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Salma Hayek:

Pregnant Betty!

3/9/2007 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_selma-1Just in case you didn't think this already: Salma Hayek is one hot mama -- literally!

The gorgeous 40-year-old actress, and "Ugly Betty" executive producer, has simultaneously revealed she is pregnant with her first child and engaged to Francois-Henri Pinault. Sorry Penelope!

Pinault is chairman of French luxury goods empire PPR SA, which owns high-end fashion houses like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney.

With a roster like that, it doesn't look like Salma will have any trubs finding a maternity wedding dress!

Felicidades, mija!


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I have to admit, this is one celebrity that is so, so pretty.

2702 days ago


geesh, get off the angelina thing already. if the bitch wants to buy another child, let her. she has enough money to. and her parenting is still way better than 50% of the US populations. we are no different from her by dropping our kids off at daycare for 9 hrs a day. and i'm sure most parents would rather have their child be in the care of a nanny than in daycare where the ration of kids to caretakers is like 5 to 1.

2702 days ago


Wikipedia has this guy as 70 years old (born 1937). And, isn't he supposed to be married?

2702 days ago


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! classy, keep your life private till you cant hide the pregnancy.........this is how its supposed to be done ...ahhaha
she was totally bursting out of her award gowns...boobies e verywhere...was it on TMZ or E!! who siad it was distaste...really fashion police I never heard of pregnancy being distasteful..........ahhahahahhah

Felicitations petite maman!!!!

2702 days ago


I am a stay-at-home mother. I am lucky.

2702 days ago


It's not the 70 yr. old guy, it's his son...He's 44.

2702 days ago


#18.............ahahhahaha..thats his father!!!

2702 days ago


To say she is marrying a guy for his "loot" is hiliarious in the fact, that she is exteremly rich herself, not only is she a great Actress, but she owns her own Publishing Co. and have Produce and Directed many Movies and Television Programs, so for that say she is marrying this guy for his money, that is a joke and unnecessary! They women is very smart obiviously, and maybe with age she realized that looks are not everythings, maybe this guy she is marrying treats her great, is enjoyable to talk, converse with and maybe his IQ is alot higher than the Actors she has dated, and she knows that she can have a great life with him, he'll be a good dad, and she can trust him more importantly! I wish her nothing but pure happiness, for she is truly a decent human being that gives back into Charities in many ways! I think she is adorable, and deep down has a heart of gold! She deserves to be happy and may her child be as beautiful as she is both inside and out!

2702 days ago

Hollywood Gossip    

I LOVE Salma -- always have, always will. Her boobs are gonna get soooo big! It's going to be beautiful to watch.

2702 days ago


Congratulations to a fine and talented actress.

2702 days ago


These Salma's and Liz Hurley's of Hollywood did everyone else in town then they decide at the OLD age of forty I'd better try and get pregnant. Please and of course the OLD man gotta to be rich. Sluts they make me sick.

2702 days ago


oh sure, that marriage will last. couldn't she find someone older and uglier?
hopefully, this baby thing will take her off the movie market for awhile. she is annoying as hell. way too full of herself!

2702 days ago

Ha Ha    

I turned 40 today and have a beautiful 8-month-old daughter. I didn't WAIT to have her. We tried for many years until we were finally blessed. My mom also had a baby when she was almost 40 and he kept her young.

I used to think 40 was old, too, until I got older. You young people out there will realize it too, someday.

Congratulations, Salma!

2702 days ago


Thought that this site didn't allow inappropriate material. I won't be reading anymore
comments on here because of the "filthy" language. Don't you guys know kids are
looking at this. Don't have to use that type of language to get your point across.
Don't forget, you eat with that mouth

2702 days ago


Ok...Jewish Princess and Abby, you two need to knock it off with that load of crap, c/s Jewish Princess, nobody is from this country, if you want to get technical about it...american indians are the only people who aren't immigrants , so...if you want to keep knocking down immigrants (Salma Hayeck,etc..) then maybe you should take a look at your family tree...:)c/s last time I checked, Jewish people weren't from the United states...and Abby, you sound like trash, race bashing is something only low life racist pieces of shit, would do...I'm thinking that's exactly what you are.Oh and as for Salma...GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!!! If a baby and a family is what she wants, then let her be, obviously the guy made her happy enough for her to want to have a baby by him and then marry him...I deffinately don't believe she's doing this for the money c/s what women in her right mind would lose her figure, sleep, and social life just for money!!!And even with all the money in the world...parenting isn't easy. I think she should have the baby here in the states...hell...make her a U.S. citizen Salma!!!Screw what anyone else (Jewish Princess) says!!!:D

2702 days ago
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