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Loves Alanis' 'Humps!'

4/5/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fergie is a good sport!

Fergie and Alanis

After viewing Alanis Morissette's genius parody of the Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps," TMZ has learned that Fergie sent flowers to Alanis this week. Flossy, flossy!

A source close to the pop star tells us that Fergie thought Morissette's version was "brilliant," and admitted to getting a huge kick out of it because she has a great sense of humor about these things. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Our source doesn't know if Fergie has seen Greg Scarnici's hysterical spoof of "Fergalicious." Hopefully, she won't think it's a drag!


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Kevin Keckeisen    


She (Fergie), the druggie, deserves it. lol

2756 days ago


FERGIE IS humpable, bumpable and all those ables...too bad she's down with the brown !!!

2756 days ago


I agree - what a waste.

2756 days ago


What is it with all these women doing the open-mouthed, over-the-shoulder, look-at-my-butt shots? Come on, ladies. The Paris-Jessica pose is over. Try something new!!!

2756 days ago


Weren't the two of them on the same TV show in the late 80's /early 90's? I can't remember the name of it... but I think it was on Nickelodeon

2756 days ago


Stop being so racist. Why should it matter who people date. There are jerks in all nationalities.

2756 days ago


Loved Alanis Morissette's version more than Fergie's.

2756 days ago


No Alanis was on You Can't Do That On Television on Nickelodeon in 1986 season. Fergie was Stacey on KIDS INCORPORATED on The Disney Channel!!!!

2756 days ago


Morissette use to be the poster girl for rebellion, attitude and rock and roll. Now she's a Hollywood sell-out who thinks we care what designer gown she wears on the red carpet. There are enough of those prima-donnas to fill every gossip column in the world. I guess money and celebrity will always trump the rock and roll attitude.

2756 days ago


#5 The pose that Fergie is in is because the Photographer is BEHIND HER NOT because she is trying to show off her butt! The pose that Alanis (whom has ALWAYS been a favourite of mine) is in is because the papparazzi wanted to see that back of that really GORGEOUS dress she is wearing!!! SO STEP OFF, not everybody in Hollywood is trying to be a copycat or fake!

#9 I think it's hella sexy for Alanis a rock & roll start to be out there on the red carpet doing her thing, Not everybody needs to look or act the same way!!! She can looks sexy however she wants to just as long as she continues to put out the good music.

BY THE WAY ALANIS, I LOVE the parody you did. Yours is MUCH better than the original & Fergie knows it hence, the gift & acknowledgement!

2756 days ago


This video sucked. First of all Alanis is fugly. looks like a horse face and doesn't have any humps. Second if this is her attempt at a statement about how bad the music industry is, then why did Alanis try to be he sexy pop star before she disappeared after failing at it?

Fergie is a good sport, Fergie has a happy life and what Alanis wished she could be, known for being sexy. But putting leather on horse face with a whiney voice and no body will not work.

Alanis has done nothing for 10 years. FErgie will be working with the biggest and collaborating while Alanis is posting free videos like a child on youtube.

2756 days ago

Jonathan Hall    

This video is awesome. I can't stand that whole culture that she is so effectively parodying. I hope Fergie and Gangstas and the other look-alike man whores and sluts out there who think they are "artists", get the message. That whole culture gives me brain cramps when I hear that crap on radio and televsion. Go Alanis! Great commentary on the state of music, how women in western society are treated/portrayed, masculinity, feminism, etc. and great fun too! Love it!

I might add that there have also been some very revealing reactions/reponses to the video that have certainly demonstrated the shocking mental acuity of a large number of people - and I'm not saying that as a compliment! There have even been some insults hurled towards Canadians - based on Alanis' video and her own Canadian roots. Wow - for that many people to be so lacking insight. Its amazing. It certainly is an interesting phenomenon, though disturbing. Although, I suppose it is the same intellectual zeitgeist which brought us Fergie in the first place. So maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

As for Fergie supposedly liking the video and taking it in good fun - well, what is she supposed to do? Disagree with it? It would only prove Alanis' point even more.

2756 days ago

What the fck??!?!?!    

Hey #1, whats the deal with "first"? Leave that to the perez site. This one is for grown ups!

2756 days ago


haha. grown ups.

sigh. its disappointing that she is a good sport. i like fights. i wanted her to respond with an alanis spoof.

2756 days ago


I found the video annoying. Alanis's boring nasal voice is irritating. Too bad Alanis can't come up with anything new. Her newest project after 10 years is thinks and an acoustical version of a 1995 CD this summer sold at Starbucks lol. Good for Fergie, she has what Alanis tried to do with her last CD in 1997 -= she has the sexy image. Alanis was horrible in her leather and flopped. Now she is a jealous bitter loser.

2756 days ago
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