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"Undercover Brother" Crashes $1.5 Million Ferrari

3/27/2007 1:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Eddie Griffin saw his life (and his bank account) flash before his eyes Monday after he smashed a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo into a concrete wall during a charity event at Irwindale Speedway, leaving the ultra-expensive sports car a smoking pile of twisted metal.

The high-speed collision, captured on tape by KCBS in Los Angeles took place during rehearsals for a charity event called "Race for a Cause." Griffin, who starred in "Undercover Brother" and "Norbit," left the crash scene in an ambulance, although he did not suffer any serious injuries and seemed to be in good spirits.

The luxury automobiles used in the charity event were part of a promotion for the film "Redline," a movie about the high-end world of high-performance sports cars.


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diana g    

The owner of the car commented on TV that he didn't even care that the car was crashed!! He said he was just happy Eddie wasn't hurt...
That's a very nice guy!!

2737 days ago


BKB, it's 1.5million like I said. Get out a damn calculator.

2737 days ago


What an idiot. Enzo's are going for $1.25 million. Even if the car was insured, the loss won't be covered in this case. What retards.

2737 days ago


This Enzo was actually owned by the producer of the movie "Redline" Daniel Sadek which was being promoted at this "event". In addition to the [now former] Enzo, his own personal exotic car collection iincludes a new Phantom Rolls Royce, a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ferrari 430, a Ferrari Scaglietti, not one but TWO Mercedes SLR McLarens and a limited production $450K Porsche Carrera GT that was also CRASHED beyond repair during the making of the movie. All of these supercars are considered to be irreplaceable + not your run-of-the mill everyday exotic sports cars!

2737 days ago

chicos mom    

He MEANT to do this right? Or am I the only one thats thinks it looks like he did?

2737 days ago

Love my color    

#50 you do know why black people don't race. Thats because you white people know once we get in there, we will take that sport over too and break every record that you all have.

It has happened before.

2737 days ago


Ya'll are really some lonely souls. Seriously, the racist comments make no sense. Get a real life!!!! I feel sorry for ur mother's. The main ones talking about "black" people are the ones who are smiling in a brother or sistas face right now. Get a life!!!!

2737 days ago


A person can find "TV6" with an atlas?

2737 days ago


I'm shocked that some people have the nerve to say such racial comments! Then you wonder why we have stereotypes! It all starts with you. I agree what Eddie did was stupid but calling him buckwheat! Its disgusting...

2737 days ago


Poor ignorant Kevin--- learn to spell #60 it's definitely not definatly. I doubt that Eddie and you will Ever be buying anything together. BTW I CAN read so you'll need to go back and check your post-"TV6 in St. Maarten Baby... blah blah blah "pick up an Atlas and look it up" There is No TV6 on any atlas . St. Maareten yes, TV6- no! Your ignorance is showing.

2737 days ago

Love my color    

I think Kevin is really a fourth grader.

2737 days ago

London not England    

#61, #63, & #65
Poor little PWT' really bothers you to tell the truth doesn't it....
As for my spelling, this is blogging, NOT BOOK PUBLISHING...and even though this blog is old, i REALLY HOPE YOU READ THIS TO KNOW that you're my opinion, bu ti guess that's why this is all you have to do, and why you are NOT self-made, successful business people like myself, or EDDIE. so go back to your blogging about people you will NEVER meet, and cars you WILL NEVER drive, and keep your opinions on sites like these okay, cause it's the closest to fame and notoriety you'll ever have...

2737 days ago


To Ferrari:
I'm a huge Ferrari fan and it saddens me to see that when Ferrari introduced the Super car; 'The Enzo', they decided to choose who was worthy to have one. I'm sorry to say but your choices have been quite disappointing. Why bother selecting people to own such masterpieces when these idiots can't even take care of them. Each Enzo has been wrecked quite badly or it's a write off. If you all are going to introduce the next super car and decide to choose owners for them again; First, please pick people who know the value of money, that's the only way they will treasure such a car and second select people who know how to drive a fast car to begin with. Teach them under vigorous testing grounds and do not give them the ownership of such beauty if they fail. If I was there, I would have punched the so called 'Undercover Brother'. All the jackass had to do, was to let go of the brakes and avoid the wheels locking up and who the hell put a cement barricade there. Couldn't find some used tires or something to put in front!!

2734 days ago

The only car that matters is from Stuttgart    

braking in the middle of a turn - stick to comedy, leave the driving to those who live it!

2731 days ago


The crash was not an intentional action

2720 days ago
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