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James Brown Still Dead, Not Buried

3/8/2007 6:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Celebrities are able to get everything they want, when they want it. Everything it seems -- except buried!
james Brown Anna Nicole Smith
If the 22 days it took to bury Anna Nicole Smith seemed somewhat twisted, what would James Brown think about the fact that 73 days since his December 25 death, he's still not in the ground?! I feel good?! Get on up?!

So why the delay in putting the "sex machine" six feet under? With several paternity claims to be settled (sound familiar?), Brown's trustees want DNA samples taken before the singer is entombed. Meanwhile, the decomposing Godfather of Soul is being held in a climate-controlled undisclosed location.

Even in death, Brown's still the Hardest Working Man in Show Business!


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Please bury the godfather of soul!!!

2763 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Why is it that when you post a comment, you have to check your email. And then, at the bottom of the email, you suggest using a password.

"P.S.: For future reference, you may avoid these confirmations by using your e-mail and password:"

But yet, there is no place to put this password when you post a comment! Where do I put the password? There is no box for me to put it in! You're driving me up the wall!

2763 days ago


I think it's discusting. There is NO way he does not smell. His family should be ashamed of theirsevles. Obviously, they are not a very intelligent bunch.

2763 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

Another family just waiting to get money.... bury the poor man already and give him some respect.

Everyone needs to get a good iron clad will. My husband who died in Afghanistan at the age of 37 got his will done. Concerns over family made him do this and his will was probated within 2 weeks.

We got our wills done on:
and you should too..... This company is owned and operated by Robert Shapiro so you know you are in good hands....

2763 days ago

He's Boring now    

So take a sample and be done with it...he aint gonna get back up and start dancing for those who think keeping him above ground will somehow bring him back. Let the man rest in peace, spiritualy and physically.

What is this some kind of left over mystic weirdo witch doctor stuff? Dig the hole and throw him in.

2763 days ago


Poor James Brown. His not being buried months after dying and an open casket funeral is despicable. No one should have to go through with this sort of thing. And, by the way, whenever I try to sign-in using my password, the TMZ system won't recognize me.

2763 days ago


It is very disturbing to hear that this family can't come to an agreement and allow this man to rest in peace. Money should NOT be the barrier of this family coming together to lay this man once and for all. That just goes to show MONEY can ruin lives - living OR dead!

2763 days ago


This is a damn shame. His kids need their asses kicked.

2763 days ago

missy d    

At least James Brown was embalmed right away; Virgie Arthur & Larry Birkhead delayed Anna's embalming & burial with false pretenses.

2763 days ago


I can imagine what his face must be looking like right about now. Ick!

2763 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..................#1, That's a Ditto from me too!......I thought I was stupid......:-)

2763 days ago


I think watching James Brown and Anna Nicole Smith in death is proof of how extremely important it is for all of us over 18, owning property and/or having kids to have a will, codicils (if necessary) and a letter of final instructions upon death. It could avoid the messes similar to this for a majority of people.
Very sad situation for both and those they left behind.

2763 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

Everyones greed over the estate makes the whole situation smell

2763 days ago


Give me a break! Don't you think it's a little pathetic that it should take this long to put our dead in the ground! Totally Pathetic!!!!!! What exactly is the justice system doing that is taking so long to make a decision? Actually, I think it's sad. Let these people REST IN PEACE.

2763 days ago


Both the James Brown case and the Anna Nicole case show that celebrities ARE different,but not in a good way. They think they don't have to live by the same rules as the rest of us and it always comes back to bite them (or their survivors) in the ass!

2763 days ago
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