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Elisabeth: "Rosie and I Are Friends"

3/2/2007 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck set the record, er, straight regarding reports that she is being bullied off "The View" by Rosie O'Donnell.
Elisabeth on Rosie: Click to hear
Earlier this week, the motormouth mamas got into a heated tiff over The Patriot Act, which allegedly left Elisabeth in tears backstage. While rumors swirled that "her days were numbered," Hasselbeck told L.A. radio station Star 98.7's Valentine and Lisa Foxx, "Rosie and I are friends." Define friends! Hasselbeck added that she and Rosie, despite political differences, have "a lot in common," and that the reason the women on the show can talk about such controversial topics is because "there is respect at that table." Is that what you call it?!

In an obvious reference to her previous stint on "Survivor," Elisabeth did admit that being the lone conservative voice on the show can make her feel like she's "out on an island sometimes."

Somehow, sleep deprivation and barbecuing rats seem like paradise compared to sitting with "The View" yentas every day!


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i firmly believe no one has the right to tell another that they are wrong when it comes to different opinions....they can disagree and tell each other so...wrong is 2+3=6, get it

2792 days ago


#62 - Grace - respectfully! Listen - I have watched the View since the onset of the show and truly enjoyed it! I am a conservative republican and have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ - with that said......I have always enjoyed watching "THE VIEW" - understanding fully the namesake! I RARELY ever agree with Joy and I relate to and agree with Elisabeth. BUT I have NEVER EVER heard Joy assassinate Elisabeth OR anyone who disagreed with her. I never have seen anyone disrespectful of each other's VIEW!! UNTIL ROSEY!!!!!!!!!!!! She has NOT brought her VIEW at all - she has brought her left wing liberal gay agenda ---- assassinating and judging EVERYONE who disagrees with it - THAT ISN'T A VIEW - at all!!! I enjoyed watching differnt VIEW'S, listening and finding out different VIEWPOINTS. It was great debate! I liked Rosie on her own show years ago. ROSIE IS HORRIBLE ON THE VIEW AND will cause the VIEW to loose it's fan base! The beauty of the concept of the VIEW was that the "girls" can disagree and represent, but never disrespectful, loud mouth, Bush hating, character assassins!! Rosie has turned THE VIEW into THE ANGRY GAY AGENDA! I don't care if your are gay, straight, democrat, republican, black, white, man, woman, whoever, to OVERPOWER and act like ONLY YOUR VIEW is what is important and right is TOTALLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2792 days ago

Micki Sumlin    

I would like to say Elisabith is holding her own and doing a great job at it. Rosie can be very intimidating at times...most of the time...Elisabith has her own veiws and should feel confortabe stating them..She is out numbered, but she knows her facts and beleives in them. If the rest of her generation would stand up for their veiws then us baby boomers wil fell much sasfer about our future. I must point out as far as politics goes I am with the rest of the girls..Bush is bad news...BUT you go Elisabith and don't change.

2792 days ago

Bob Kaspar    

What's really sad is that a lot of people form their political opinion on what they learn from that fanatical Left Wing slob on the View. What is the View, a comedy show or what?
How would anyone want to listen to three women constantly talk at the same time. Whenever Rosie calls the President a Nazi, Killer, Murderer e.t.c Alan Colmes on FOX defends her by saying nobody takes her seriously she is just a comedienne, so it must be a comedy show. Barbara, time to pack it in. The View is going to go the way of Air America.

2792 days ago


They should rename the show Rosie's View because she never lets anybody else talk. She completely attacked Elisabeth on that particular show, and of course, Joy jumped in to join her. It was like watching girls surround the girl on the playground that they've decided to beat up.

2792 days ago


The name of the show is, after all, THE VIEW. However, I believe that when someone's viewpoint is made in such a way that the person making it believes that their "opinion" is gospel and that no one else's counts but their's, then you have arrogance and friction. Rosie can be "pushy" in her opinions but she does come off as "open" to other's views. Elisabeth, on the other hand , appears to me to be a "know it all" "My way or the highway" kind of person and even gets a little miffed if you disagree with her. She has blinders on. She is niave and young. She is intelligent but not mature enough to know that she doesn't know every thing. She is very conservative, for someone her age and gender. Rosie has worked hard and long for her celebrity. So has Joy and Barbara Walters. When did Elisabeth pay her dues to get the same celebrity status as her cohosts? She is not in the same league as her table mates, two commedianne/actors or a journallist. What is Elisabeth's title? So she's was on a reality show, big deal. So, most of us are living in "reality" every day. Elisabeth is starting to annoy me and her opinions are laced with arrogance and self rightiousness. If Rosie has caused the poor thing to cry, it's probably because she is more angry than hurt. Elisabeth can't get the last word with Rosie. What do children do when they don't get their way? Ask "The Donald"? Hey, Mr. Trump, why not hire Elisabeth to sit at your table on The Apprentice? She should be right at home on another reality show. I say let Elisabeth leave. Why not allow a "common" woman to come on the show each week and sit in with her views, the soccer mom, the lady doc, the working woman, the grandmother and continue the other position with another celebrity guest. I always know how Elisabeth is going to react to any thing that threatens her little closed minded conservative world. Why shouldn't she be? It has served her well so far. You see I said, so far. Wait until she gets older. She's too predictable and whiney. Keep the chair open at the table for a more "wider viewpoint" rather than a stick in the mud, immature, daddy's girl. That's my opinion. Whadiya say?

P.S. Oh, wait a minute! I enjoy watching Rosie and Elisabeth feud. It's fun to watch Rosie take the wind out of Elisabeth's sails. On second thought, maybe you better keep her!

2792 days ago


I loved the View until Rosie joined. Now I watch anything else because of the bigotted Big Mouth.

2792 days ago

Andrew Rodecker    

Mr Trump was right about Rosie !! She should leave while "The View "still has someone watching the show.

2792 days ago

Virginia Sorenson    

Rosie things she is the most important woman on the panel. How funny. She comes out with both her arms spread like she was our Saviour. She is just so full of herself its disgusting. Elizabeth is always the lady. How she can keep from telling Rosie off is beyond me. I can't figure what Barbara Walters was thinking when she hired Rosie.

2792 days ago


I hate Rosie. Anyone who does not share her point of view she is NASTY towards.
I wish she was removed from the show.
But i also know she gets ratings for her fat lesbian mouth. Shut up Rosie.

2792 days ago

Sandra Dorn    

Once upon a time there was a sensitive, caring , giving talk show host named Rosie. She promoted Broadway shows and gave so much to people who needed help. She got a lot of love in return from her viewers. As time went on ,however, her heart grew smaller and her head grew LARGER. One day a guest came on her show to promote his movie, and what he got was a very rude obviously unexpected attack . Tom Sellik joined her hit list which included NY's Mayor Gulliani. After 911, she softened her blows and eventually left the city that she claimed to love so much and flew south to Florida.
When Barbara Walters invited her to return to NY for the View, I tried very hard to watch the show, but even with great guests, I found that Rosies time away from TV made her more closeminded and attacking than ever! She equates LOUD with being Right. Even with poll results like this, Barbara refuses to admit she made a mistake. Ironic how these women are critical of a president because they say he won't admit mistakes! They DON'T.
I don't know where Barbara Walters gets HER poll results.
Thank You ,Dennis Miller, you were right on track about Rosie the other day. Too bad she had so much trouble understanding you. She makes EVERYTHING about HER. Even Kelly Ripa wasn't safe! I was channel surfing during an NBC comercial when I caught Dennis on the View. I rarely watch it anymore. It is just too much to take. I hope that all of this negativity doesn't sour Elizabeth. I don't watch the View simply because it is all one sided. When tourists go to the Grand Canyon for THE VIEW they want to see more than tall brick wall. Take the wall down, Barbara, let us again enjoy the View----REMOVE THE WALL!!!!!

2792 days ago


Rosie hit it big doing standup comedy. She should go back to what works. She's also a very good actress. But a political commentator? Ummm, no. She clearly demonstrated her lack of tact and social diplomacy on her former show (can we say Tom Selleck?). She is clearly a hurting person, because "hurting people, hurt people." Barbara, please, if you want your show to continue, you have to replace her. She is killing "The View."

2792 days ago


I wish a mack truck would hit Rosie and get her off the show.
Loudmouth Dyke.
Not eveyone loves qeers,or has to. she pushes her feelings on everyone.

2792 days ago


Rosie is about as far left as one can get and believes that her opinion is the only right opinion and loves to bully people on and off the show. I don't see how The View still has enough viewers to keep them on the air. How anyone can stomach watching Rosie's bias liberal rants day after day is beyond me. Television has become so saturated with the views of the liberal left that it's hard to find anything decent on anymore. It's a shame that I can't let my 8 year old son watch basic cable television anymore for all of the homosexual love scenes, murder portrayal, graphic language and partial nudity plastered on the so many shows. This world is so morally disengaged that it's sickening.

2792 days ago


Rosie is big fat ugly bull dagger that will argue with anyone, especially the very cute and knowledgable E.H..................problem is that Rosie hasn't gotten screwed since Jesus was in the third grade and that dried up ole prune is in need of a real man, but she'd have to loose about 250 pounds and then get a head-ectomy..........what a pathetic loser with an enormous head..............get het off the show once and for all...............

2792 days ago
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