phone fight with Kevin. "Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she's been up to," says a mag source, leading to Britney's well-documented shear madness.

magazine, on the other hand, says that over dinner a few nights ago, Brit's dad Jamie made a desperate plea for her to get help, and convinced her to go to Promises, which has rehabbed such stars as Robert Downey, Jr., Diana Ross, and Matthew Perry.

Rosie – Cruise Snafu Not My Fault!

Rosie O'Donnell is defending herself after a cruise ship she chartered for a gay-and-lesbian voyage bumped a whole boatload of vacationers that had already booked passage, including one sick teen and 50 of her nearest and dearest celebrating her sweet sixteen.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines ship was commandeered by O'Donnell for a trip July 7-14, reports the New York Daily News, and as a result, hundreds of non-Rosie-affiliated vacationers were told last week that they had been thrown overboard, their vacation plans dashed. Jessica DeGonzague, a young girl who suffers from lupus, wanted to celebrate her 16th birthday on board the ship, and had been planning the trip for 50 for almost a year -- and now they can't go. The company, for its part, offered displaced passengers a $50 onboard credit, and Rosie's rep said, "It's not Rosie's fault. This is an old issue."

James Brown's Body To Be Buried, Finally

James Brown will have a final resting place at last, after his partner Tomi Rae Hynie and his six adult children have agreed on where he should be buried. As the various family parties squabbled, Brown's body has been kept in a confidential location since his death on Christmas Day. The burial may take place in the "next few days," but the specific location is not being revealed. Thankfully, the man watching over Brown's casket says that he's looking after the Godfather of Soul. "I [check on him] constantly," says Charles Reid. "[I] go in, open the casket, and close it. And he's fine."

Party Favors: Jacko Wants to Be Prince? ... Hillary Fumes Over Obama's H-wood $$$ ... Tom Brady Ditches Manhattan Pad

Michael Jackson's been talking to Prince, or so it seems. The King of Pop, says FOX News, snuck into Prince's Las Vegas show last weekend to get pointers on how to do a long-running Sin City show like his Purple Majesty is doing at the Rio. ... Hillary Clinton is none too happy that the DreamWorks trio of David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg threw a big fund-raising bash for her rival, Barack Obama, says Page Six. A source says that Clinton was "furious" until assurances were made that she would still get money from them. ... Tom Brady got rid of his Manhattan bachelor pad the minute he learned that ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynihan was pregnant, says Page Six. He had bought the $14 million apartment to be closer to Moynihan, but when she told him in December she was preggers with his baby, he got rid of the swank digs.

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No Avatar


a) Britney's people will do anything to take the blame off of her. Now it's K-Fed's fault that she's turned into a train wreck?! She was white trash before K-Fed entered the scene.
b) Rosie is such a b*tch. She could've made arrangements for the other passengers. Her people of course had an excuse already typed up.
c) Finally, James Brown can be put to rest. It's only been 8 weeks since the man died.
d) I can't bring myself to comment on the "Gloved One".

2804 days ago


Fuck k-fag. How dare he ask for her hair when he was the one drugging and cheating on her the whole time they were married. Talk about the pot calling the kettle. Hopefully Britney well learn in rehab to stay away from losers like k-fag who only want to tear people down to their level. sleazeball.

2804 days ago

my opinion    

Oh puleeezzze. Stop blaming Kevin for Britney's pathetic decisions she's made. SHE'S responsible for her own choices SHE MADE in her life, don't blame Kevin! SHE made the choices she did and she has no one to blame but HERSELF. Kevin had nothing to do with her choice to become a "buzzard". Leave Kevin alone already. IMO, HE should be the one who gets FULL CUSTODY of the children----and at the most, Britney should get visiting rights and that should be under FULL SUPERVISION FROM KEVIN while she's visiting (and even allowing her to do that is questionable).

Quit making excuses for Britney! It's disgusting already!

2804 days ago


As far as Rosie goes you know Lesbos get first crack at everything. The homo's are taking over the world and the first thing they'll abolish is religion since it's religion that teaches us their lifestyle is wrong. I hate pumpkinhead tuna packing rosie o'donnell.

2804 days ago


What happened to all the Britney supporters??? Where did you guys go??? I'm glad you finally woke up and now see what a trainwreck Britney truely is!! I told you so!!! What a waste!!!!

2804 days ago


If he "pushed" her into rehab - you ASSHOLES should be THANKING him.

WTF is WRONG with you IDIOTS!!

This chick NEEDS help!!!!

2804 days ago


sthoover - as the majority of your name suggests - YOU suck; so SUCKIT - LOSER.

2804 days ago

my opinion    

Talk about disgusting double standards in this world! A whole entire ship booked for a "gay and lesbian voyage"????????????

Wonder if they'd ever let us have a "STRAIGHT AND HETEROSEXUAL" voyage???? Of course not! THAT would be prejudice!

2804 days ago


Britney is tired old news. Boooorrrrring

2804 days ago

Phoenix Guy    

Only retards like Britney Spears and her fans would shift the blame to K-Fed. It was Britney who filed for divorce. I hope Britney ends up like Anna Nicole Smith and Princess Diana. I would laugh and crack the champagne.

2804 days ago

Great Dane    

I don't care why Brit decided to go to rehab, I'm just glad she went....and if Kevin threatened to do a hair test, than let me reach over and pat him on the back for putting the fear of God into her.....

I don't know how NCL can just "cancel" all of those people because Rosie decided to book.....I actually have acruise booked with NCL for May, and I have a guaranteed spot.....were this girl and her relatives foolish enough to book through a web site like Expedia? If so, that was the problem....not ROSIE......

NUMBER 8......a gay and lesbian voyage, ins't intended to be's so that gay people can kiss, and hold hands FREE and comfortably without critisism and bullshit......straight/heterosexual people act how ever they choose on their people such as myself need to hold back on the PDA to not offend the straight people, their families/children etc.....

2804 days ago

Terrie/ Southern Belle    

Good luck Britney its about time you start taking your life seriously!!!
The battle has just begun make your mother proud again...

2804 days ago


The first step to recovery, is to amit that you have a problem Britney. You can not blame K-fed. Besides if needs a hair sample, he could just go to e-bay. 2) James Brown's body should have been laid to rest, His family should be ashamed. 3) Rosie is Out of Control. More like what she blame everyone else of doing. Now she is doing it, Not respecting others Rights. MJ, this is a dead issue, maybe he is chasing men now....

2804 days ago

my opinion    

Uuggghhh..........gross!!! Did you HAVE to give me a VISUAL???

Well if THAT'S what the isolated cruise is for then yes, PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES. NO ONE should have to see THAT.

2804 days ago


I really hope everything works out for her ...... What I wonder is she in rehab for I bet meth. I think she has been tweeked out. Anyway I root for brit

2804 days ago
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