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Sanjaya Hunger Striker Powers On

3/26/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya Malaker"J," the MySpacer who wants Sanjaya Malakar off "American Idol," is nine days into her hunger strike and feeling the effects.

She had planned to post a video entry to update fans on her condition, but instead wrote a blog Sunday night that read, "I know I promised you guys a YouTube video, but I am just feeling too tired and weak to do it tonight. I don't even know how I'm typing this right now."

The night before, she cautioned readers not to attempt a hunger strike of their own: "I got a few messages from people that say that [sic] want to join in the strike, I must reiterate over again that I do not recommend this. It's really not fun."

Perhaps it's time that "J" admits defeat and has a cheeseburger.


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Mary Worth    

This woman wants her 15 minutes of fame. So she chose the most popular tv show, and an easy target. She doesn't care about starving, or Sanjaya; she only wants her 15 mins. of fame. And in the world she lives in, she's going to get it. The media will see to that.

But, to help her slim down, I'm going to vote for Sanjaya!

2766 days ago

concerned citizen    

There are more important things to protest in this world. Get a LIFE!

2766 days ago


I cannot really understand so much needless hate contained in one forum. The girl that is starving herself (if she is) is hungry for attention. So just ignore her; maybe some kind soul will guide her to a therapist. And why is everyone obsessing about Sanje. He is a nice kid, a bit shy, but yes, America, he can sing. Anyone who doubts this can resolve his doubts by watching his rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot on YouTube. I knew from his rendition of Signed, Sealed, Delivered at his audition that the kid had something special. If he can only hang in there until they have another caring male mentor, he may show you unplumbed depths. I seriously have my doubts that G. Stefani is a competent mentor for anyone. All she is after is publicity for her CD.

2766 days ago

Only in    

Our village is very excited that Sanje will be the next American Idol.He has brought much happiness to our people.People say he is the next Michael Jackson.We will vote many many times in our country to make sure Sanje is voted number 1.

2766 days ago


"SANJAYA SUCKS" !!!!!!!!!

You people that are voting for him just for the hell of it ... "STOP"... He's an idiot with no talent!

2766 days ago


Either 'J' is full of crap and just wants the attention, or she needs to see a psychiatrist ASAP!

2766 days ago



2766 days ago


Starve Bi--h Starve,we don't care !!!

2766 days ago


Hi this is ' J " I'm very upset U-Tube has removed my video therefore I have no choice but to seek attention through TMZ! I lied when I posted I was to tried to post another video, actually U-TUBE will no longer allow me to post any videos citing violation laws which makes no sense but then again neither does my wanting to seek attention for such a matter, I guess U-TUBE felt I might encourage others to begin their own hunger strikes, ( shh I've been eating in the closet )

2766 days ago


I think this hunger stike thing is great. It gives me motivation to vote for Sanjaya even more, and see how far he can go. I just wish I could see some updates on this girl starving her self for such a stupid cause. WE LOVE HOWARD STERN!!!

2766 days ago



2766 days ago


Ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.

2766 days ago


Ok, I have heard of STUPID things before but this one takes the cake...maybe I shouldn't say cake, with this girl on a hunger strike...LOL. If people are foolish to go on a hunger strike, then make it for a good cause, not because of some kid ,you may or may not think, is talented on American Idol. And even more stupid is the fact that other people are joining this woman. What this J obviously doesn't realize, and I wil be more than happy to point it out to her,...the concept of American Idol is that a majority vote keeps people on or votes people OBVIOUSLY someone likes him and that's why he is still on. Now that you get what the show's premis is go do everyone a favor and eat a meal and if you don't agree with America then don't watch "AMERICAN' idol. By the way starving yourself can cause irreversable damage to your body, and the strike will not change anything ,so ultimately will be a waste of time.

2765 days ago

Rebecca Abrahm    

Sanjaya has no talent. Girls just vote for him becuase they think he is cute. They may say he has talent, but i am pretty sure he is going to have no carrer after american idol. but that J perosn is kinda werid.

2765 days ago

I think he can win it all. Sanjaya is the most popular singer on Television today. ALL he needs to do is sing the song that he sang for his audition and he will be in the final 2 this season.

2765 days ago
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