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Kevin Costner:

My Band Got Played!

4/5/2007 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin CostnerKevin Costner claims his rock band was screwed out of millions of dollars ... and he's placing the blame squarely on alleged bad promotion.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Costner claims a promotional company called Mahee Worldwide Ventures promised him "millions of dollars in guaranteed fees" for the right to promote The Kevin Costner Band on the Internet and TV, and to "organize and promote up to five concerts a year" for two years. According to the documents, "no effort was made" to do any of those things, and Costner has suffered substantial damages because of it. Now Costner is asking for $4 million in band-aid!

The documents also reveal that Costner says he worked with the company because they claimed to have "promoted other celebrities -- such as Lindsay Lohan."

Costner, who is lead singer in the band, knows a little something about self-promotion; he refers to himself in the lawsuit as: "Academy Award winning director, producer and actor."

A rep from Mahee Worldwide Ventures had no comment.


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He is LIKE way too old for a rock band anyway...............

2671 days ago


Aaaaaaaaaah, great, more stars with their hobby bands. I've got to believe (and no, I haven't actually listened) that in terms of making music, he's likely stumbled upon the formula for "Suck". Wow I don't care.

2671 days ago

tard in the hood    

he used to whine like that when he was at grip at Raleigh...some men never change

2671 days ago

no fan    

Get over yourself... you should seriously concentrate on your acting not your music. One will pay the bills a little bit better than the other and even there, when was the last time any of your movies made money!!!!!

2671 days ago


Kevin Costner can sing?

2671 days ago


He chose a company which promotes La Lohan? Hmmm... what's wrong with this picture?

2671 days ago

Like a CAT they come back!!    

Hey Costner..

Wait until the new book is released.....

Talk about juice....

Can't wait until TMZ readers get a load of it........2008!

Truth hurts huh?...

Good Luck....though..

2671 days ago



2671 days ago


What is the name of his band - If you rub me I will whack???? What a putz

2671 days ago

He's Boring now    

Shut your Waterworld crying you Academy Award Winning nobody. Your hey day has come and gone, thus your need to push yourself as a supposed Rock Star looking for an additional cool 4 million to what, supplement your no longer top dollar commanding self?

Good Grief man, you had your time in the top spotlight, back off a little and enjoy yourself and quit making stupid deals with fly by night operators because yours so freaking greedy.

Bad move all the way around...if you're really a Rock Star, you'd find a reputable Organization to work with and make the music the priority not your crying for 4million that you shouldnt have counted on anyway.

2671 days ago

Final Answer    

In the beginning of his career Costner seemed like such a nice, down-to-earth kinda guy.
Then he started to believe his PR agents, all these delusions of grandeur took hold of his ego & he jumped the shark big time. Really sad what fame can do to people.Aargh!

There really ought to be a "Celebrity Bootcamp" which young wannabe celebrities are mandated to attend in order to be warned of the perils of falling for all the "You are god" BS the fawning sycophantic parasites surrounding them will try to fill their heads with.

2671 days ago

Like a CAT they come back!!    

Never put anything past this so called professional....

We've seen his 'wonderful side" of how he does business...

The book coming out is REAL folks and Kevin will surely fume....

TMZ.........You heard it first right here!....True Story!...What you don't know yet, it the rest.......But, you will......

Still whining?????????????????????

2008.......Truth sets one free........

2671 days ago

Like a CAT they come back!!    

Final thought on the topic for me...

Kevin, I never in a million years would have believed that the place to announce the book is right here on .....TMZ..Seems right though...

I hope TMZ interviews me first!....

TMZ, thanks for letting me post this!..Waited a long time to talk...Love your site and new to it....

Happy Easter to you!

2671 days ago


Yo Kevin, give me a million dollars and I promise you 4 million and on top of that; I'll make you a 50 something rock star like no one else in the world! Seriously, this is the first I've ever heard that Costner had a rock band. Also, is Costner that naive to think he could be an overnite sensation because someone told him so? Stick with acting, you could still learn a thing or two.

2671 days ago


Hay did you know you gotta pay Kevin C. to get his autograph!!! That's how arrogant he is.

2671 days ago
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