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Gene Wilder's

'Seinfeld' Connection

3/16/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Young Frankenstein" funnyman Gene Wilder appeared at a book signing in NYC for his new novella, "My French Whore," looking something like "Seinfeld's" Mrs. Costanza, actress Estelle Harris.

Gene Wilder
Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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Gene Wilder is and will always be a comic genius and a fine and charitible human. You, on the other hand, are just another punk "blogger". Woo woo woo, aren't you special? Who wants to look barely used anyway? Where's the character in that? Oh, I forget, you are just too green to know what that word means yet. You learned yuour journalistic skills from the rags at the grocer. Enjoy your long career as a completely ordinary entity.

2746 days ago


who cares if he had cancer ,everyone at some point will know someone who has had cancer in our polluted environment, he looks like and old transvestite to me ,that's the pit falls of getting old people NOT PRETTY IS IT

2746 days ago


Hes old and sick.....geesh instead of making fun talk about how great and funny he is and how he made great movies! So desperate to make a story

2746 days ago

Judy Felix    

for ONCE every single comment was RIGHT on. How is God's earth do you think it's funny to mock the way Gene WIlder looiked in that photo? MY god - he battled cancer and he IS AN ICON. You will really burn in hell for that. Everyone is disgusted - I am still speechless that you did that.

I have always read TMZ but this is such a low. Even Perez Hilton would never sink like this. If you get cancer and battle it I really want to see what you look like. Hide behind your site you pieces of shit and REMOVE your ridiculous Gene WIlder positng. YOu make me sick.

2746 days ago


The poor man is in remission from Lymphoma--a very deadly form of cancer. The fact that he is alive is a miracle. I think he looks beautiful.

2746 days ago


This is BUSH TMZ!

Leave Gene alone. It's so sad to see him looking that way after growing up watching him in so many great movies.

This is not funny, and he looks nothing like Mrs. Costanza, geesh.

Low blow, and completely and utterly tasteless and despicable. Not that I take this web site seriously - it's a joke as are the people who run it - but cmon.

2746 days ago

The Duke    

My God! What a horrible piece of crap article! Gene Wilder is a wonderful, friendly and extremely talented man. He has survived cancer with almost impossible odds stacked against him and you write a piece of crap like this about him??? What gives, TMZ? He has already lost his late wife, Gilda Radner to cancer!!! Have a little compassion once in awhile. This article is just WRONG and should be removed from this site immediately!! I will always love Gene and also his late wife Gilda, who had more talent than most people in Hollywood. Please remove this article and think before you write such horrible crap! - The Duke

2746 days ago


WANNA BE STUDLY ARE YOU HUMAN OR 11YRS OLD?? its obvious your a lonely heartless pathetic loser--- you have no life and get your thrills writing false statements on here--------------grow up!

2746 days ago


boooo hooooooo i'm so hurt NOT!

2746 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Relax people. What is the big offense? TMZ simply noticed a wierd resemblance between the two actors. It is good-humored and hardly insulting. I think you all need to apologize to Estelle Harris!

2746 days ago


Harvey Levin is an oppotunistic devil.

2746 days ago


With out trying to insult a great ICON and sensitive man like Gene, this is what people look like when they havn't paid millions to the plastic surgeon. I wonder how some of Hollyood's other legends would look if they stopped going under the knife. Look at the picture of Rod Stewart or Barry Manilow. Thats really scarey! Gene is a wonderful actor who has done so much to help the cause. Starting Gilda's Club to support women battling from cancer and their families. Can many people in Hollywood say that?

2746 days ago

Judy Felix    

Studly - I'm not blasting on you so you don't have to write something sarcastic back. But why would you make such nasty comments about how ugly getting old is. You will be there one day - and are you telling me that your parents and grandparents are hideous? Are you scared of getting old? If you thinn it's ugly you better kill yourself soon because it sounds liek you're gonna look a lot worse than Gene.

Actually -I have to ask - are you that stupid to say all that shit?

2746 days ago


just stating a fact that everybody wants to get old but sometimes the reality of getting old is just not too good ,sometimes not always o.k. , so take a deep breath and go enjoy your life sorry i seem to have offended you ,but the facts are he does look like a transvestite just does,and the environment we live in cancer is becoming more and more common that's a fact

2746 days ago


This is terrible...poor Gene : (

2746 days ago
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