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Violates Probation,

Could Face Jail Time

2/28/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris Hilton violated the terms of her probation last night when she was pulled over for driving on a suspended license, and could spend up to 90 days in jail as a result.

Hilton pled no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving after cops arrested her on September 7 for a DUI in Hollywood. As a result, the DMV suspended her license, and a judge placed Hilton on 36 months probation, with one major condition being: to "obey all laws."

Last night, Hilton was stopped around 10:30 PM after cops say they noticed Hilton speeding down Sunset Blvd. without headlights. Deputies then discovered she was driving with a suspended license, arrested the heiress and impounded her car.

A hearing will be set to discuss Hilton's violation.


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Oh snap # 32, "Paris's Beak" - good point on the $200,000 car and automatic headlights. I didn't think of that. Maybe she doesn't know how to set them, after all, she's obviously not very bright.

I wonder how long the suspension is for - I see the probation for 3 years, but that is generally a different term.


Wonder if all the pics of her driving with a suspended license would "help" the judge in making a decision about her? It would be interesting to see what the judge thought of her blatant disregard for his sentence.

Not knowing is no defense. I'll bet there are records of her getting notices about it.

What a waste she is.

2763 days ago


I hope they throw her in jail and throw away the key! Then I won't have to read any more stories about her stupid ass.

2763 days ago

Enough Already!    

That day will never come! Rich elitist snobs will continue to get away with things the rest of us mere mortals pay thru the nose for.

2763 days ago


LOL #85! Have you heard of anger management classes? You got yourself so worked up you typed teh instead of the. Stop being a hypocrite and worry about your own life not what complete strangers on a message board write. Werido.

2763 days ago


Wonky Eye aka Paris will be paying off these people instead with money but with blow jobs. Bitch better get some good knee pads, lol

2763 days ago

reported what    

If that was anyone of us we would all be in jail, but then we aren't a Hilton!! Hope the party princess gets to spend sometime in jail maybe she could design a clothing line "ORANGE" and maybe she could be somebody's lil b and dance on a pole for them since she's so great at that!! TMZ get ready for some footage. She likes to begrade everyone else, hopefully it's the PRINCESS PARIS'S turn. Poor lil rich girl. But let's see if there is a real court anywhere in America? And the saga continues. Well gotta get back to Anna!!! Sorry bout your luck Paris, all wishes you go spend sometime with the real women who's had to pay for their crimes that don't have your parents money or name!!!! Heads up, SIMPLY ORANGE BY PARIS!!!

2763 days ago


With all her money why doesn't she just hire someone to drive her around? Has her herpes rotted what's left of her teeny tiny brain?

2763 days ago


Farrah: When you said "I will never give up my Fight against RACISM! NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!!" You don't have a clue. Prior to that comment you wrote "dumb ass cracker". What's up with that? Think before you write.

2763 days ago


Man, that is one SCARY picture of her. Just goes to show that a lot of us could look hot with that kind of money for hair, makeup, stylists, etc.

2763 days ago


$$$$ $..The Trumps and Hiltons are above the law in this country..Deal wit it.Life is a bitch and maybe Paris is too....Average people of means don't have a freakin

2763 days ago

wasabi joe    

farrah, keep your fat ass on teh coach collecting welfare, are you at th epublic library right now using free internet? no peace no justice, shit you guys couldn't keep peace regardless of justice. keep spending your stamps, leroy will be out in five to seven

2763 days ago


yeah Farrah....if you want to stop racism, then you should start first by NOT calling people crackers.

Don't be a hypocrite

2763 days ago


Sounds like I hit a nerve FARRAH...stupid bitch.

2763 days ago


I have been trying to avoid all the Herpes invested posts, but I just gotta say this

Seems like Paris still has TMZ dick in her mouth............hopefully when she is put away, he can start thinking with his head and not his dick, so we shall be free fo Paris......................

By the way if TMZ run another stupid Paris story, I see a BOYCOTT of TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2763 days ago


Oh please ,she will never do time she has to much money and her idiot parents will pay big to keep her dumb a** out of the slammer.

2763 days ago
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