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Bridget's Baby Brady Shopping Spree

3/2/2007 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jilted mom-to-be Bridget Moynahan hit trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor this week, without her ex/baby daddy, NFL star Tom Brady ... who's in Rome shtupping Gisele Bundchen.
Shopping Spree
Bridge and a male friend spent $4000 on thirteen items, including blue navy joggers and an airplane frame -- that appear to be for a boy. The "I, Robot" star also purchased a blue sherbert blanket and basket, as well as a patchwork stuffed animal bear.

If Bridget is having a boy, she can rest knowing that he's the one bastard who will never leave her for a Brazilian supermodel.


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I saw some pics of Bridg on I Don't Like You In That Way that were HORRIBLE. She was flat-chested as hell and looked like a 12 year old BOY. A lot of white women are starving themselves to be thin like the Olsen twins but they're losing their chests and asses and all manner of femininity in the process! This is why so many YT women are losing their All-American men to latin and south american women.

2789 days ago

Tigger & Smurfette    

This is an excerpt of the text of a criminal complaint filed with the US Federal Trade Commission by Tom Brady against several television and radio networks, newspapers, magazines and websites.

This is in regard to false reporting, stalking and identity fraud. Several news sources and gossip columns reported a relationship between Thomas Brady of the New England Patriots and Bridget Moynahan, Bridget's pregnancy as of February 2007, and a relationship with Gisele Bundchen.,, Boston Globe, Boston Gerald and similar sites show photographs of Bridget Moynahan, Gisele Bundchen, Karen McInnis, deceased Karen Jordan, and physically similar women with men claiming to be Tom the quarterback. though they are different men. Public records show that Kathryn Bridget Moynahan of Longmeadow MA, NYC and Santa Monica CA resided with a Tom Brady of Allston MA at 212 Wall St in NYC and 136 52nd St in NYC where the same reflects a television studio’s address in NY as well. The same man also resided in GA but not at Univ of Michigan. Two other men using the name Tom Brady resided in CA, MI and MA. Public records reflect three different birthdates and ssn. Public records show listings under the name Aurora F Martinez and Faye M Brady age 32 in MA and IL. Public Records show that Gisele Bundchen and other Bundchens used several addresses in NYC, Cleveland OH, Rochester NY and Mesa AZ. Public records also reflect Tom Brady and Aurora M Brady age 32 maintaining residences in Cleveland OH and Mesa AZ. Ramon Martinez, JR. and aunt Dr. Erlinda Raymundo resided in Rochester NY for employment. Gisele Bundchen's residences and that of male counterparts show a pattern of stalking Tom Brady and Aurora M Brady or family members. Using the name Bridget Brady a home was purchased with a Tom Brady in 1986, a second home in 1994 and may be an instance of fraud. The publicity generated by false reporting is to the economic benefit of Gisele, Bridget and male counterparts and damages prospective job opportunities for Tom of the Patriots, Aurora Faye and family. The damage to reputation, info theft, and fear as a result of the stalking is causing physical illness and emotional duress.

2789 days ago


Also, Bridg, in those pics, has ABSOLUTELY NO ASS, quite possibly the flattest ass in America.

2789 days ago


TMZ the bastard comment was way out of line. I don't care what a child is SUPPOSED to be when the parents are unmarried. I don't think Tom Brady is the bad guy here...from what was said they parted ways mutually. Ms. Moynahan gave a press release that stated they parted ways amicably....even if that is a lie she never tried to make him seem like a bad person. Maybe he (or she) for that matter didn't even know about the pregnancy when the break up occurred. She doesn't seem to be to upset. Why call Gisele sleazy??? No one was married here.

2789 days ago


I'm sure Tom will be a wonderful dad--he'll have his agent send birthday cards, change diapers, send a check. Just like when his agent announced that Tom and his family were thrilled with the news. Yeah Tom, we see how thrilled!!

2789 days ago


She's 36. It's a trap. She knows her biological clock is ticking. If she was soooo concerned about the kid, why didn't she handle this privately? So typical.

Man breaks up with old broad. Old bitch gets "pregnant". Tells all his friends, family (in this case the media) like a victim before she addresses the dad.

2789 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

This mom and baby have been abandoned by the baby's father.
Can't get more harsh than that.
Baby will grow up and know this about the father, but not enough else.
Brady is either in denial, or O.K. with that. I wouldn't be, but that's just me.
I don't think I'm so rich or special that I have a pass to rise above my actions
or reality, because I'm also old enough to know that reality always catches up.

2789 days ago


The bastard comment fits well. I am so disappointed.

2789 days ago


It is nice that there are a few woman who are not bashing Tom right off the bat. He did't know she was pregnant at the time and neither did she and I know that. They know what went wrong and thats all that needs to know. Nobody can bash either one of the two because you don't know. Don't just jump off the ledge and assume it was Tom's fault because he is a guy and is gonna walk out on her when she is pregnant and run off with a younger girl and all that other stuff that women think all guys do just because it happened to them. Thats not every guy. So get over it and get your heads outta your ass. Thank you and have a nice day.

2789 days ago

Lenn K.    

Boy has times changed, with women like lydia defending the man and putting all the blame on the women this world is backwards. Illegitimacy is the big thing in Hollyweird and now in sports and we as dummies think it's right, what about the child? You know the little person who didn't ask to be born, having sex is one thing, not wearing a condom if you don't what a baby is another!!!!!!!!!!!!

2789 days ago


Good Tom Brady left her. Briget is a bitch. TOM & GISELE ARE PERFECT COUPLE.

2789 days ago


What, no footall--Tom, tell your agent to send a football!!

2789 days ago


In relative terms...considering all of these folks are in the limelight...they all have conducted themselves with quite a bit of integrity throughout their respective careers...I find it hard to be to critical....I do not think Tom Brady broke it off after he found out he was going to be a Dad, just bad timing.

2789 days ago


I didn't know that you could determine baby's sex at 3 months...

2789 days ago


1: Beady did nto leave a pregnant girlfriend, tha news came after teh break up

2: Wwhat do you all expect, for Bridget to show up promoting her new movie wiht a big sotmach, on which TMZ will compare her to a skinny Giselle, however she chose to annouce, thats her issue, it her body and obviously they have both moved on

3: When did 36 becaome old..;.have you seen Ashton and Demi lately..the old broads as you call them are taking up with the young hhot guys....

4: Believe it or not what ever Brady choses to do with Giselle, its their problem..obviously Brigette is happy and shooping her ass off

5: Good luck to all especially the baby and mother......

2789 days ago
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