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CAA Inks

Etheridge-Hating Savage

3/1/2007 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Savage vs. Melissa EtheridgeHollywood powerhouse talent pimps, Creative Artists Agency, has signed nationally syndicated homophobic radio host Michael Savage for representation in all areas.

Savage, whose real name is Michael Alan Weiner, hosts the conservative radio program "Savage Nation," and just this week, he lashed out against breast cancer survivor/Oscar winner Melissa Etheridge -- for thanking her wife, Tammy Lynn Michaels and their kids during her Academy Awards acceptance speech. Savage said, "I don't like a woman married to a woman. It makes me want to puke. I want to vomit when I hear it. I think it's child abuse."

He further commented on homosexuality saying, "There are people who are sexually confused, who think that they're men when they're women. They're not normal."

Savage's anti-gay tirade, although typical for his radio show, is especially troubling considering Etheridge is also a CAA client! Besides Savage and Etheridge, CAA reps some of the biggest names in the business, including Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise.

Calls to CAA reps were not immediately returned.


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Savagestein's speech is constitutionally protected, but it's guys like him that have hurt America. the hate peddlers are not good for America. They just rev-up other hate peddlers who drive around all day looking for a vacuum cleaner customer. This rhetoric nazi should be burned in an oven.

2790 days ago


This guy looks like jabba the hut's brother. He shouldn't hate on people just because no woman or man would touch him with a 10 foot pole.

2790 days ago


Great! This will only give Rosie something to bitch about! It should be interesting to hear her caterwauling on her show.

2790 days ago

All alone in paradise    

A degree in anthropology and botany?

In other words, when it comes to human psychology, he'd be better off giving advice to plants from the stone age.

2790 days ago


He has every right to feel that way and say it if he wants to. This is America. There are still lots of us that think it is wrong, and we do not want our children watching that crap and put in our faces like that.
I dont understand the difference between this and adults who like kids...i think they are messed up just the same and it is sad for them and all....I do not hate gays and all, but I do still think it is wrong and we shouldnt have to see it...they can stay in the bedroom they dont have to make a point of putting it in the res of americas faces. They make it an isssue, not us...
Im glad we are still able to speak how we feel here in America about morals...that is what makes us special...right or wrong.

2790 days ago

All alone in paradise    


I am gay and I agree with you. You made some excellent points.

But, please, don't lump us together with child molesters.

The part of the brain that tells a person which gender they will be attracted to (it lies in the hypocampus and is fully developed by age four) is NOT related to whatever anomoly causes adults to be attracted to children.

2790 days ago


It's too you people don't know how to think for yourselves. Whatever you're taught as kids you cling onto for the rest of their lives and never ever question.

"My church and my parents think being gay is wrong and perverted? Well, that's good enough for me!!"


2790 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

Brooklyn Chick you said it right: What you do in your privacy at home is YOUR business, so just keep it that way ok? It is perverted and immoral, and most of America DOESN'T want it shoved down their throats (errr, no pun intended). Keep your sexual perversion in the closet where it belongs. She should have been censored for thanking her friggin WIFE. Give me a break. Dildo freaks. ewwwww Yuk. No, DOUBLE Yuk!

2790 days ago


STEVE FRANK - I can't believe you compared people who are tolerant of gay people to be nazis. Wouldn't that be the other way around? I don't remember Hitler being tolerant of anyone other than blonde haired, blue eyed Germans. You are one sick f***!!!

2790 days ago


#116 Amazing how someone with so much education can be so damn stupid. What's even more amazing is why anyone would tak epolitical advice from a botanist. Would you let him do brain surgery too? Idiots.

2790 days ago


So the guy has a bunch of degrees. Big deal. So do the nutcases who write books about UFO's and alien abductions.

2790 days ago


#31 - Carmen - My dear the word is "innappropriate" not "unnappropriate." I can't stomach uneducated morons like yourself. All you people who are saying that the majority agrees with Savage are dead wrong. The only people who agree with him are rednecks in the midwest who don't know any better.

2790 days ago


Blackmetal - One can be formally educated with many degrees and still be wrong. Do some research. People are BORN gay - they do not choose to be gay. They are born they way due to a combination of genes and hormones. Go read about it on the American Medical Association website. People like you are pathetic.

2790 days ago


First off he's a very closed minded individual and to those who say it's a differing opinion are wrong it's a hate filled comment. I myself am a LESBIAN AND DAMN PROUD OF IT AND i AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THE RIGHT WINGED REPUBLICANS HOLDING US DOWN. I pay taxes just as the straight men/women so why am I not entitled to have the same rights as them. Why can I not be married LEGALLY and have all the benefits that come with it. Look at statistics in the country of divorce the hetero are blowing theses numbers out of the water. Alot of people find the gay lifestyle sickening and you are entitled to your opinion but thats all it is is your opinion when you start bashing someone for how they feel there needs to be a stop put to it. I have no problem with a man and woman walking hand in hand down the street so why can I not hold my wifes hand (remember I'm a woman) and not be criticized for it. Look at many of you men who like to watch girl on girl action then you turn and say how sick lesbian are. REALITY check. I am not ashamed of who I am nor am I confused Mr. Savage, I am a woman, a gay woman and NO i don't think I'm a man I'm just a woman who loves women and let it be at that. Thank You

2790 days ago


Everyone's always crying about free speech and lack of diversity blah blah, but once someone 'voices' a different opinion than yours they are suddenly hater mongers or right-wing loonies. What a bunch of hypocritical pricks.

2790 days ago
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