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Johnny Depp's Daughter -- Mystery Illness Revealed

3/8/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny DeppNine days after Johnny Depp's 7-year-old daughter was rushed to a London hospital, the cause of Lily-Rose's mysterious ailment is being pinned on a rusty tack.

According to In Touch, "the wound was left untreated" and "blood poisoning developed. It has now spread through her body and has affected her vital organs."

While there have been several conflicting reports on the severity of Lily-Rose's condition, Depp's reps tell the AP that she is "doing much better." The actor has reportedly not left Lily-Rose's bedside since she was admitted to the hospital on February 28.


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yes, there are some "IGNORANT HICKS" commenting. I am sure Depp and Vanessa are loving parents. Hey, havent any of you had a child before? Kids are bound to have medical problems arise. No wonder he moved to France, so he wouldnt have to listen to the shit Americans say.

2785 days ago


When I was 4 I had a broken collarbone and my parents didn't know for 2 days-until my mom went to give me a hug and I screamed bloody murder! Kids get hurt and don't always tell their parents-

My best wishes are with The family-

2785 days ago


Speedy recovery wishes go out to johnny D's daughter.

2785 days ago


It's really sad how hateful and judgemental some of the comments are. There's just a little bit of information yet it's interesting how quickly the parents are lambasted. Whatever the case, it is an open forum and people are allowed to express their opinions. I hope that she gets better soon. Nothing makes a parent feel more helpless than a hurt or sick child.

2785 days ago


Poor baby girl! I hope she gets better soon. When I was 11 I stepped on a darning needle. It broke off in my foot and I had to have surgery to remove it. My Mom and Dad were very vigilant parents but kids get into things all the time. No one is to blame.

2785 days ago


Gimme a break! When your kid steps on a tack you take em to a doctor. You don't wait for it to get infected so bad before you do something about it. I blame the caretaker and /or the parents- maybe they weren't informed if too busy working. Although most parents talk to their kids at least once a day even if their busy working. I find it hard to believe the kid didn't say anything. Anyway, hope the kid is alright!

2785 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

I love Johnny Depp, he is a truly wonderful man, and everything I have every read talks about how much he loves his family. May his daughter get well SOON...She is in my prayer's as is his whole family.

2785 days ago


Seriously, what kid would say nothing? I stepped on a nail when I was 9 and you can bet I told my Mom through my tears and crying! She took me to the hospital the same day it happened. That's called good parenting. You don't wait for something to happen and then go....oh, okay I guess you're sick enough now.

2785 days ago


#19 shut the fuck up..obviously she didn't cry out bitch why when they figured out what it was she could have died...french fag.

2785 days ago

I call bullshit    

how could someone ignore a puncture from a rusty tack? not only would the actual wound become infected and fester but the red tracks that develop under the skin would have been a dead giveaway that something was terribly wrong. it makes me wonder if the parents don't believe in innoculations because the child would have had a tetnus shot as an infant and they protect for 10 years before a booster is needed- since the child is not 10 yet she must not have been vaccinated- such a shame :(

2785 days ago

Rock of    

The girl is 7 years old, maybe she didnt say anything to her parents about it. Alot of 7 year olds dont get bathed by nanny's or even parents.

I hope she gets better soon.

2785 days ago


I still want to fuck Johhny though. AAARRGGG me matey!

2785 days ago


How do any of you know that he didnt take her to a Doctor immediately? For you to make judgement on his/hers ability to be parents, is ignorant. Were you there? I sincerely doubt it. Damn, it says, " nine days after, she was admitted to the hospital. It also says " conflicting reports". The whole story just is not here. People jump to the worst conclusion, before knowing all the facts. Before you bash the parents, why dont you wait and call Johnny, or have the balls to contact him in person and say these stupid things. Right now it seems as if he is by her side doing everything he can to help his child.That is what counts. If your child were sick, Do you think he would act like this toward you? Give the poor man a break. He is going through enough, according to this article.

2785 days ago


i wish u and ur family well johnny and i hope ur daughter has a speedy recovery!!Britt

2785 days ago


You stupid Americans. Full of crap. I really understand why Johnny moved to France.

I hope the girl is doing well.

2785 days ago
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