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Zarf: Designing Woman!

3/20/2007 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite "All My Children" male-to-female transgendered lesbian rock star, Zarf/Zoe, has taken sleepy Pine Valley by fashion storm.

From her brisk gender-neutral goth power suits, to her little black cocktail/funeral dress ... he/she is setting genderbending trends by going from androgynous British rocker to "Murphy Brown" working grrrl -- faster than you can say, "Do these pumps come in a size 14?"

Watch as Zarf/Zoe (played by actor Jeffrey Carlson) transforms before your very eyes!


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Hey Ariel, are you retarded? You actually believe God would ever make freaks who want to mutilate their own bodies? You are a complete moron! Take your head out of your ass and use it for a change, would ya?

2710 days ago


Ariel said:
"For if God made us ALL in his/her image then even trans genders are a part of GOD!!!!!"

Yes they are at birth but once they start chopping off body parts they are NO LONGER A PART OF GOD! By mutilating the bodies he gave them they are insulting not only themselves but God as well!

2710 days ago

Karen Kaufman    

Hey #29- I've been watching AMC for 30 years and love Zarf/zoe. That show was so boring and now there's an interesting character and a reason to watch. David Canary is great, Erica needs to remove that ridiculous brown eyeshadow and cut those bangs. She's getting pathetic. Thank God they got rid of all of those girls. What happened to Jack's children? I hope Kendall leaves town so we don't have to look at her anorexic body. She is the most boring obnoxious character on the program. Ryan has only one facial expression that says " I am a moron".

2709 days ago

jane smith    

#61 is responding to #61. Are you talking to yourself?

2709 days ago


ZARF/ZOE go girlfriend.

2709 days ago

Frieda Jane    

When the Zarf story line first hit, I went not a good idea. However as it has progressed, it has been written with talent. If one keeps an open mind they will see that it has a funny side and as to the took a lot of ***** to take on the role, he may become type cast and be stuck in this format. To those that don't like it, I wonder do you feel threatened by the story line, havae some questions about yourselves? Relax, sit back and enjoy...I am.

2709 days ago

Frieda Jane    

To God Bless America....

You take this SL as sick and perverted, well that is your opinion. On the other hand, how do you feel about all the bed hoppers in the story. Oh, I guess that is ok as it is something that you understand. Loosen up a bit, if you enjoy the hetero sex scenes and understand them, try doing some understanding and see if you figure it out and see the comic side of it all. Remember, it is after all, a soap opera.....

2709 days ago


newsflash people....FTM transgendered people are NOT lesbians. Lesbians are BORN FEMALES that love being a woman, that love other women....get it right tranny's are that, TRANNY's NOT Lesbians. jeezuz go back to your crack pipes now

2709 days ago

Frieda Jane    

WOW! All I can say is that there are some posting and watching the program that seem to have forgotten that it is fiction. Makes me wonder if it is a personal thing with them or ignorance.
I do like the way the role is being written, the comedy is good. I also admire the acting ability of the young man in the role. I also think that it is time to let Erica age to what she is a middle aged woman that no longer should do her hair as a twenty something and the clothes.....words fail me. I am glad to see that Adam is back to his old hateful self. Have missed him. Now I look forward to each day to see what dastardly tricks that Erica and Adam are up to. On the other hand, I am not too happy with the child/baby plots. I guess that is personal for me as I have had a loss of a child in my life, it is the worst.
I think that those that are roaring and frothing at the mouth need to calm down and get a life and better still, enjoy the program. In that hour there is a rather broad slice of humankind.

2708 days ago


looks like a man to me

2698 days ago


I love Zarf AND Zoe........ sad they're leaving the show

2674 days ago
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