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Celebrity Designer Sex Bust -- Not the First Time

3/14/2007 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anand JonTMZ has learned that Anand Jon Alexander, the celebrity designer accused of raping two people, had been previously arrested and charged with committing a lewd act on a child back in 2003.

According to court documents, Anand Jon, who has been featured on MTV and is known to hang out with Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul and Michelle Rodriguez, pled no contest to the lesser charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. His probation required him to complete 52 weeks of sex therapy. He was also ordered "not associate with any child under the age of 18 years without a responsible adult present."

Jon completed his probation requirements in 2005.

Anand Jon is currently facing multiple felony counts of rape and sexual assault between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007, involving three alleged victims, the youngest a 15-year-old girl. So, according to cops, while Jon was completing his probation, he was allegedly also committing rape. Incidentally, in 2006, after Jon completed his probation, the disorderly conduct conviction was removed from his record.

Jon's attorney, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ, "My predecessor counsel [previous lawyer] did an excellent job of exposing the overcharged complaint and by doing so resolved the case for a low grade non priorable, non-registerable, non-admissible plea of no contest, which was expunged and set aside by the court we are in now. At no time did the DA's office or the police ever disclose to the court any violations of any law during his three-year summary informal probation, which includes the 2004 incident to which he has now been charged for."


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2743 days ago


I hope the parents of these girls sue him in Civil court for everything he owns. Criminal prosecution, obviously, is not gonna do it.

2743 days ago


I meant to say I hope this sick pervert gets screwed in the A$$!! by an inmate!! Rot in hell bastard!!

2743 days ago


ITs sad that this is who everyone wants to hang around with in hollywood, a confirmation of moral reasoning of sorts, but not liek its a shocking fact

2743 days ago


I hope he rots in prison.The sob shouldnt be allowed on the streets! MAKE THIS SICK FUCK a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER! He'LL turn out like COUIE. BASTARD!

2743 days ago


I am shocked to read what is going on with Anand. I know him personally - and I can say from my experiences with him over the last 5 years or so - that he was certainly a strange character. On several occasions, he attempted to get me to meet up at his apartment before fashion shows in NYC, and I declined each time. I feel now that I have dodged a bullet by keeping him at arms length. I believe that he name-dropped and used his celebrity status to lure naive girls. He was constantly name-dropping throughout the time we kept in touch, and obviously has tried to use that to his advantage. Thank god I wasn't so naive.

It truly is such a shame, as his sexual behavior has ruined his career for good.

2743 days ago


Why isn't this axxhole in jail from the first offense?
Obviously, probation and sex therapy didn't work.
Maybe prison and being Bubba's girlfriend would wake
this wacko up. Sick pervert.

2743 days ago


I interned for him so i know what a perverted creep he is ,so i KNOW he did it ! He has major issues with his ego and if you dont accept his flirting then he gets very mean quick.
He trys to take advantage of young wannabe fashion designers and models. He wont survive jail, thats for sure!

2743 days ago

That explains things!    

Look In His Eyes.

What Do You See?

A Pathetic, Terrified, Pitiful FREAK!!!!!

Is He A REGISTERED Sex Offender????? Put This Monster Away Forever.

2743 days ago


How reassuring that court mandated sex therapy really works as opposed to
throwing them into jail to rot. That should be mandated.

2743 days ago


as* he must never be let to see the light.

2743 days ago

gigi lau    

this is shocking news to me! i met anand in '96 at a club in new york and we became friends. he seemed to be quite normal to me.....just a big flirt. i haven't contacted him in more than 7 years......

2743 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

This guy is sick and I'm not surprised that Paris hangs out with this trash or that Michelle chick either. I was shocked thar Paula did but whatever. I wouldnt be surprised if Paris knew that he was a sicko and raped chicks. I bet she thought it was funny. Everyone knows Paris has zero class anyways. This sicko needs to go commit suicide, I'm sure there are many other young girls he has done this to that haven't spoke out.

2743 days ago

Just a thought    

Sex offenders should not get another chance, probation or counseling just don't work. Jail for life should be made LAW for every 1st time offender.

2743 days ago


Unfortunately the victims will be scarred for life. I was molested by my father from the time I was a toddler until I reached puberty. My father wanted to be the first man to touch me. My mom left me with my verbally and physically abusive father when I was eleven, so that she could enjoy the single life with her single best friend. My whole family knew what was going on, but acted like they did not notice. When I was 12, I asked my father why he molested me. He did not say a word. Instead he called up my mom and told her that he thinks I’m trying to get him arrested. My mom called me up and told me that my father did nothing wrong. It did not even occur to me to have my father arrested; I just wanted to know why. From that day on I felt numb and betrayed. I’ve had to keep this secret all my life. After having my first child, all the memories that I had to suppress all these years came back to me. I no longer keep in contact with my father. I can easily talk to people about my father verbally and physically abusing me when he would hit me, but I feel shame about telling people I’ve been molested. The first person that tried to French kiss was my father. He told me I would like it someday. I just needed to vent. Every time I see a story about an abused child, my heart goes out to that person. I feel I am a survivor and not a victim, but the pain never ever goes away, we just learn how to live with it. One in four girls have been molested. Such a high number and big problem.

2743 days ago
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