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Leo's Cover Shoot -- Knut What You Think

4/9/2007 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanity Fair coverLeonardo DiCaprio will travel to the end of the Earth to save it ... Knut the polar bear will not.

Leo's travels took him to the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in southeast Iceland for the cover of Vanity Fair's 2nd Annual Green Issue, which hits newsstands this week -- while the baby polar bear was photographed in Berlin.

The cover photo was taken by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, who also went to the Berlin Zoo to photograph Knut -- who was then superimposed with Leo. This is DiCaprio's first work with icebergs since "Titanic."

The May issue of Vanity Fair is devoted to environmental issues and features an excerpt from DiCaprio's upcoming documentary, "The 11th Hour."


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2752 days ago


well i think it's already past the point of no return and we are at the twelfth hour in reality we have polluted the planet with fossil fuels and over population and over fishing the oceans, over crowding the human population has done a good of job of pro creation that we are putting the planet we live on to the path of destruction over everything that one scientist i read about say's towards the end of this century that's only less then 100 years from now the earth could be unhabitle scary prospects to say the least

2752 days ago


Jeezus, I'm getting tired of celebrities flying all over the world, burning tons of carbon-based non-renewable fuels in their private jets, living in their grid-powered large-footprint mansions, drinking French mineral water, eating Chilean deep-see bass, etc, and then delivering yet one more regurgitated speech about saving the environment.

I wish more of these celebretards would man up, ride bikes everywhere, get off the grid, and walk the walk. I'm sick of this utter hypocrisy from people that have money and resources to really live a zero-emissions lifestyle. The ends don't justify the means.

2752 days ago


Thank god we have Leo and Al Gore to save us. Here's the deal, I'll listen to them when each has only one 3 bedroom house and their total utility bill is $110.00/mo(carbon credits won't fly). They must abstain from private jets and fly coach. Keep their total gasoline charges under $100.00/mo(limos or SUV's are out). I'll listen when Gore doesn't look like a cow who's eaten a side of beef each day; talk about abusing energy efficiency!

Bottom line, the wealthy and priviledge are alway great about telling everyone else what they should do and sacrifice. Their sacrifices in no way compare to what the average Joe must endure. When the hypocrites lead by example, I'll follow.

2752 days ago


mmmm... sexy

2752 days ago


You people need to shut up and listen to what these people are telling you These things are going to happen in our life time or our children's I wonder what your going to do when the Artic ocean is in your living room. You can see from space that the icebergs are melting The water has to go somewhere So wise up and help save this planet before half this world is under water.

2752 days ago


You are doing a wonderful thing with your time.
Keep it up Leo, we are so proud.....

2752 days ago

Harry Houdini    

I've had it with Al Gore and his following of Liberal, Hollywood Jerk-Offs! Wake up people! These Hollywood idiots are ALWAYS in the front of the line when it comes to "taking a stance." And while I'm here...I'd like to proclaim a VERY "LOUD"..."F-You" to the following Liberal wastes of human flesh! So....the following "F-You" goes out to...Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio, The Baldwins, and each and every Liberal WACKO who is steamrolling the idea of Global, weather-induced mass destruction! Follow the money trail people! Follow the money trail....

2752 days ago


1) DiCaprio DOES practice what he preaches, which anyone who actually does their research on this subject could tell you.

2) Anyone who claims this is simply about liberal politics is remarkably short-sighted and ill-educated.

For the love of Pete, stop your infernal whining about Hollywood celebrities and get your lazy butts educated on the destruction of our environment, which - whether you're a Democrat OR a Republican - is A FACT, PEOPLE.

2751 days ago

Alex's Chica    

Leo I don't know who is more adorable you or that baby next to you I am a little worried with what's on your feet though Painful...I Love You

2751 days ago


yeah man, do your research. on his website, right underneath all the dreamy pictures, leo tells everyone how much he cares about the environment. besides the real problem is knut, the polar bear cub. i'm sick of knut jet setting around the globe in his private "polar express" boeing 737 (like travoltas). i've heard that knut has a 12,000 sq ft pen that cost
$4,000 a month to refrigerate. he eats only the finest beluga caviar flown especially for him from russia, and wastes 9,000 gallons of water a month on his private swim area. his mother, tosca, is banished to a small cage next to his. she tried to eat him after giving birth (before you judge, polar bear cub is one of the most delicious of the endangered species) it's so easy for zoo animals to sit and judge from their ivory cages, but until they have to get out there to hunt and forrage they'll never know. until knut starts practicing what he preaches, i can't take him seriously...

2751 days ago


The only thing Leo cares about is screwing young models!

2751 days ago

Mr. X    

how sweet of Leo to hop aboard a private plane and take a picture. Golly-he's my hero.

2751 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

....................This young man has matured into a respectable person........................

2751 days ago


Yo Betty(message #16),
You're missing the message and I won't shut up. The message is coming from the wrong messenger. These messengers hardly practice what they preach and while I live in my 3 bedroom house and eat salads. They live in 30 room mansions and eat steak.
Also, look up the science before you blame us for melting icebergs. Usually, it's the uninformed and ignorant that easily follow anyone and anything.

You're a sheep and will be led anywhere by a pretty face.

2751 days ago
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