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Gets a Lil' Lil' Kim

2/26/2007 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Ray-J won't be adding Whitney Houston to his Kim Kardashian sex tape library -- he's already moved on to Lil' Kim!

Brandy's little bro was spotted over the weekend, tooling around with the recently sprung jailbird in his new Ferrari, rumored to have been purchased with some of the cool million Ray pocketed for the sex tape. The pair, who are currently working togerther on an updated version of their hit song"Wait A Minute" for Ray's upcoming album, arrived hand-in-hand to the Vibe Magazine pre-Oscar party at Area.

Kardashian was also at the party, but made a hasty exit after Ray-J and Lil' Kim arrived. Guess she's not into threesomes!

The new pairing comes just a week after Ray-J was seen getting cozy with Whitney in Las Vegas. Ray sure can roll 'em!


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Great Dane    

Why is this UGLY , untalented KID.....getting all of this Hollywood ass?

Kim K., Whitney Houston AND Lil Kim.....?????

2796 days ago


They're both desperate for publicity.

2796 days ago


I got to see this sex tape Ray J is in......HE MUST GOT IT GOIN ON IF LIL KIM WANTS A PIECE OF THAT!!!!!!!!!

He should leave whitney alone though......she has 2 much baggage

2796 days ago

Enough Already!    

More of scummy people no one cares about

2796 days ago

Team Aniston    

OMG.... she is really so ugly... MY GOD!!! So ugly child.

2796 days ago

oh brother    

Ray J is really starting to get on my nerves. He's a nobody who rode on his sister's cape. You know who I'm talking about, Brandy, the hammerhead murderer sister of his....and lil kim is a whole diffrent story ...I was told she is related to the Jacksons in some way...I believe she is the long lost melting sister

2796 days ago

RICH S    

I thought this skank ho wannabe gangsta was doing a long stretch in the pen. No worries though, once a jailbird, always a jailbird. She will land in the pokie again. and a ferrari paid for by funds received from a sex tape....yea right....its a crack car!!!

2796 days ago


Did she have a dog chew on her face before going out? Besides hought she played for the other team?

2796 days ago


Ray-J should learn how to make money the old fashion way... earn it!!.He's too young to be out here trying to play women and these suppose to talented women huh.. the only talent i see is how to get a man any man .... as old as Whitney is she should be a role model for her teenage daughter, concentrate on being a good mother and stop chasing after these YOUNG ASS BOYS get with you a real mature man and cut the BULLSH*T out Whitney please for your child's sake, we all know you got it girl. it's still there use it and lose the losers.

2796 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Lil Kim is a joke. She is a wax dummy version of herself! Just put a wick on top of her head and you'll have a Tramp scented candle!!!!

2796 days ago

Only in    

Two talented recording artist Lil" Kim and Ray J. Ray J dumped that white trash Kardashian for my sister Kim. I would like to remind my sisters and brothers that Black History Month has been a success once again in getting the word out throughout our communities. I would like to thank Spike Lee at the Oscars for mentioning Black History Month. African Americans once again dominated the Oscars with awards in Dreamgirls and Jennifer and Forrest taking major awards in the movie industry.I would also like to say at this time we have a major election coming up in 2008, thats right Barack for President. The African American community is very excited and finally we have someone to represent us in this very important election.I will continue to Fight against Racism! NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE!!!

2796 days ago


Ray-J = Professional Gigolo. I can't hate though. Do your thing man.

2796 days ago


lil kim looks like a female michael jackson...JUST LIKE LATOYA!

2796 days ago

Real Love    

I've only heard about Ray J getting some C list ass (Kim) and some old, has-been A and B list ass (Whitney and Lil' Kim). Still though, I want me some Ray J too!!!

2796 days ago

Real Love    

Farrah, if you really were fighting against racism you wouldn't applaud Ray J for dumping "that white trash" Kim K. Racism will persist with ignorant folks like you walking around. Spike Lee is the best you have to offer? I was at the same club as Spike Lee once and brother was stone cold staring at WHITE GIRLS' asses while they were on the dance floor. LMFAO

2796 days ago
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