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"Idol" Ratings Hit a Season J-Low

4/11/2007 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Early numbers are in for last night's "American Idol." The sad fact -- Sanjaya may be up, but the numbers are down.
American Idol
Fifty-two million eyeballs (or, making the assumption most people have two eyes, 26 million people) tuned in last night to watch J.Lo coach the contestants, according to Marc Berman from The Programming Insider. That's almost a million less than last week, four million less than the same week last season, and 11 million less than the January premiere. Ouch!

But let's get real: "Idol" still rocks. The two weekly shows are consistently #1 and #2 in the ratings, drawing nearly five million more viewers than third place "CSI." So the sky isn't exactly falling, but the juggernaut seems to be getting a little long in the tooth.


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Last nights show was so boring! I'd expect much more from freakin Latin night- isn't that supposed to be HOT? And Randy does say the same ole suckin in air, "I don't know dawg, just wasn't feeling it...", Paula always says, "You looked great"... It's all predictable and dull.

2730 days ago


Do you think the people are getting tired of the show since the voting process is a SCAM? I AM!! They need to stop the teens from voting for Sanjaya. He needs to be removed from the show. I use to watch the show but stop since Sanjay has not been booted and the other singers were booted off. It is a real shame because the others could sing and Sanjaya can't. PLEASE STOP VOTING FOR THIS IDIOT!!

2730 days ago


Perhaps people are wising up and realizing that simon Cowell and his ugly, hateful remarks is not eentertainment at all. Calling people :"ugly' , "fat," or any other names which have nothing to do with a persons sining ability is classless. Shame on the producers of this show for ever thinking this sort of treatment of people is okay, There is a constructive criticism which is good, and then there is destructive criticism which is deliberately hurtful and meant for nothing but to get ratings and harm people. The second type of criticism is what American Idol is mostly about. American Idol is just a musical Jerry Springer. May Simon Cowell find himself totally unemployable in the entertainment business after this show goe off the air.

2730 days ago

catherine howard    

i do not enjoy sanjaya and he is free so would definitely not pay to see him....i watch only those who have of time i surf or come back in time to see judge's comments!!

2730 days ago


I would rather have dental surgery than watch another boring night of american idol. This year the show is soooooooo boring that I won't even take the time anymore to even record it and fly through the commercials and the bad singers!

2730 days ago

cathy s    

The talent is not there this year. I'll admit a couple are good. I think Simon's comments are genuine and for the most part on the mark. But he seems like he can't wait to get this year over. The show is probably on its way out which is sad.

2730 days ago


They seem pretty desperate to sell us the cheeky little white boy idea this year - why else are Blake and Chris getting good reviews? I don't get it. I don't rate any of these contestants. AI should show us the percentage breakdown of the votes every week . And of course change the system to vote for the worst to leave. At least there's one small mercy - no lameass country singers this year.

2730 days ago


Simon Cowell totally unemployable? LMAO!!!!!!! Man has more money than GOD!

2730 days ago


There is a perfect job waiting for Simon Cowell, That is as judge at that jail in Arizona where prisoners have participating in that American Idol contest being held in prison. Rock star alice Cooper was a recent judge. Cowell could tell some of the hardened prisonres how fat, stupid, boring they are as he has done undeserving people on "Idol." Then maybe some of the more hardened prisoners can just kick his ass for being so rude . This is something Simon has deserved for years instead of a paycheck for his ugliness.

2730 days ago


I have watched idol every season, but this season sucks!!! Sanjaya and his fake ass votes have ruined the show. He should have never made it on the show. Hopefully next season will be better, this season is just crap!!!

Thanks to Howard Stern you got what you wanted you have killed idol!!

2730 days ago

Just my opinion    



2730 days ago


Hello? Taylor Hicks WON last year! Jump the Shark!

2730 days ago


I don't watch it anymore because this year the worst people aren't getting voted off, some of the best people are. Until they do something to fix this or until Sanjaya gets voted off, me and my family ARE not watching anymore. If Sanjaya wins I hope AI changes the voting system next year and if they don't I hope it gets canceled.

2730 days ago


No one wants to watch it this season because of Sanjaya and the fact that the worst contestant is staying around while the good contestants get voted off. If it continues to be like this I hope they just go ahead and cancel it.

2730 days ago
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