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Sundance to Ryan: Arrogant Finalist Claiming Victory

3/9/2007 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The horribly bearded Sundance Head was booted from "American Idol" last night -- and today he admits there's one cocky SOB left in the bunch.

The rejected singer was on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM morning show, where he said one of the guys remaining on the show -- whose name he wouldn't mention -- thinks he already has the competition in the bag.

Sundance also confessed he was shocked he was kicked off -- as the pseudo-vocal stylings of Sanjaya Malakar remained in the Top 12 -- saying, "I had not prepared myself for that ... I was a little angry ... at this point I'm just bitter this morning."

Head's elimination was only the first bad news he received yesterday, as OK! Magazine reveals he received word right after the taping that his cousin died in a fire that night. The cousin, Burl Head, had given Sundance $1500 for his stay in Los Angeles during the competition.


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Mick Crisler    

Well Tracy, if what you say is true, that all the teenyboppers out there have nothing better to do than speed-dial Sanjaya to keep him on the show, then i hope all the little twerps end up with Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome. The stupid little nerds! Sanjaya, i hope you win this ridiculous excuse for a talent contest. In fact, while you're at it you puberty-challenged morons, make sure he wins it all! Then all of us with a speck of taste will get the last laugh when Simon Scowell, Paula Abfool and Mariah Carey's upstairs butler have to try to explain just how incredible a talent Sanjaya has become. Please, I'm begging you, start next week by voting off all the real singers. In fact, Doolittle is so good, you might as well start with her you complete morons!

2755 days ago

Chris Lannon    


2755 days ago

Pico Rodriguez    

Sundance may have lost but if he and Sanjaya were against each other in a beef-eating contest, we all know who would win that one hands down! When Sanjaya gets booted next week maybe he will be hired by 7-11 to sing a jingle for them. His payment: he gets to run cashier at the 7-11 of his choice (like his dad and brother and cousin and grandfather, and...)

2755 days ago


Can't believe America people voted off one of their own and let the untalented camel rider stay. Just goes to show you how some people don't know the difference between talent and popularity. How did an Indian get on AMERICAN Idol anyway. I wish Sundance the best and I hope Sanjay or whatever his name is gets a hole in his flip flops

2755 days ago


Sucks he got booted. I think he was one of two of the best male vocalists this season...but I think he chose the worst song possible to do on AI. There are certain songs that cannot be redone by others, "Jeremy" being one of them. I hope something good comes his way.

2755 days ago

just me    


2755 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Sundance sorry about your cousin but you are a horrible singer and you look scary

2755 days ago

Haley Don't Wanna Be    

I was SO angry last night when Haley and Sanjaya were not booted off as they should have been. They are both TERRIBLE. I love the show but this kind of stupidity makes me really angry. I am really glad that Antonella got the boot; she can't sing at all! And she is so arrogant. I hope that next week the non singers will get the boot and the singers that deserve to remain will. As Paula says, this is a singing competion!!!! Wha't wrong with this picture?

2755 days ago

Darlene Bennett    

Sundance and Sabrina are NOT in the top 12???------------------------PULEEEZE!! Give me a break. Sabrina is a huge talent and Sundance has great possibilities. I said he was the dark horse from the get go---I so wanted to see how he would do on some of the theme weeks. We all know that Melinda is a shoe in and she does deserve it---Lakessha is my girl,though. If all the teeny boppers want to vote ---go for Blake(at least, he has some talent, and is wayyyy cuter than the Michael Jackson wanna be. That poor boy knows he doesn't belong there---he is just being set up to get his heart broken. I am seriously thinking of boycotting AI as much as I love it. America's prayers are with you, Sundance. Rock On!!!

2755 days ago


Tell me about it. I couldn't believe that Sanjaya made it into the final 12. I wonder if "" is behind Sanjaya staying. Any opinions?

2755 days ago


i think blake knows he is gonna win. i think so too.

2755 days ago


sorry Sundance,,,I thought for sure you had it in the bag....COME BACK NEXT YEAR!!!
I'll be the first tobuy your CD if you make one. Shocking that the"other guy" stayed. That one blew me away. Your the bomb sundance. and in my book your a winner! I'm sorry for your personal tragedy. COME BACK SUNDANCE!!! You rock! I think the voters should have watch they fingers while they were typing in there votes!

2755 days ago


Daisy May, Of course they are behind it. Like I said before they do it every year. If you hit repeat dialing you can vote the whole 2 hours. The voting is a sham. You have to feel a little sorry for the kid. He thinks he's doing good and these losers who vote for the worst singer are laughing their butts off.

2755 days ago

angie k    

Sundance, R U KIDDING???? Really? You didn't prepare yourself? You are that arrogant that you thought you could never get voted off?!!! Let's be real.He was not the best singer, but i did think he was better then sanjaya! If it wasn't this week, he would of been voted off eventually!!All that aside, it is very sad about his cousin!

2755 days ago


People. It doesn't really matter whether Sundance or Sanjaya or Haley or Sabrina were booted this week. If it wasn't this week, it will be next week. None of them is going to win American Idol, and they're a crapshoot for the Top 10 at best. Sundance had one good song out of three, plus he's unattractive and relatively unlikeable. Sanjaya is cute but can't sing. Haley is cute and sings OK but she's generic. Sabrina is pretty good, but she's as good as she's gonna get, and she's not as good as the other four divas. So what's the diff? It's pretty evident that the Top 5 is going to be Chris S. Blake, LaKisha, Melinda and Jordin. The rest of it...what difference does it make?

2755 days ago
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