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Casualty of Don? Deirdre Imus Ditches Book Tour

4/11/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This won't be a pleasant week in the Imus household.

TMZ has learned that Deirdre Imus, wife of Don, has bailed out of two high-profile live appearances on "The View" and "The Martha Stewart Show," in the wake of Don's "nappy-headed ho" slur that has caused a national furor.

In fact, the whole book tour's been nixed.

A rep for Deirdre's publisher, Simon & Schuster, says that the entire promotional tour for "Green This! Volume One: Greening Your Cleaning," which was timed to coincide with the book's debut yesterday, has been postponed indefinitely. "Because of the pressure that the Imus family has been under," says the rep, "family is her first priority at this time."

This morning, several major advertisers pulled their ad dollars from the Imus show, and he's been suspended for two weeks from CBS Radio and MSNBC for his unseemly remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team.


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What Imus said was stupid and inexcusable, but for Sharpton and the usual bunch of race-baiting poverty pimps to have gotten involved is reprehensible. Since when is an apology not enough?

2752 days ago


Bummer. I saw her on the Imus show once and I was impressed how she was not willing to take Imus mean remarks toward her. He told her that she looked fat in her jeans (she has a nice figure) and she put him in his place. I can't imagine any women that would want to live with Imus.

2752 days ago


Yup, affect the pocketbook and people will learn to behave like decent human beings. Not because they still aren't racist or sexist, but because they love their money. I can't stand Imus myself and he has said worse about time we swept hin out with the rest.

2752 days ago


Since Now..

2752 days ago


This is really , rreally, sad, Just becasue Don Imus said something stupid his wife should not have to pay for it, Im sure she has a good book on cleaning envirnmentally. I agree what Imus said was horrible, However, he has apologized, and has offered to meet with the girls basketball team whom he insulted to apologize, He needs to be forgiven. He has taken his beating over this in criticism and sponsors pulling away from him. Jesse jackson was forgiven when he made racist remarks about Jewish people, THe same needs to be done here.

2752 days ago


Feel bad for the wife. Stuck with that old, ugly racist.

2752 days ago

John Joseph    

Imus was a curmudgeon when she married him - he always has been and he always will be - and I'm sure she knew it. As for his "career", he's 67 - he needs to get a haircut and retire.

2752 days ago


Now this situation is going hit him where it hurts. Not only has he been suspended for two weeks but he'll spend them with a thoroughly pissed-off wife who doesn't take crap from him. Would love be a fly on the wall while she blasts his ass.

2752 days ago


Imus for president

2752 days ago


It is fair that Imus' wife should also bear the consequences of his racist, sexist remarks. Face it, if it wasn't for his fame, which she married into, no one would publish her book and she would not have a book tour to cancel. You got to take the bad (collateral damage) with the good (his $$, his connections).

2752 days ago


Don and Deirdre Imus are intolerant drama queens. It's about time karma bites them in the ass.

2752 days ago


This is unbelievable. Sharpton and Jackson are two of the most dishonest disgusting men alive. They can get away with murder and all is forgiven. No wonder there is such bad feelings with the races today. He said he was sorry. Let it be over already.

2752 days ago

ms. canada    

Joasis----love the remark---sounds good to me---I mus woould make an amazing president!!!!!

2752 days ago


La Reina

I agree wholeheartedly. Some people just keep throwing wood on the Imus blunder to keep the fire raging! I am not an Imus fan, but race relations would improve if people would calm down, accept his apology, and turn the page. I have no respect for the man whatsoever, and I despise what he said, but let's don't let that moron tear down what most of us have been working toward = Peace among the races.

2752 days ago


I'm not thrilled about Imus, but there is a double standard with the media. One never sees the media attacking all the rappers who rap derogatory remarks about women like ho and bitch.

2752 days ago
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