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Violates Probation,

Could Face Jail Time

2/28/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris Hilton violated the terms of her probation last night when she was pulled over for driving on a suspended license, and could spend up to 90 days in jail as a result.

Hilton pled no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving after cops arrested her on September 7 for a DUI in Hollywood. As a result, the DMV suspended her license, and a judge placed Hilton on 36 months probation, with one major condition being: to "obey all laws."

Last night, Hilton was stopped around 10:30 PM after cops say they noticed Hilton speeding down Sunset Blvd. without headlights. Deputies then discovered she was driving with a suspended license, arrested the heiress and impounded her car.

A hearing will be set to discuss Hilton's violation.


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#7 and all the rest of you trying to market cindy sheehans give it up--you're supposed to only comment on what is relevent with the particular story. We are really tired of hearing from you!

2793 days ago


maybe her and Nicole can do The Simle Life: Inmates.

2793 days ago


I would be really surprises if she actually went to jail. She has so much money.

2793 days ago


Okay, so she violated probation. How many more times can this young woman screw up and walk away smiling? How come everyone who comes into contact with her pays a price? Why is she so untouchable by laws and karma? How come a regular person would not get the same treatment? Argh!


2793 days ago


Maybe its time we sent these rich and famous ppl to the slammer to show them they cant break the law and get away with it....
Send the rich bitc* to the slammer

2793 days ago


Posted at 12:52PM on Feb 28th 2007 by Brit Ate Paris

Are you really going to tell me that a 200K car doesn't have automatic headlights? Please! She was on a street at night but she didn't know they were off? Please!

2793 days ago


#18 . . . .She should not have been in the car! She has a suspended drivers license.

"18. Oh come on, lay off Paris already. Who hasn't started a car and forgot to turn their headlights on. This is clearly a case of profiling by the LAPD. "

2793 days ago


Must be a blonde lol

2793 days ago

Sean Kemble    

I can just see the hot lesbo action a 70s chicks in prison film...Big Edna the head guard will punish Paris for her insolence with a long strap-on..

2793 days ago


ill bring the cam lol

2793 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Honestly, I can't stand this no talent whore, but I also think that it would be a huge waste of taxpayers monry to send her to jail for this. I think house arrest would be ok, but only because she can pay any huge fine they could impose on her.

2793 days ago

my opinion    

Nothing will happen to her because she is famous for no reason other
than being a real dirt bag in nice clothes with a known family name
AND she lives in California. Since politicians only pay attention to
their emails and phone calls I suggest an all out campaign is started
to have California officials begin enforcing the same laws the rest
of the country has to obey. If you aren't famous you get arrested
and she along with her pack are HABITUAL AND REPEAT OFFENDERS. We
are a nation of laws and the gliteratti of Hollywood make ridiculous
amounts of money, spew hatred with racism, use drugs openly and drive
recklessly because they aren't held accountable.I am sick and tired of
their special treatment.

I believe there is some hope since the police has assumed some responsibility and are moving forward. Now we need to contact the Mayor's office and the Governor's office.

This is what happens when special treatment starts. There is just a constant disregard for rules.

2793 days ago


Someone please slap her.. I recall seeing her and Britney wearing shirts that say "I'm Paris Hilton, I can do anything I want" Sadly, it's probably true.. We will see..

2793 days ago


They better throw that pigs ass in jail!!!!!! They better not throw this out because she's a "HILTON". She'a freakin white trash drugged out racist ugly as sin pig. She needs reprimanded. HAH - would love it if this pig got thrown in jail..she wouldn't know what to do and wouldn't last a minute.
lovvvvvvvvesss it.
can't stand her - sooooooooooooooooooooooooo UGLY. EWwwwwwww

2793 days ago


You mean Paris can't flah her crotch to get out of this? HaHa!! Hope she goes to the slammer!!

2793 days ago
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