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What Happened to Li'l Eddie Furlong?

3/9/2007 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems that the "Terminator" star has been doing some terminating of his own. Since we last spotted him, he looks like he's demolished a few thousand double cheeseburgers... with fries and beer.

His current state also makes us wonder if his home has running water.

(And just a side note, smoking around children is really selfish.)


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Funny Videos    

Wow .. he looks really BAD

2747 days ago

Jen was Here    

What a jerk!! you cant smoke around a that a big beer or an energy drink? He doesnt look too energized...

2747 days ago


Whoa check out that hump!

2747 days ago




2747 days ago


Once again, I am weirded out at some of the comments made here...

What the heck are you wearing right now? I bet a comfy old tee, comfy pants and house slippers/socks, drinking a soda, eatting a snack while you type away your hateful comments about Eddie. And I am postive that most of you hatefilled posters have a bit about your waist too.

Celebs are just people and deserve to be in their comfy clothes just like the rest of us.
Eddie is smoking outside, enjoying the day like a good smoker should. He is not right beside the baby, for the love of mike!

I think I will grab my Diet drink and watch T-3 again...

2746 days ago

Michael Terry    

People who think second hand smoke is a serious health hazard are morons and sheep. This "danger" was invented as one more weapon in the arsenal of the anti-smoking forces. It is intended to punish smokers via peer pressure, marginalize them, and stigmatize them. I'm all for promoting non-smoking, but I don't think these crusaders realize what damage they do to their reputations among smart and independent minded people, the very people whose opinions one would most like to court under normal circumstances. Even though it's a logical fallacy to consider the source of arguments, we simply don't always, or even usually, have the time to evaluate claims fully, so when the sources of certain arguments are demonstrable liars and exaggerators, they'll likely be ignored. This hurts not only this cause, but other causes to which these same sorts of people tend to glom.

Also, I don't like bullies much. Oh, also, folks who use bullying tactics and who grossly distort evidence tend not to be the sort of clear thinker with whom science is likely to agree. Note that I did not say "scientists". I've noticed that the ranks of self-declared scientists have swelled tremendously in the last several decades, accruing an alarming set of agenda-pushers and incompetents.

What's depressing is that these bullying, lying tactics have succeeded very well. That's nice insofar as smoking is a serious problem, but it's very seriously bad in that it encourages this sort of behavior to spread to other arguments where the right is not nearly so well defined, or possibly even knowable yet. This doesn't slow down crusader types, though, who are ever ready with a strong, ill-informed opinion.

2746 days ago



2746 days ago

Jose Valdez    

What a total mess.He looks like he is getting ready to deliver twins too.

2746 days ago


Oh No!! Your living on fast food time. NO talent NO worries!!! Who are you again!!

2744 days ago


# 2 BOO-HOO You do it to ur Kid! so shut up.

2744 days ago


He was one of my first gay crushes when I was 8. He had such hotness potential, it's a shame he's let himself go. I guess genes won't keep you hot forever if you're packing em in like him. Poor baby, too!

2744 days ago


i would'nt make such a big deal as if i think eddie's smater then that then to smoke in his child face if you look closely his outside and the babie is inside with mom the paparazzi's should really get a life

2744 days ago


Eddie seems to be doing the exact right thing...he is smoking outside--clearly away from his baby. And being HOT 24/7 is not the highest achievment in life! Considering all the hell he has pulled himself out of--give the guy a break! It makes him all the more REAL to me...He is an excellent actor...and seems to be doing a great job at fathering as well. Rock On, Eddie!

2738 days ago

Barbara Cocquio    

How can a lovely and beautiful man like Edward Furlong go to drastic changes like this I
mean isn't he ashamed at all.I can't believe that you think that hes gonna quit smoking for
his own flesh and blood thats hard to imagine since he gave his own son a dose of smoke.
He can't lie to the press & the media and say that by the time hes 30 hes gonna give up the
habit for his son.He attacks anyone for no reason at all and he is a abuser and we all know
that his ex girlfriend Jackie Domac charged him with assult & battery and trust me ladies he
isn't what is all cracked up to be.His poor wife has to deal with his bullshit and puts up with
his abusive ways.His son is very affected indeed.And there is no window between them b/c
I see no sliding door he is blowing smoke right into the babys face like how stupid can that be right.She will eventually leave him you know if this keeps up plus in the photo you
see she seems to be very unhappy & depressed and whoa look at her hand what did he
do to her.He probably threw her down.Thats very mature isn't it.He looked alot better back
in the day.Now hes all washed out with that gross beard the beard doesn't suit him.Hes a unfit daddy hope ya all know that.I see a divorce this year coming for them.He should go back chasing woman and having sex with them.

Posted on March 19th/2007 by Barbie

2737 days ago

DIC Celebrity Gossip    

Probably not really his baby, or he wouldn't be blowing smoke in the kid's face.

2736 days ago
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