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Isaiah Washington: Fa**ots, No. Narcoleptics, Yes!

3/9/2007 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah WashingtonIt seems there is one group that rehabbed homophobe Isaiah Washington does stick up for -- narcoleptics!

The tired "Grey's Anatomy" doc became a spokesperson for the Narcolepsy Network's awareness campaign in 2006, prior to his highly publicized "f-word" diatribes. Isaiah's "Grey's" co-star, Kate Walsh, is the organization's 2007 spokesperson.

Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological sleep disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally, as one might find while watching "Grey's Anatomy."

As many as 200,000 Americans suffer with the debilitating disease. Although Washington is not afflicted with narcolepsy, he says, "People living with narcolepsy need to know they're not alone and that they can get help." No word on how he feels about gay narcoleptics.

A rep for the Narcolepsy Network told TMZ, "Isaiah did a great job on the campaign."


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TMZ, thank you for no longer using that actual F-word in your posts. It was enirely unnecessary to begin with. Smart move.

2696 days ago


I had a narcoleptic seizure just reading this, thanks for helping to raise my awareness

2696 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

Are you rure he does not suffer from narcolepsy because he must have been sleeping when his mommy taught him about ignorance.

2696 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

someone should tell Isiah he just needs to go piss up a rope and stand over there and mind his own business!!

2696 days ago


you all need to get a grip on your bigotted selves! just when the world could use a little kindness, we have people like gaboo and farrah making horrible remarks. you're all disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself. either that or just GROW THE F-K UP PEOPLE. A-holes all of you!!!

2696 days ago


ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

2696 days ago

andrea clarke    

TMZ,I love you guys but you need to stop putting people down when they are at their lowest point.If anyone of these people commit suicide blood is on your hands.War is going on in Iraq please report about that. Britney,Isaiah,paris ect these people are humans and they have feelings too.Next time you decided to write bad things about these people remember because of them you have a job, so dont knock the person who is paying your bills.And what makes you think that writing the F and the N word makes you any different from those who say it,we all say and do things that we are proud of but because we are not in the spot light it dont get talked about.Shame on you tmz you guys have no feelings.You all are gonna drive these people to take their own lives.Remember that Tv repoter from FLorida how she killed her self on tv you never know what someone is going through.give them time to heal.just think if you did something wrong would'nt want a second before money!

2696 days ago

Dominique Boynton Beach, FL    

#3 your life must be miserable I can tell
poor and angry

2696 days ago


You know, TMZ is a palace of hypocrisy. Here you find a bunch of writers quick to make fun of celebrities and exploit their social sins, and yet they run around labeling people homophobes, racists, etc. In my opinion, all name calling is the same - it's just a way for people to write off others, forget their own blunders, and evacuate a sense that we're all human. In short, if TMZ is going to get all "holier than thou" about people like Isaiah Washington and Mel Gibson, then they should exhibit respect across the board. Oh, but wait, that wouldn't make any money. Nevermind, go back to gossipping and sensationalism.

2696 days ago


Here's hoping that Isaiah suffers from narcolepsy, falls into a deep, deep sleep, never to awaken again. Useless piece of shit.

2696 days ago


i could care less what he said. apparently freedom of speech is only when its acceptable speech. BUT in the same breath, if TR Knight had called Washington the N word, i wonder if he'd have been as nice. nope.

2696 days ago


Finally, I thought I was the only one who is FED-UP with the negative stories about IW. It's utterly rediculous that TMZ continues to drag this story out. GIVE IT A BREAK. The man apologized, give him an opportunity to redeem himself. It's not like he is the first person to make a mistake, which doesn't make it right but I don't see YOU(collectively) targeting actors who have made worst mistakes over and over again to the point you have to call it away of life i.e Paris Hilton. When will she learn....and I don't see her apologizing.
Ever consider the fact that maybe it was just a mistake and that the fact that he has played characters that are gay proves that. Common, its like you have a personal vandetta and maybe people should start investigating YOU(collectively) and see if you've ever called anyone a name or use inappropriate language. What abou the good things he has done to benefit charities and the community at large. Remember that one moment does not have to define a person. I hope he is able to keep his head up and find strenth in the support people are giving him because we all know we make mistakes and say thing that we later regret. Once we've acknowledge we've made a mistake we deserve a chance to make amends because we are human and part of being human is making mistakes and learning. A little food for thought...... and I'm hoping that since you are human it will reach some part of you.

2696 days ago


#11 People of all races say things that they regret later. We are all guilty of that. Even me. But as people we all need to work towards trying not to put other people down. Some people will never change the way they feel about certain people in society. We can,t change everyone.

2695 days ago


Any one offended by the F word, N word, C word, B word, etc.

Man don't come here, you here it all here.
Even white people get called "Saltine's".
No one is excluded from some type of bigotry, racial slur, sexist remark, you name it.
I just let it roll off, and consider the source and go on with my life.


2695 days ago

Laura Roisman    

Work with Narcoleptics is great, but as you asked, "No word on when we will hear about GAY Narcoleptics. This is very much like Bush/Cheney.......cover over the real problem with something else to distract the publc from basic issues. Mr. Washington is attempting to do just that. He should be volunteeering at an AIDS clinic, or better yet, attend one of LA's numerous Gay-Lesbian Pride groups. He should NOT be hiding behind an important, yet benign group as such, he just lets his homophobia fester. Good Luck, Mr. Washington. Hopefully, in some way, you have REALLY given some thoughts to your feelings about the Gay community, and TRUTHFULLY have had your mental/emotional horizons expanded, as they should be. Tacky mistakes made twice, require more than a "beard" interest in something you had not much interest in before you needed something safe to hide behind. Pretty transparent attempt. Next season should feature Mr. Washington coming out as a gay man!! THAT would be justice!!!

2695 days ago
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