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Sligh: I Didn't Want to Win "Idol" Anyway

3/30/2007 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Sligh-tly sore loser, are we?

Mop-topped "American Idol" hopeful Chris Sligh, who just got the axe on Wednesday, now says he thought about quitting the show after getting excoriated for his maverick arrangement of "Endless Love," and that he really just stayed in to get paid as one of the Top Ten, who will go on tour this summer.

In an interview with his hometown paper, the Greenville, S.C. News, Sligh says he never really wanted to be the American Idol. "I never came into this wanting to win it. I made the Top Ten. That was my goal," says the big-haired Sligh, who many observers pointed out bears a striking resemblance to "The Simpsons'" Sideshow Bob.

But when he was told that he wouldn't be able to go on tour with the Top Ten if he pulled out, Sligh grudgingly stayed in, getting his final walking papers two weeks later.


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2730 days ago


What a crock!!! Thought he was nicer than that!
I am curious though when the show ended he had the mic. in his hand and told Phil Stacey "You owe me $50.00 man", does this mean he had a bet which one of the two losers were going to go first, geez.

2730 days ago

Marty Columbus OHIO    



Paris Hilton ROCKS!

2730 days ago


It could be that he "threw" the last song he did (badly) in hopes of being kicked off - I don't think he had the desire....funny lines are great at Karaoke bars, but when you can't follow them up consistently with good songs, it's time for another profession.

2730 days ago

All American Girl    

Yeah sure he wanted to go home. He looked shocked when he got the boot. Whos he kidding!

2730 days ago

Great Dane    

Typical, of course now that he's been LET GO....He never really wanted it.....

Either that, or he's realistic...he knew he wasn't going to win....I think MOST of this years contestants KNOW they aren't going to win it....but, they still want to be LOVED by America, still voted for.....still in the SPOT LIGHT.....

After a press release such as this....he may not receive such a WARM response once he hits the tour......

2730 days ago

You who....    

Like #7, he was "UPSET" that he got booted...almost ready to cry I detect. Too bad this self proclaimed "Christian" can't be honest !!! HMMMMMM
Oh well, theres alway next year and with about 80 lbs off his body, 10 lbs off his hair, and 100 lbs off his attitude he just might have a chance....maybe....

2730 days ago


I think he look's more like Jack Osbourne than anybody. I was disappointed that he was voted out but he's been slipping for awhile. As far as Sanjaya goes, it was reported last night on one of the entertainment shows that Simon Cowell says that if Sanjaya wins he will quit the show. So now Sanjaya will stay longer and probably win just to see if Simon really will quit the show.

How sad that a great opportunity for unknowns is going to crap because of websites like vote for the worst idol.

I hope people will remember that before American Idol, it was hard for these people to get contracts (Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, etc.)

Just my opinion that I thought I would share.

2730 days ago

Dark Knight    

I don't think there will be much tour money anyway. With people that have attitudes like this, and the lack of any great talent in the top 10, this tour will probably be a huge disappointment. I can't say there's anybody in the top 10 I would pony up any money to see. Have fun playing to half empty venues at best.

2730 days ago

Just a thought    

WIN ??????? - He wasn't good enough to even be in the top 10.......

2730 days ago

Midnight Butterfly    

This is a real bummer to me. I really liked this Chris Sligh until this crap. Sorry but of course he wanted to win, he would have not tried out to begin with if he didn't want to win. Does he really think that the world would think better of him if he came out like this. I don't think so dude! Oh well, I guess he kind of did deserve to go home before Mister Sanjaya!

2730 days ago

Great Dane    

I agree #9.....

This years group of Idol wannabees are a bunch of fools.....they do not have the same "spark" as Idol's past......

2730 days ago

Ha Ha    

I actually liked his version of "Endless Love." The judges want them to "make the songs their own," but then slam them for doing just that. Other times, I've seen contestants accused of being too copycatty, so it seems they just can't please.

Unless you're Blake, in which case Paula will love anything you do because she wants you so badly.

Sanjaya's gonna win it all anyway!!! What a joke!

2730 days ago


I actually think this guy looks like the tap dancing bee girl in Blind Melon's video "No Rain". Seriously, it's creepy.

2730 days ago

big joe    

o'k you did not want a millon dollar's LOLOLOLOL ass------

2730 days ago
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