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Prosecution Over Paris' Stolen Stuff

3/22/2007 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonThe Los Angeles City Attorney has just filed criminal charges against a T.S.A. employee at Los Angeles International Airport, alleging that he took a high-priced watch out of Paris Hilton's luggage.

It happened last year with a baggage screener at British Airways. The employee allegedly took a watch worth several thousand dollars out of one of Paris' carry-on bags.

In addition to that employee, the City Attorney is filing charges against seven other T.S.A. employees, alleging they did similar things to other passengers.

No indication on whether Paris will testify.


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concerned citizen    

So What? Can she even tell time?
She's like a roach that never dies!
Somebody squash her already!

2710 days ago

She looks like hell    

OK, she uses drugs (openly on film), is promiscuous beyond the realms of normal (openly on film), is 'famous' only because her parents own a hotel chain, cannot act, breaks laws openly and often. I know WHY people like her are covered so often; because they are doing things that most people don't do! The only thing that I'm thankful for is that the woman doesn't have children. It's bad enough that if she ever does spawn that child will have the legacy of a sleazy, drug taking mother.

2709 days ago



2709 days ago


In the photo it looks like her mouth is made into a O , kinda looks like she's ready for some man meat , because her firecrotch just might have a HERPIES outbreak LOL , VALTREX forever baby , enjoy

2709 days ago

golf car    

What needs to be looked at here is not Paris but the person who ripped off the watch. They are paid to help keep us safe, Yes Paris would never have missed that watch. But the low down bastard who took it is now exposed. Who knows how much other stuff this person has ripped off from all of us who use the airports....
Paris has had her 15 mins of fame.... After all that ,,,,,,,,, I'd still do her...

2709 days ago

The Expatriot    

Nice BJ mouth there.

2709 days ago

Lock her up and throw away the key    

It's called karma. Paris has a evil heart, and frankly deserves what she gets. Hopefully she'll get sent to jail for a while (for her driving/license issue) and get served a slice of humble pie. What a waste; she (I mean, her parents) has all this money and could actually make a huge contribution to the world, but she chooses not to...

Again, what a waste of air and space.

2709 days ago


I'm totally surprised Paris can even tell time!!!

2709 days ago


Lost watch huh? Remember she misplaced her phone and her phone book wound up all over the place. She's a ditz and if it wasn't on her wrist she probably misplaced her "stolen" watch as well. When you want something new, just blame the help.

2709 days ago


so sick of this nasty bitch, wish thay would stop following her around my gawd..she is not all that, just a slut with money look at her she don't look that good come on now be real, she's just a slut with money and no class just like the ones before her. u know she comes from a long line of sluts,all she does is show her ass just sick of seeing it all the time damm.

2709 days ago


as far as i am concerned, you cares about the hilton sisters, they are a bore, i think paris and nicole are lovers

2709 days ago

J C    

we know where that mouth has been, dont we Ms Hilton?

2709 days ago

Amy Silverman    

One thing Paris Hilton will never have to worry about being stolen out of her luggage is that awful album she made-that and her stanky panties :(~

2709 days ago


#46 -- Oh, yessssss, the album .... What was that one song she kept playing over and over when she would pole dance .... "Stars Are Blind Drunk?"

2709 days ago


ps. To any pathetic parisite hugger wanting to respond to my last comment DON"T BOTHER I won't be reading it.

2709 days ago
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