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Star Jones: New Business Likes Shoe Business

3/13/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesTMZ has exclusively learned that a luxury shoe boutique in the Hamptons is offering the revamped Star Jones free shoes for life!

Since her ignominious departure from "The View," Star has undergone a complete makeover, including a new job at Court TV. Todd Shapiro, owner of Hampton Shoe Vixen is offering the deflated talk show host free shoes for the rest of her life. "Now that she has a new job and has lost so much weight, she is going to need new shoes," Shapiro told TMZ.

Since Payless Shoe Source did not renew their contract with Jones, Shapiro has offered to make Star the boutique's national pump-pimping spokesperson. "Although we can't pay what Payless did, we can pay her in shoes."

A rep for Star Jones tells TMZ, "An offer was never made to our client."


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Is she sick? I know she has surgery to lose weight, but she looks like she may have cancer or something, she looks terrible.

2782 days ago


Court TV, what are you thinking?

2782 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

....And she talks like Michael Jackson, really soft and @!!$#%#@!!

2782 days ago



2782 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......#15, Let's not go there. OK?!?

2782 days ago


You know those goldfish, the big ugly ones with the bugged out eyes?
They look really freaky, but they look prettier than this freakazoid.
Pass this freak some fish pellets.
Hey, let's not change the water, and then that'll take care of her career.
fish face fish face fish face

2782 days ago


Free burgers for Hudson and free shoes for Jones....don't white people get anything for free?

2782 days ago


I'm LOL with all these funny comments. I needed a good laugh from my work day. Starr has lost too much weight and she looks awful! I liked Starr when she was fat because she was real. When she lost all her fat, she became a self absorbed witch.

2782 days ago


Should have cut the most imporant part of the fat. HER HEAD!!!

2782 days ago


Man you guys are so negative! She's starting over. Give her a freakin break!!!! She is smart and I wish her well, unlike some of you negative SOB's!!!

2782 days ago

That explains things!    

This comment EXCLUDES Posters # 7 & 9 as you are, obviously, filled with insight, sound intellect and grace. Thank you.

I started this post, initially, with full intentions of gracing you very, very ignorant people with my universal blessings of wisdom, which most of you drastically lack and need.

However, I've concluded that [for some people] there is just no point in beating a dead horse.

Post Script:
Poster # 13: You cannot *Fire* someone who is under contract such as the contract Star Jones had with the producers of *The View*. Thus, the luxury of having a contract in place. Granted, she did not return to *The View* but it was their loss, not Mrs. Jones-Reynolds'. The ratings SOARED when she came onboard. Why do you think they kept her for so long??????? Now the ratings have gone back to...well, let's just say that they are barely there.

She was never fired and she's got $TON$ of moolah!

She could go into private practice at the drop of a hat and blow up as big as Johnny Cochran did. She's sharp like that. [Remember PAYLESS Shoes?] Hell, they didn't start looking like real shoes until she endorsed them. Now, they're back to looking like plastic clunks.

Right now, she'd rather play her cards any way she chooses [and she has many, many choices]. That's her prerogative. That's Mrs. Reynolds to you.

2782 days ago


Why does Star Jones want to look like Randy Jackson ?!

OR... !

It IS Randy !
Has anyone seen these two people in the same room together ?!

2782 days ago


Why did she married Big GAY AL!!!!!

2782 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Who would you rather watch on Court TV?
Star or Nancy?

Me, hands down, Star.
Can't wait! :)

2782 days ago


She looks absolutely . . . *I'm at a loss for words* . . she went from . . whew ! . . to this . . she looks like an insect, I'm just not sure which one . . . just yet . . give me a minute, I need to get over the shock

2782 days ago
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