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Courtney Love's Rockin' Bod

3/29/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For once in her out-of-control life, rock-n-roll trainwreck goddess Courtney Love made jaws drop -- and it had nothing to do with illicit drugs, slurred speech or a bar fight!

Dressed in a three-Hole cut-out, one-piece swimsuit, sun-deprived Corkie hit the Hawaiian shores on Wednesday, and believe it or not, unveiled this rockin' new bod.

This is one high that won't land her in rehab!


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ROCKIN BOD????? now we are back into praising woman for living on veggies, and losing a ton of weight in a short period? no wonder so many young girls and woman are f****d up!

2704 days ago


3:25 nirvana fan, i love you :) you read my mind. RIP kurt, you're still my #1. always have been, always will be. do us all a favor courtney, go crawl in a HOLE and yeah...

2704 days ago


TMZ which one is it yesterday she was anorexic looking, today she has a rockin bod? Communication is the key, so you dont look like a bunch of blabbering fools. Sometimes it is just best to not say anything, if what your saying is contridicted on a daily basis.

2703 days ago

Kimberley, TX    

I want that swimsuit!!!

2703 days ago

Dawn Day    

Looks like she's got AIDS. And I seriously doubt she lost this weight being sober!!!

2703 days ago


I saw the bikini photo and she doesn't look healthy, she'd look better with some meat on her ... now she looks 15 yrs older... when will women learn that past a certain age you can't drop weight like that.... hopefully she really is doing it healthfully and sober... and I wish women would quit trying to do the skin and bones look.

2703 days ago

Shannon in Texas    

The magic of drugs.....

2703 days ago


Anyone who believes that Courtney had nothing to do with Kurt's death hasn't read the facts about the investigation into his death! He did NOT kill himself & that Ho got away with murder! She IS another HKStern and she's been laughing all the way to the bank ever since! Kurt told her he wanted a divorce & the next thing you know, there's a so-called suicide attempt in Rome. When that MURDER attempt failed, she tried again and.... PAY DIRT! She payed someone to kill him, make it look like suicide, & the rest is history. READ THE FACTS & it's obvious that Courtney had planned it out for a long time! Just like Stern! It was SO easy to make people believe that a person with drug addictions, especially someone who is in the public eye, could commit suicide. EASY MONEY, Courtney! There are plenty of people who know that YOU are the reason your husband is dead! The rest of the people who think you are innocent simply bought the lies you've been telling all these years! Remember the songs Kurt sang for you? Where Did You Sleep Last Night and don't forget, Where do bad folks go when they die? They go to the LAKE OF FIRE AND FRY!!!!! All the plastic surgery in the world won't make you look any better when you meet up with the Judge who will ultimately decide the fate of YOUR soul! Maybe if you confess to what you did & beg for forgiveness....Think about it, you're not gonna live forever!!

2703 days ago


If TMZ would be so kind as to give some of its readers a little background info on Kurt Cobain's death & let them decide for themselves. Very important to all who wish to get educated are the audio portions of the report. Any one with half a brain can figure out what really happened to Kurt. Everyone has been watching all the Anna Nicole investigation & having said that, it's easy to see how Kurt Cobain's death investigation was so easily botched! It doesn't matter if you liked the guy or hated him, he didn't deserve to die just because of an unfortunate relationship with a psycho murderer! Go to The suicide note, if you look closely, was a letter Kurt had written regarding getting out of the music business & out of his marriage. The lines at the end were added on by Courtney to make it look like a suicide note. Many pieces of paper were found that showed that she had been working hard on copying his handwriting. WHY would she do THAT? Just READ!

2703 days ago


I'd like to take a ride on that.

2703 days ago


Courtney didn't kill Kurt, she was in L.A. at the time. If Kurt didn't do it himself I would say Mike (Dimwitt) did it because he wanted Courtney and knew her and Kurt would always be on and off.

2703 days ago


Pure nasty! She looks flabby and white and almost skeletal. She really thinks she looks good thing. She needs to take a look at the pics...then she might go into hiding! Just gross...she is classless!

2703 days ago


Maybe she's lookin for a place to get rid of her old silicones?? And her face looks like Texas Chainsaw's Leatherface did some work on it!

2703 days ago


You are a Beautiful Woman Courtney!

2700 days ago


Seven little words to Courtney: "Kurt should be ashamed bitch"

2698 days ago
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