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Ron Jeremy

Allegedly Cops a Feel;

Cops Called

4/3/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron JeremyTMZ has learned legendary porn star Ron Jeremy could face battery charges after a woman filed a police report claiming Ron acted like a boob by grabbing hers, and then signing it without permission.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday during the Exotica porn convention in Miami Beach. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Leslie Sanchez approached Jeremy for an autograph, with her husband in tow.

Sanchez and her husband claim Jeremy was happy to oblige, but then he allegedly "reached towards the victim and stuck his hands under victim's blouse." Sanchez then claims Jeremy "reached inside her bra and grabbed her nipple. He pulled the nipple up and took out victim's breast and signed his name on it."

According to the police report, Sanchez "never gave Ron Jeremy permission to touch her." Sanchez also claims she has photos of the alleged incident.

TMZ spoke with Ron Jeremy who vigorously denied any wrongdoing, saying, "First of all, there was security around me at all times. If they had a problem, why wouldn't they have said something at that point? I probably signed about 150 boobs that weekend, all of which I sign 'RJ with a heart' and if i would've touched a breast, i might have cupped it while i signed. Rules of the convention were that you can not expose a breast, so I never did. And if this was a couple, I always ask permission of the male to sign the breast before I do it. Some people waited an hour for me to sign their breast. My line was second only to Jenna Jameson's."

So far, no charges have been filed against Jeremy.


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The Expatriot    

Eh... what did you expect, lady?

2738 days ago


I know that some folks are going to think she asked for this because she was at a porn convention. But, she did not give him permission to grope her. Jeremy's a perv.

2738 days ago


oh man i love Ron Jeremy!

2738 days ago


How did she get photo's of this was this staged?

2738 days ago


How did she get photo's of this was this staged?

2738 days ago


Let's get this straight:

Woman goes to a porn convention
Woman approaches Ron Jeremy
Woman asks for an autograph
Woman is shocked when a body part is groped.

Woman needs to GET A CLUE!!

The fishy part: They TOOK PICTURES of the incident.

Nooooooo! This is not a set up of any kind!!

Quick -- someone call Debra Opri. I think she's available.

2738 days ago


Ok well if she was so offended, the minute he put his hands on her she should have said something. I wouldn't wait for him to grab my nipple and sign my breast before making a report. She just wants publicity! Also did she have a piece of paper or magazine for him to sign? If not then, how was he supposed to know where she wanted it.

2738 days ago


Just because she was at the convention does not mean she asked for it! HOWEVER, what I would like to know is HOW she has pictures of this incident? Who took them, her husband? I know that if a man reached in my shirt in front of my husband, there wouldn't be much of Mr. Jeremy if you know what I mean!!! Come on! Sounds like a set up

2738 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

If she gave permision and is now trying to say she didn't shame on her.
If she did not give permission shame on Ron.
I will say it sound like he got a lot accomplished for her not to have a chance to react.
Most people when not wanting their breast grabbed will recoil, not wait for a signature.
Andy Kaufman

2738 days ago


so what? big deal.

2738 days ago

Dawn Day    

She should've grabbed the part of him that made him famous and taken a picture of that. Tit for Tat ?!?

2738 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

I agree that no women deserves to be touched against her will.

She "was" at a PORN convention and asked Ron Jeremy (clues 1 and 2) to give her an autograph.

Why didn't she say NO vs. having pictures taken. Seems that she wanted publicity and probably money.

Why don't you say..........stay out of porn conventions if you feel the need to be proper.

2738 days ago

Dawn Day    

She should've grabbed the part of him that made him famous and snapped a picture of that. Tit for Tat ?!? ;-)

2738 days ago


how is this guy a porn star?

2738 days ago


Dang. Next time someone grabs me, if they have the nerve I am calling. She is at a porn convention right?? SHE WANTS MONEY, LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY, SHE WANTS TO FLY IN THE SKY or whatever.

2738 days ago
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